SADDIE – Rescued With a Severe Mouth Infection Requiring Extractions

3/10/22 – Saddie was found on the streets and appeared to be in extreme pain. So much so, his rescuer, Amanda, was cautious about giving him a much needed bath. Saddie had puss coming out of his mouth and it was apparent that his mouth was infected and he needed to see a vet asap. We were contacted and Saddie was brought to a vet and given antibiotics on Monday which will last two weeks. He will then be put under to have teeth extracted and neutered.. Because of the success of the Corktown Music Festival we will be able to cover whatever is needed to give this boy a second chance at life. – diana

PATRICIA -Post Amputation

3/9/22 – UPDATE — I posted Patricia’s story on 3/3 and yesterday she was picked up after having her leg amputated. She is very sweet and came through her surgery (she was also spayed) like a champ. Again, we are not sure what caused the injury, her ear also appeared to be tipped (but not by a vet) so we still think she may have been caught in something. Nonetheless, we are so thankful that she was rescued and we were able to take care of her medical needs. One less orphan to die a terrible death on the streets because of people who care. In this case 3 people plus 4 paws 1 heart were all working together to save Patricia. Patricia will be looking for her furever home in a couple of months when her rescuer is sure of her recovery. – diana.

BUDDY – Abandoned By His Owners

3/8/22 – Buddy needs all of us. Two weeks ago he was found by a trash bin near an automotive shop and the very kind owner, Joe, took him in. Since then Buddy has been living between the garage area (which can be very scary with all of the noises) and the office. He appears to be a senior and Joe says that he is very sweet and smart. Joe recently found out that Buddy belonged to some men who abandoned him after moving from their place above another garage. Joe said that just in two weeks Buddy has become very loyal, protective and, basically his shadow. But sadly he just can’t keep him and wants to try and find him a loving home where he can live out his last years. Joe was a friend of a friend who has since passed and was on our St. Clair Shores Animal Care and Welfare Committee. 4 Paws 1 Heart will cover Buddy’s vetting and any other issues that may crop up. If you are interested in this handsome guy, please contact Joe at 586-224-2638 and then contact me at: [email protected] to arrange his vetting. Paws crossed. – diana.

3/8/22 – Rest In Peace Sweet Patrick. You couldn’t have been in better hands and paws. And, God, as you welcome sweet Patrick into your loving gates, please continue to watch over Gina’s Angel, shown here. She has been a true angel for the many kitties and puppies brought into her home by her mom, Gina, the human angel. – diana

7am: As I held him in the palm of my hands I felt his heartbeat slowly fade away. He had a restless night. We were up almost every hour. Part of me thought he was getting stronger because he was more active and alert. For some reason you were meant to cross my path and although I tried my best you didn’t make it.. Rest peacefully sweet baby..11pm. : Orphan foster update.. He is about 5 ounces and 2 weeks old. Mom and sibling found deceased and he was transported to me last night for continued care. I’m doing saline nebulizer treatment every few hours, warming disc’s, tube feeding, antibiotics, sq fluids, and of course special vibes from my beautiful Angel. πŸ’œ I’m hoping that the combination of everything will help save this little baby.. πŸ’ŸπŸ™ 4 paws 1 heart is covering medical careβ™‘ It’s hard to tell, but I think this is a little boy ? so I’ve named him Patrick after the upcoming holiday. Paws Crossed. Huge thank you to Beckie Borse for getting him to me in a matter if minutes last night.- Gina

JOSEPH – Found Abandoned in a Garage With Esophagus Issues

3/7/22 – Joseph was abandoned in a garage in mid January — left to freeze to death. At 3and 1/2 months old, he was rescued by our friend Patricia and she contacted us for medical assistance. Joseph was tested, vaccinated, and scheduled for his neuter but the following month he showed signs of having issues with his esophagus because he was regurgitating a lot. At that time he was again seen by the doctor and had blood work and x rays done. He also seemed to have worms and was treated for that. Unfortunately, there were no results from the February visit and Joseph, still having problems, was taken to one of our other doctors on March 4. He was found to have a high fever and was treated for that as well as worms. The blood work indicated an infection and inflammation of his esophagus. If this doesn’t clear up in 2 weeks, he will be sedated and scoped to determine what might be going on. So, please keep him in your prayers. When he is healthy, he will be neutered and available for adoption. – diana

3/5/22 – This is Ms. Tux who used to sleep next to Maxwell and was lovingly put to sleep. We were at least able to pay for her cremation and will continue to assist Linda and the feeders if any medical needs are required. Rest in Peace Sweet Ms. Tux. – diana.

BINX -RIP – Rescued But Found to Have Mammary Tumors

3/4/22 – As much as we all try, we can’t save them all. The last couple of days have been sad in our kitty world. This is Binx. We were contacted by the mom of the young rescuer who took Binx in when she showed up in their garage. Binx seemed healthy but a few weeks ago they noticed two lumps on her belly. The family decided to just keep an eye on them. The other day they saw how the lumps had multiplied and getting larger; they also appeared to be bleeding. When the mom described the situation I was immediately brought back to when we lost our baby from mammary tumors — unfortunately, it was the same scenario. The family does not live in an area where we have most of our vet partnerships but I was able to find one we had worked with before, Animal Alley Vet in Saginaw, and they graciously got Binx in immediately. The doctor called me yesterday to confirm what I thought was the case–mammary tumors which were already ulcerated and bleeding. I authorized some further tests to be sure of the extent of the disease. It was decided amongst all parties that if the tumors appeared to be matastasizing, Binx would be humanely euthanized. Rest in Peace sweet Binx. She was very loved by the family and especially by the daughter who brought her in. – diana.

PATRICIA – Found on the Streets Limping with Half of Her Foot Missing

3/3/22 – Prayers for Patricia. She was found on the streets, limping. A rescuer brought her to All About Aniimals where it was found that half of her foot is missing and a bone was protruding in her leg. Fortunately, she tested negative for fiv/felv. We were contacted and we authorized Patricia to be seen at Orion Animal Hospital where she received x-rays, antibiotics, and pain meds. She is scheduled for amputation surgery March 7, 2022. We will have more information with a better photo then. – diana.

OLIVER – Update

3/2/22 – Oliver Update. We were contacted about Oliver last week. She had been found by two young ladies who started “sneaking her into the house” when it got cold. Last Thursday they found that Oliver had blood in his urine. We authorized Oliver to be taken to the vet that day where he was immediately put on IV fluids and had a catheter put in. There he remained until Monday, February 28. He is back home, never to go outside again. He was released after urinating on his own with a steady stream. Prayers for this sweet boy. We do know that boy cats can have issues with urinary blockages and we hope that a proper diet will fend off any future surgeries. – diana.

Creamsicle – Found on the Streets with a Leg Wound

3/2/22 – Creamsicle was found on the streets, limping with an obvious wound on her leg. She was taken to the vet where the wound was found to be abscessed. Creamsicle was put under and the wound was cleaned and treated. Antibiotics were given at the time and given to the finder who was to keep her in for the night. Unfortunately, Creamsicle will be put back outside because the finder cannot keep her and a rescue could not be found. But, at least she will not die on the street from an untreated abscess wound. We very much appreciate the finder who contacted us and took Creamsicle into the vet to get her the help she needed. – diana.