5/30/23 – On Saturday, May 27, I received an email from a person trying to assist a cat who had showed up at a neighbor’s home trying to get into the home. The cat has discharge, pus, etc. from her vagina and needed help. I asked the person to have the neighbor contact me in that the person who e mailed me didn’t have the cat and couldn’t take the cat into her home. I also suggested that a rescue might be contacted who could actually follow through with the cat’s needs, even if we did help with the medical.

On Sunday, May 28, I heard from my friend who owns Comfort’s Place in Westland. She asked if we could help with a cat who had what appeared to be pyometra which is a bacterial infection in the uterus. This condition, must be treated quickly and aggressively in that it is a life threatening infection. It occurs more frequently in older, unspayed female cats that have had several heat cycles in their lives without getting pregnant. The cat in question turned out to be the same cat I had been earlier contacted about. I approved the surgery.

The surgery was successful and Storm is doing well. The rescue Awes, Paws, and Claws has taken her in to their rescue and will have her available for adoption when she has recovered. Another example for why spaying is so critical to cats who are left to roam outside, be exposed to male cats or just be left to have heat cycles. A huge thanks to our dear friend who responded on a holiday week-end, was able to get her veterinarian doctor to perform the surgery, and the person who didn’t stop to get the help needed. – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

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