KITTENS – Rescued 3-4 Years Ago With Their Happy Updates

9/7/21 – I just received this in our messages and I had to share it with oursupporters because without the generosity of our friends, these stories would never exist. Thank You to the rescuers and our supporters! – Diana“I just want to give you guys a little encouragement today. These are 3 three stray kitties you helped over the past 3-4 years. The grey one was the shy kitten with an eye hanging out sitting in the garbage at the curb I stopped for. The orange stray kitten was the one with a blind eye from an upper respiratory. And the black one was the one kitten laying in a friends driveway sickand dying. 4 Paws 1 Heart saved them all.. They all say THANK YOU for loving strays and helping them when they have no one ELSE to help them….. I love these babies and they are loved. Instead of living a life in the street sick or dead or terrified of people, alone and scared…they just got done munching on a snack of sardines in a warm and safe home together as siblings now. – Candi”

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