6/13/22 – Milo needed help and because of our generous supporters we were able to be there for him. Julie, his rescuer, independently helps elderly or disabled community members in the greater Lansing area. Julie was contacted by the caretaker of a cat community and advised that Milo had been dumped in the community a few months ago and was fine until a few weeks ago when he showed up at the feeders location with a bloody puncture wound and a bloody mouth. Julie got him indoors to at least disinfect his wound and assess what she could. He was then taken to Eaton County Humane Society in Olivet because the wonderful staff messaged her on mothers day that they had a few cancellations if needed TNR appointments. Milo appeared to already be neutered but because of his injuries they were willing to check him out.

Upon examination, Milo was diagnosed with a grade 3-4 dental disease and also had what appeared to be a cyst of some sort at the base of his tail. His puncture wound has healed nicely. But Julie needed our help for his dental surgery. Fortunately we could say YES and he had his surgery a little over a week ago. Milo is no longer in pain and we are very happy about that. – diana.


It truly takes a village many thanks to Chief Randazzo and his amazing staff for reaching out to save this baby!

Koa’s life still hangs in the balance.Last night, Koa stopped vomiting. That’s a win for him! However, his blood work values are not where they should be . His struggles are real and it continues to show .

A HUGE thank you to 4 Paws 1 Heart for making a generous donation towards Koa’s treatment. Koa’s vet bill climbs everyday until his recovery. We need YOUR HELP to keep fighting for KOA’S LIFE. Big or small, we appreciate ALL DONATIONS towards Koa’ s treatment.


6/12/22 – Good Luck Timmy!! You’ve been saved from a life on the streets and we are happy to have such an amazing Board of Directors who, working together with our communities l, can make a difference — not to forget our generous supporters! – diana.

This handsome little man is Timmy!

Auntie Dee Gudenau is tnring a feral colony and immediately saw the potential in this little guy and saved him from being placed back in his colony after he got his neuter & shots and set to work finding a foster for him. Well, it took a whole village but today mom and Auntie Debra are going to be taking Timmy on the 1st leg of 2 on his journey to his new foster mom up north! Great big thankyous to 4 Paws 1 Heart for his vetting, Auntie Dee, Cathy Madej Cleland, Auntie Debra, 2nd leg of transport Becky and Timmy’s new foster mama! Takes a village and it’s so pawsome when everybody comes together for the sake of an animal. Happy Tails for Timmy! 🐾🐾


6/10/22 – The Story of Angel Baby. We mourn the loss of her babies in order to save her but Angel Baby fought so hard and we were thankful to give her a second chance at life. Your donations matter. – Diana.

“It all started on April 5th, with a lady jogging down Trowbridge Street in Hamtramck and posted on, I LOVE HAMTRAMCK city site. The jogger reported that she saw a little young black kitty, “ that looked like it had a line wrapped around its belly, cutting it as it grew.” I had a resident post asking the community to report the kitties’ whereabouts. The comments came flooding in, the residents gave us the exact location. On Sunday, April 10th, the kitty was located and the next day my team and I set up multiple traps, the residents assisted and we captured her and two others! OnTuesday, April 12th, we took the kitties to be TNRd at Michigan Humane Society. It was reported that our little black kitty had netting deeply embedded into her abdomen, the residents stated it was there since last summer, and was severely infected and they did not have enough skin to fully close the wound. MHS suggested euthanisa which we declined without a second opinion.

I had submitted her story thus far and photos to Diana at 4 Paws and 1 Heart to assist in keeping her alive or if deemed necessary to euthanize to prevent any suffering. On April 25th, two weeks post-op, our little girl named Angel Baby, was seen at All About Animals to determine if the infection and healing process was improving. The doctor stated the pelvis and abdomen contents are pushed upward due to the constriction causing abnormal anatomy. Euthansia was deemed not necessary but Angel Baby should be x rayed to rule out pregnancy!

On April 26th, Diana suggested and approved a second opinion at APAWS Veterinary. An exam and xrays were performed and it was seen that she was carrying two, almost full term babies. The labor , which was impossible, would’ve killed her and ended her short life. Diana stated they would do whatever was necessary to save her! A spay/abort was performed and she was saved to continue living!

On May 13th, she returned to APAWS Veterinarian for a post-op and doc said she’s healin really nice. Angel has continued her healing and we started our socializing. She was very hissy and spicy and now will take her meals from my hand and treats too! She still gives me a warning swat and I respect her mood and back away! She really loves her back scratcher and toothbrush rubs and pets! She is vetted and combo negative! She should never go back to the hell streets she came from but she is still considered semi-feral!


Please call or text (586) 872-6907

Diane Hoffmeyer”


6/9/22 – Prayers for Tommy. Last month, after Tommy was trapped/neutered/released his one eye appeared infected. I was contacted and Tommy was treated with some eye meds which seemed to help. But, after, the finder treated Tommy for fleas/ticks with Advantage, Tommy became lethargic and his eye started watering up again. Fortunately, our good friends at Patterson were able to get Tommy in right away yesterday and they found that Tommy has an enlarged kidney and that there was fluid behind his eye. He received sub q fluids, a fever reducer, and an antibiotic injection. We are praying that it is not too late and Tommy will be watched closely and will go back to the vet next week. – diana.


6/8/22 – So many cats/kittens are being found all over and we are doing our best to help each and every one. This is Amos and Andy. They were taken in by our friend, Patricia, at 3 months old. We have covered their medical needs and poor little Amos had pink eye so he was given meds and the ‘cone of shame’ so he wouldn’t be scratching or rubbing his eye. Both tested negative for FIV and FelV. Anyone interested in adopting should contact Patricia at: [email protected] – Diana.

Thank you for being there for us. -Patricia


6/6/22 – Montana is 11 years old and his owner could no longer care for him and another dog. A woman who we have helped in the past had been providing food for Montana and his pal when the owner told her that he had to give them up. Because our 4p1h friend, Melissa, had already built a relationship with Montana she took in Montana and brought him to the vet to be neutered and vaccinated. There he was found to be positive for heart worm. Because the facility had no x ray ability, Montana was brought to another facility but Melissa has not been able to get the results. That’s when she contacted us.

Montana will be seen by a doctor at one of our long-term medical partners and we will proceed with medical treatment as recommended. – diana.

Mommy loves you so much Montana! 💙❤ We cannot thank 4 Paws 1 Heart enough for helping us out! – Melissa


6/5/22 – 7 years ago, Chance working with Dr. Kern and staff in hopes of being able to walk again. You can follow his journey on our website, and follow his antics on the fb page a Second Chance For Chance. Without our donors and supporters, Chance would still be paralyzed. – diana.


Chance update from today – Chance has been making steady progress and we are thrilled. Today, he wasn’t going for his usual bribes, but he decided that he needed to motor over to check out the meowing clock. He still has a bit more work to do, but he is really making progress!

Chance is so grateful to 4 Paws 1 Heart and all their SuperHero donors ❤️ BecAuse of their generosity he is able to get up to the top shelf of this 5ft high cat tree all by himself. – Denise


6/2/22 – I received a call from one of the caring volunteers at Genesee County Animal Shelter about a sweet cat whose paw was caught in a trap and needed amputation. Of course, municipal shelters typically don’t have the funds for such injuries and although they were able to find placement for Richard, the rescue could not afford the surgery. Yesterday, Richard, had successful surgery and he is now on the road to recovery. Anyone interested in giving this boy a loving, furever home, should contact Kittens in the Mittens. And, again, without our many supporters, kitties like Richard would die painfully on the streets or be euthanized in shelter. So, THANK YOU!! – diana.