Wally – Found With a “Torn Up” Leg

9/12/18 – Wally is another animal we committed to helping until he was happy and healthy. I received an email from someone we have helped in the past. Her sister had found a kitten in her yard whose mom was weaning him but he was having problems walking. His little leg was “torn up” and his whole paw was badly swollen. The little guy was put in a box and taken to a veterinary hospital and we were contacted for help. Little Wally was kept on antibiotics for ten days while waiting for surgery and finally his leg was amputated. Today he is doing well and the kitten who was scared and shy is now giving purrs and getting lots of love. Again, without the support of our friends, we could not make miracles happen. ~ dianawally 9:12:17wally 1 9:12:17

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