3/25/22 – Remi Update. Remi was seen by the very caring staff at Five Mile Animal Hospital. He had to be sedated to have blood work done. Most of the numbers were good but, unfortunately, he is FIV positive (correction from original post). Remi was also given antibiotics to take care of some minor issues. Here is an after visit update from his foster mom: “I haven’t found placement for Remi yet but I will ABSOLUTELY need placement for this boy 🙏 From being on the streets, he needs a little socializing. I believe, and even Dr John said yesterday, that he will come around. Everyone that has seen him believes that he was a house cat at one time, no way is he feral. He’s been kinda grumpy since he’s been here but he also isn’t feeling very well and has been a little frightened. I’ve been able to pet him but he does need a little work. I don’t think that it will take long. He’s getting use to being here and is settling in. – Gail” Again, anyone interested in giving Remi a furever home, should contact Gail at: [email protected] – diana

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