BRIAR BABIES – GWENIVERE, MAGNUS, HENRY, & HARRIETT – They Lost Their Mom and Were Found All Alone

Our Board member, Dee Brown Gudenau, once again is up to “no good” haha. Dee and her amazing husband, Rick, have once again taken on bottle babies who lost their mom. They are now 3 weeks old and having a great time getting into trouble. Of course, 4 Paws 1 Heart will be taking care of their medical needs and Dee will be taking care of their adoptions. Here is their story:

“The Brier Babies are on the go! So no further ado….as promised presentation of their names!Please meet…Gwenivere (Gwen), Magnus, Henry & Harriett. At approximately 17 days old they are doing well. (I want to say great but I don’t want to jinx it) Goods (hubby) & I have the bottle feeding, peeing and pooping down! Screaming Baths! Laundry! Lack of sleep! Lack of Vodka! (true story…we have to take the hit for the team) But all of it is worth it when they snuggle up to you and suck on your finger, hand, arm….or an occasional face. Hope all you of have a joyous Sunday! And a thank you to 4 Paws 1 Heart for backing their medical and their 3 siblings that Andrea Dow is fostering. We couldn’t do it without you. Backing medical for so many abandon, abused and stray animals. Please donate to help them continue their mission.“.

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