Lil Bit, Precious, FeeFee, Garfield, Little Lady – Found on Streets

1/7/20 – I try not to overload with our stories but there are so many to tell. Here are five beauties, all found on the street, their spay/neuter had already been scheduled but they needed immediate help for upper respiratory infections. In some cases, the first round of antibiotics did not work and additional meds were prescribed. Also, FeeFee may have pneumonia and may need a chest x-ray. We are following up on that. Here is Lil Bit, Precious, FeeFee, Garfield, and Little Lady. Only with your donations can we possibly afford to help all of these animals. – Diana
P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI . 48080lil bit 1:7:20 precious--1:7:20 feefee 1:7:20 garfield 1:7:20 little lady 1:7:20

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