CHANCE – Needs Your Prayers

8/23/21 – Prayers please for our Super Hero, Chance. It was March, 2015 when our Board member, Denise, received a call from a volunteer at a County shelter about this very sweet cat who had become paralyzed after getting neutered. He was going to be euthanized and the volunteer was calling for help. That is when the 4 paws 1 heart village stepped in. We all prayed and got our best doctors together and today he walks but as Denise says in this post, he has had some health issues over the years. But, we’ve always made sure he has had the best medical care possible. We don’t know what happened yesterday as described by Denise but your prayers for this little fighter would be much appreciated. – p.s. You can read about Chance’s journey on our website as noted. The following is Chance’s mom’s report:

“Hello Team, mom here.Well, we had a pretty scary episode with Chance this afternoon. One minute he was sitting with Auntie Marilyn and Aunt Shelly on the couch getting love & pets and the next minute…his nose turned bright red, he was throwing his head back, his nostrils were flaring, he was panting. Then he jumped down and was running back and forth sliding on the floor licking & licking and biting his legs. When I tried to hold him and calm him he peed all over. He had a temp when I took it of 104.5. He was having leg spasms, he kept holding his head in an odd way. It kind of seemed like a seizure, possibly a stroke…it was awful! We finally got him somewhat calmed down and was able to make some calls and get him into a vet that was very near and had Sunday hours. By the time we got to the vet he was much calmer but you could tell he was exhausted. His temp was down to 103.4. With Chance, he has many layers of issues and any one could set off another. His skin issues can cause bladder infections. Stress can make the skin and bladder infections worse. A muscle spasm or nerve pain can set off his stress. The vet took urine & blood to do a panel. He recieved fluids and antibiotics and is resting comfortably here at home. We are hoping to have answers from the tests by Tuesday and of course we will follow up with Dr. Z asap. Thankyou to 4 Paws 1 Heart for always being there for our little SuperHero. We will be watching him very closely while we await answers and followup with Dr. Z. We will of course keep you posted, please keep our boy in your prayers. Time for this mama to snuggle up with her SuperHero” 💕

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