Miura – After Being Rescued With Her Siblings, His Spay Surgery Resulted in Complications

12/27/19 – Ocso, Sally, and Miura were all born to a feral mom. The mom was trapped, spayed, and released but her kittens were rescued with hopes of finding forever homes. We were contacted to back the kittens’ medical needs. The three went for their pre-spay/neuter appointment and received their basic vaccines; all were healthy and an appointment was made for their spay/neuters. On Monday, December 23, the surgeries were completed but, unfortunately, Miura had complications. He was treated as long as possible at the day practice but because the hospital was to be closed for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Miura had to be taken to our partner emergency hospital. Miura spent the night in the hospital with a high fever and a low red cell blood count but by the next day he was able to go home. As with humans, there are no guarantees with surgeries–things can happen. We are just thankful to have a great relationship with the emergency hospital doctors who always come through for us. ~ diana

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