BUDDY – Abandoned By His Owners

3/8/22 – Buddy needs all of us. Two weeks ago he was found by a trash bin near an automotive shop and the very kind owner, Joe, took him in. Since then Buddy has been living between the garage area (which can be very scary with all of the noises) and the office. He appears to be a senior and Joe says that he is very sweet and smart. Joe recently found out that Buddy belonged to some men who abandoned him after moving from their place above another garage. Joe said that just in two weeks Buddy has become very loyal, protective and, basically his shadow. But sadly he just can’t keep him and wants to try and find him a loving home where he can live out his last years. Joe was a friend of a friend who has since passed and was on our St. Clair Shores Animal Care and Welfare Committee. 4 Paws 1 Heart will cover Buddy’s vetting and any other issues that may crop up. If you are interested in this handsome guy, please contact Joe at 586-224-2638 and then contact me at: [email protected] to arrange his vetting. Paws crossed. – diana.

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