JOSEPH – Found Abandoned in a Garage With Esophagus Issues

3/7/22 – Joseph was abandoned in a garage in mid January — left to freeze to death. At 3and 1/2 months old, he was rescued by our friend Patricia and she contacted us for medical assistance. Joseph was tested, vaccinated, and scheduled for his neuter but the following month he showed signs of having issues with his esophagus because he was regurgitating a lot. At that time he was again seen by the doctor and had blood work and x rays done. He also seemed to have worms and was treated for that. Unfortunately, there were no results from the February visit and Joseph, still having problems, was taken to one of our other doctors on March 4. He was found to have a high fever and was treated for that as well as worms. The blood work indicated an infection and inflammation of his esophagus. If this doesn’t clear up in 2 weeks, he will be sedated and scoped to determine what might be going on. So, please keep him in your prayers. When he is healthy, he will be neutered and available for adoption. – diana

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