Terry – Reducing the Overpopulation of Cats

10/25/18 – Because of the many cats who have come to us for help, many people think we only assist abandoned/stray cats. But that is not the case–we are equal opportunity. The problem is that no matter how many cats we have helped to get spayed/neutered, the need never seems to change. And, the more stray cats, the more injuries and illnesses. We received the following from Theresa:

“I got him in June/July at 7 weeks old. My blind acquaintance/friend wanted a kitten and got him off the street on 7 mile and Woodward through a friend. She ended up realizing it was too hard for her and called me to take him back to where he came from. I told her I’m not taking him and dropping him back off outside so I brought him to my house and he is just the most loving hilarious cat with such funny quirks. I thank you so much for helping me to get him fixed. We don’t need any more kittens around the neighborhood just in case he ever got outside.”

Can you imagine this little cutie being left outside? ~ dianaTerry - 10:25:18 Terry--10:25:18

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