HARRIET (AKA HERMAN) – Found Lethargic and Very Tiny

9/7/21 – The other day I received this message from an independent rescuer who has fostered and saved a countless number of cats and kittens. “I caught this little kitten in my yard two nights ago. He is now safely in my laundry room. May I have permission to take him to the vet? He’s tiny, maybe six or seven weeks. He has fleas, and I’m afraid to put anything on him that could be harmful to a wee one. He also feels very warm, and kind of lethargic, but he might just be decompressing from being scared outside. So far, he seems semi feral, but has already started purring and showing me his belly, so we are off to a good start. We are temporarily calling him Pee Wee Herman as he is so bony and little. Thanks!

“Well, ‘Herman’ is actually ‘Harriet’. She has seen the vet and was examined and given meds. She may have cocidea so she will have a follow-up appointment with further tests. Andra has been using the 4p1h Village Pet Supplies Plus Kitty Room so you may see Harriet there some time in the near future. You can also contact Andra directly if you are interested: ashipley1@comcast.net – Diana4paws1heart.org/donations/

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