Simon – His Mom was a Murder Victim and Her Kind Friend Took Him In

5/10/21 – Andy was a very frightened member of a cat community. We were contacted to assist with a very infected eye as well as taking care of the ‘usual’ medical needs of vaccinating and neuter. Unfortunately, like so many veterinary hospitals over the past year, the veterinary we would normally send him to was closed to due the virus hitting their staff. His rescuer was finally able to get him into another veterinary where it was determined that he would need his eye removed. That was done successfully, but of course he can’t go back to the wild. We will be covering the additional cost of his potential medical needs under the care of a doctor who not only has a hospital but a senior sanctuary. We are very thankful to Christina Hough and his foster Sherri for working so hard to get this boy the help he needed. – diana
“No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.” Aesopsimon w:natalie meray 5:9:21
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