Harriet – She was Pulled From A Municipal Shelter Before Being Euthanized

6/30/20 – Another baby saved with the love of the Chance Team. Harriet was pulled from a shelter prior to being euthanized because of a severe broken leg.  She was taken to one of our favorite vets who advised that the breaks were so severe, Harriet would need an amputation.  We are ready for her surgery. And, of course, will report updates. – diana 4paws1heart.org/donations/

harriet 6:29:20 harriet 6:29:20- harriet's broken leg 6:29:20“Hey everybody, its me… Harriet 😊 Well, I’m starting to get used to all the sounds and furkids here at Casa Chance. Foster mom and Aunt Shelly are taking really good care of me. And Chance and the Gang take turns keeping me company at my crate. Being crated is not fun, but it’s nice being waited on & petted annnd I love my nice soft bed. See me elevating my bum leg…how handy is that? I heard foster mom telling Chance she was worried about raising the funds for my surgery becuse donations to 4 Paws 1 Heart are so low and case after case are needing their help. My surgery is pretty expensive..and I know a lot of other animals need help too. So I decided to help foster mom raise my funds. See, it really hurts dragging this bum leg around and I know I will feel so much better once it’s gone and I’ve healed. And foster mom says everybody loves tripod kittys, cus we’re strong & resilient! So please, if you can spare a few dollars wont you please donate to help with my surgery?
4paws1heart.org/donation/ and please type in
“Harriet” in the message/instructions box.
Thankyou!!! Love & Purrs Harriet

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