BINX -RIP – Rescued But Found to Have Mammary Tumors

3/4/22 – As much as we all try, we can’t save them all. The last couple of days have been sad in our kitty world. This is Binx. We were contacted by the mom of the young rescuer who took Binx in when she showed up in their garage. Binx seemed healthy but a few weeks ago they noticed two lumps on her belly. The family decided to just keep an eye on them. The other day they saw how the lumps had multiplied and getting larger; they also appeared to be bleeding. When the mom described the situation I was immediately brought back to when we lost our baby from mammary tumors — unfortunately, it was the same scenario. The family does not live in an area where we have most of our vet partnerships but I was able to find one we had worked with before, Animal Alley Vet in Saginaw, and they graciously got Binx in immediately. The doctor called me yesterday to confirm what I thought was the case–mammary tumors which were already ulcerated and bleeding. I authorized some further tests to be sure of the extent of the disease. It was decided amongst all parties that if the tumors appeared to be matastasizing, Binx would be humanely euthanized. Rest in Peace sweet Binx. She was very loved by the family and especially by the daughter who brought her in. – diana.

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