Van Gogh – Found in a Yard – Dehydrated, Lethargic, and Infested With Parasites

8/13/20 – Unless you are active in the world of rescue or have a sick pet, you probably don’t know what a nightmare it has been for most animal owners/rescuers to find a vet who can see an animal in immediate need. On Tuesday I received a call from a good friend of 4p1h. She and her husband had rescued a kitten they found wandering in their yard. The kitten was sick and Gina helped with some meds but by Tuesday morning the baby was lethargic, had a high fever, was not eating or drinking, or defecating/urinating. We tried every one of our partner vets, vets in the area who we’ve worked with but not necessarily have a relationship with, and even the emergency hospital we work with — nothing–everyone was backed up and the clock was ticking on this little baby’s life.

In that our friends live in Eastpointe, I called our friend, ACO Pylar, who was happy to help us get little Van Gogh into the hospital the City works with. Van Gogh spent the night at the hospital where he received fluids for his dehydration and also received meds for parasites. He is back home with his rescuers but still not eating as he should so we will be following up to see if some appetizer stimulants might be in order. This has absolutely been a very stressful time for the many veterinary staffs, pet owners, and animal rescuers. The severity of the issues we have been confronting has been like no other time since we created 4 Paws 1 Heart. We are forever grateful to our veterinary staffs and the many kind-hearted, amazing people who never turn their backs on animals in need. – diana gogh 8:11:20van gogh w:joe'l 8:11:20van gogh ==8:11:20

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Cinder – RIP – You Crossed the Rainbow Bridge with Much Love

8/11/20 -It’s not about thinking you can save them all (and I hate when people say that), because anyone who truly does this knows the heartbreak that comes along with it..
We get the reality and watch many of them die..
The hardest thing to accept is not having an answer for why they died.
Did you did everything right..did you do something wrong..could you have done something more…
It’s even harder when you see improvement because that gives you hope..
There is no preparation for death and it hurts to watch a kitten or a puppy waste away before your eyes. It sucks to hold them and watch the life fade from their tiny body…and it burns your heart inside to have no choice but to accept it.
They are so dependent on your every move, your every decision, and your ability to make the right choice. To not allow suffering…and to not be selfish.
How do you not get attached to the concept that you are saving a little life for someone to love and cherish.
That’s really what it’s all about. Each life you save changes someone else’s life forever.
This one is hitting me hard. I think it’s because I saw improvement which gave me hope.
With everything going on right now Cinder was a little spark of light in my life and I was so excited to get her started on her new journey..but it didn’t work out that way.
I woke up to check on her at 4 am and her little 1 pound body was deceased… Thank you all who kept rooting for her. 💔💔💔cinder--8:11:20 cinder## 8:11:20 cinder 8:11:20-

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Cinder – Found in a House Fire

8/9/20 – cinder 8:9:20 cinder 8:9:20-- cinder 8:9:20---- cinder 8:9:20== cinder 8:9:20=== cinder 8:9:20====On Tuesday this baby was found in a house fire in Detroit. A firefighter rescued her and took her to the station. His daughter posted 911 help and a kind person named Molly offered to foster. Everything was going great until 48 hrs later when the kitten began to have bad diarrhea, she stopped eating, and rapidly declined. By morning she was ubable to move.
That’s when I was contacted and I offered to take the kitten if she could be transported to the vet hospital right away.
Molly rushed the kitten to where I was working. The baby was barely breathing and she had just seizured. I immediately placed an IV catheter and after lots and lots of aggressive hourly care for over 48hrs, this baby is finally making baby steps of improvement.
You can see the before and after pic here.
We don’t know exactly why she crashed, but we do know she was infested with worms and she got sick with horrible diarrhea.
A 1 pound kitten cannot last long when they are that tiny. She became dehydrated and critical fast. Her tiny body has been through a lot and the goal is to get her eating on her own. I’m thinking of calling her Cinder.
I’ll keep everyone posted. ♡ Gina

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Stephan James – Found Under a Propane Exchange Rack — Very Frightened

8/2/20 – Another life saved by the Village. – dianastephan james 8:8:20

“Please meet….another St Clair Shores homeless kitten off the streets….Stephan James…. Our little purr machine with a side of hiss..

I was eating my lunch at work on Wednesday and my cell phone rings – I don’t pick up calls of numbers I do not recognize but something told me to do so….. and I’m so glad I did. A woman, named Stephanie was frantic talking to me about this kitten she found in front of a drug store under the propane exchange rack. She called rescues and no one could help and she won’t leave it and didn’t know what to do…she started to cry… She said she saw my name on facebook and asked if I could help. I told her to hold on and I called my husband on my desk phone. He was close to home so he went and got a carrier, went to the drug store (local) and with super teamwork and super speedy catching skills of Stephanie -the kitten was in the carrier and on the way to our house.

The kitten was super scared, super hissy and super skinny….3 days later we only have to work on the super skinny part. He has a recent chunk out of his ear, and a scratch on his head but in good health it seems. He did throw up foreign items that he ate for food, pieces of mulch, and cedar greenery….broke my heart.

Thank you Stephanie for not turning your back on this helpless animal. My hubby (aka Foster Daddy) who stepped up without hesitation and 4 Paws 1 Heart that is backing his medical so he can go on and find his happily ever after.

Please help 4 Paws 1 Heart during these difficult times when fundraising events have been canceled due the covid pandamic’ dee”

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Kitty of the Corn – Dumped in a Field to Die

8/4/20 – The “Kitty of the Corn” was dumped at a very kind couple’s house. The very young kitten had a huge, horrible abscess on her neck and although the couple tried to find a doctor who would prescribe antibiotics, all, understandably, wanted to personally see the cat. The couple has not been working regularly because of the virus and contacted us for help. Kitty was taken to one of our partner vets who confirmed that this was a very nasty infection that kept growing. Part of the dark spot (as you can see in the photo) was old tissue, hair, and dirt. The doctor was able to ‘rip’ that off pretty quickly, cleaned it, and stitched it up. She then was tested (negative) for FIV/FeLV, and given basic vaccines. When she weighs enough, she will be spayed. This morning the rescuer sent me a message saying that “Kitty” is doing great and will have her stitches out in two weeks and then scheduled for spaying. “Kitty is right back at being lovey and playful”. And, she has obviously found her furever home. Just as a side note, I don’t usually share some of the injury photos we get but I think it’s important for the general public to know of the kinds of injuries and illnesses these animals have been facing, more in the past five months, than I’ve ever seen in a similar period over the past 10 years. I thank God every day for the many people who rescue and provide furever, loving homes, and to our friends who are so kitty of the corn kitty of the corn infection kitty of the corn w:brandy werczynskigenerous with their donations. – diana

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Gronk – Update

8/1/20 – Excuse me Facebook….GRONK HERE! Foster Mommy took me to my first vet visit yesterday….DO YOU KNOW WHERE THE PUT THAT TEMPERATURE TAKING STICK???? Why didn’t anyone warn me???? The vet said I am purrrrrfect and adorable. I wiegh 2.2 lbs….up from the 9.4 oz when I was found on the streets of St Clair Shores….and I’m 8 weeks old! I was a brave boy when I got my first shot and dewormed…WHAT???? WORMS? I think not Ms. Vet! My pudgy belly is all food! I have to sign off and go do some pouncing….but before that I need to thank 4 Paws 1 Heart for taking care of my medical….except for that temperature stick thing…. Chow peeps. 4 Paws 1 Heart

gronk 8:1:20


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Jefferson – Found in the Middle of Jefferson Ave. – Unable to Move

8/3/20 – Once again, it was a busy weekend. On Friday night I received a call about a cat found in the middle of Jefferson, near the spillway, in Harrison Twp., MI. The cat couldn’t move and the finder thought he might have had a broken leg. After being assured the cat could be stabilized until morning, we made arrangements to find a vet in the morning. Thankfully the doctors where our co-founder works as a vet tech, squeezed in Jefferson on Saturday morning although they were booked to the max. Here is Gina’s report:

“The doctor looked at him and we did some x rays of the pelvic area. It looks like he sustained an injury to the pelvis causing instability in his hind end. He can carefully stand and he is able to urinate in a shallow tray which is very important. He tested negative for fiv/felv. There are a few abrasions on his legs. He had some elevations in bloodwork so we are doing antibiotics, pain meds, rest, and anti-inflammatory with very close monitoring over the weekend. He might need surgery or he may heal over time. It will be day to day of making sure he will eat, drink, urinate, and have bowel movements. He is neutered and extremely gentle. He was dehydrated and anemic. He was given some fluids under the skin and treated for fleas. The man who saved him is really kind; he literally saved this cat’s life. We need more people like this in the world — unselfish and compassionate.- Gina”

His finder, Doug, will continue to look for Jefferson’s owner. If one isn’t found, he will foster him until he can find a furever home. We will continue to be committed to him just in case he needs further medical. Unfortunately, it seems that every cat we are called about these days has a severe injurty or illness. During this time of no fundraisers, your donations continue to be lifesaving. – diana 7:31:20 jefferson 8:3:20

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Shakira – Update

8/1/20 – Great News!!! Dr. Natalie Zalac and her staff stayed late and Shakira had her surgery last night. And guess what?? Her new mom is on her way now to pick her up. Shakira is recovering like a champ!! 4 paws 1 heart is truly blessed to have such amazing doctors who we can call on.

Two more cases came in last night. I will post on them a little later. One dog is in emergency and another kitty was found in the middle of Jefferson with a broken leg. He’s waiting to be seen by a vet. diana w:amanda 7:31:20

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