Pretty Girl (aka Lollipop) – Happy Update After Her Amputation

5/5/19 – Happy Update on Pretty Girl (now Lollipop). As a reminder, Pretty Girl was the resident feline of a green house where she was much loved. We were originally told that she fell off the roof but recently we were advised by the greenhouse owners that they don’t know how she broke her leg. Nonetheless, Lolli, found her way to 4 Paws 1 Heart and Dr. Zalac where she had her broken leg amputated.

“Hi Diana, I renamed Pretty Girl, Lollipop; I call her Lolli. Day three post op she is walking, getting curious, and jumping on the couch. Currently she’s sitting in the sun watching birds. Just look at that face. She seems much happier than in the original photo. Thank you again for helping her. Dr. Zalac is awesome – Julie”

Again, without your donations, these animals would not have a second chance at life. Thank YOU from Lolli. ~ diana Girl now Lollipop 5:4:59

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