IKE -RIP – Found with a Urinary Blockage and Possible Poisoning

3/1/22 – My belief is that no living creature, animal or human, should leave this world without being recognized. This is very sweet IKE. He was a stray and no one knows how a sweet boy wound up that way but he was lucky that someone cared enough to provide heated shelter for these brutal winter months. One day the caring person who watched over him (as well as a few other strays) saw that Ike had trouble urinating. We immediately worked to get a vet on board so that when Ike was trapped, he could be taken in to get help. This began last Sunday, the 20th. His first trip to the vet resulted in a stay overnight where he was given a catheter, fluids, and antibiotics. He did have a blockage and a urinary tract infection. He went home the following day with the catheter and everything appeared to be going well. On Friday he was returned because, again, he couldn’t urinate. And, again, he stayed overnight. This past Saturday he again returned home with hopes that he would become an ‘inside’ cat. But once again, by yesterday, he couldn’t urinate and appeared to be in much pain. Yesterday the doctor called me to report that Ike’s kidney’s were failing; he had a large amount of feces in his bowels that could have been blocking him from urinating. The doctor also thought that Ike might have gotten into something outdoors which was causing the kidney failure. At that point, all parties agreed that Ike, at approximately, 5 years old, had gone through enough and would unlikely be able to recover. He was humanely euthanized knowing he was loved. At this time, he had a ‘girlfriend’ who often slept with him on his heated bench and she has been looking for him. Sherry, the rescuer, will try to trap her and give her a permanent home inside. (It should be stressed that Sherry and her husband did spay and neuter every cat who showed up near their home looking for shelter and food). We will take care of any medical needs for Ike’s girlfriend. Rest In Peace, Sweet Ike. I’m sorry we could not do more. – diana

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