Smokey – Loves To Be Around You

7/14/14 – It may be a cool, gloomy morning but let me brighten you up with this very sweet photo of Smokey. Smokey was brought into the emergency a few months ago, abandoned and needing medical care. He has been recuperating with our friend, Francine, and now needs his forever home. Please share and have a wonderful day ~ diana

“Don’t let this sleepy eyed giant fool you. He is full of love and is a big purr machine. He will be there when you wake in the morning and when you go to bed at night. His favorite hobbies are playing string and bird watching. Smokey is great at playing tennis ball as well. He would love to hang out with you. Smokey would do well with older children. He is FIV+ and is an indoor only cat. Smokey is UTD on his shots, neutered and micro-chipped. Smokey has long fur and is good at keeping himself clean, He is one smart cat! He comes with his own food dishes, litter box, bed and scratching post.
Contact Francine at”

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Sassy Pants – Save and in Need of a Home

7/13/14 – Even with all of the neutering and spaying we all do, the need never seems to end. Please share this sweetheart and help this little girl find her forever loving home. Her name is Sassy Pants. She is about 14 weeks old. SassyPants and her sister, both requiring to be bottle fed, were both rescued after animal control took them to the Animal Care Hospital of Sterling Heights. Unfortunately, her sister died. But SassyPants is healthy and ready for a lifetime of love. If you can foster or adopt, please contact Jo at Of course, 4 Paws 1 Heart will always help our rescuers to make sure all animals have been vaccinated and spayed/neutered. ~ diana

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Bunnies – Deserve Our Help

7/13/14 – After a beautiful Michigan Sunday, we wanted to share a feel-good story with our friends. Although our mission is focused to help companion animals, there are always those occasions when we just have to do what is right. Here’s Gina’s story ~ diana

“A lady brought this bunny into the Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center after she accidentally ran him over with her lawn mower. She was very upset and clearly concerned. Dr. Matt Cappitanio was up for the challenge and he decided to try and save the baby bunny. The before picture was just too graphic, but here he is waking up from surgery and there is a photo of Matt fixing the huge laceration which was exposing only flesh and muscle on the back.. The panicked woman waited in the lobby until the surgery was done. She was so worried, we allowed her to bring the bunny back to the nest in her yard because it only made sense to release him where he would be safe and familiar. When I handed her the bunny she said what do I owe? I said “4 paws 1heart” pays for this kind of emergency and we are willing to pay for what the bunny needed. She was very grateful. I called her a week later to follow up. She let the bunny get stronger before releasing him. She was feeding him (even went grocery shopping) and offering him kitten formula for additional hydration. When we spoke he was getting strong enough to be released back into her yard but she was taking baby steps at doing so. A huge thank you to the doctor for going “above and beyond” for this extremely tiny little bunny. We are very fortunate to have amazing doctors and neighbors who have compassion.~ Gina

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Halo – Prayers Requested

7/12/14 -4 Paws 1 Heart was one of many organizations contacted about helping this poor sweetheart found on the side of the road with a severe upper respiratory infection as well as being very emaciated. A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue agreed to take her to Wilson’s Emergency and 4 Paws 1 Heart will work with them to cover a majority of the medical bills. We’ll keep everyone updated. Her eyes may be in serious jeopardy and we will let everyone know if we will need additional support to see her through recovery. She will be scheduled to see an eye specialist. ~ diana

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DORA – Relying on the Kindness of Others to Live

7/9/14 – This is “4 paws 1 heart” Dora, who was a stray cat that needed immediate medical treatment. Her mammary gland is extremely enlarged and she has 1 possibly 2 babies in her. She is pretty far along and if all goes well with the delivery, she will need this mass taken care of next. Dora is all black and super sweet. We are waiting for a current picture of her and will post soon! She is in a foster home where she is getting love and good care! We will cover the medical care she needs to get her better. ~ Gina

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Thousands of Unwanted Cats Will Not Be Born

7/8/14 - We are so happy to support the good work of every day people who love animals. Thank You Allison for taking care of these sweet babies and making sure the mama would not have to bear anymore. ~ diana

My mom + dad took the mama of the feral kittens we rescued last week to get spayed this morning so no more babies! When they went to pick her up they discovered another kitten that ran from under the cage so looks like we will be getting one more. Thank you to the people at the Paws Animal Clinic on Goddard Rd. in Taylor. They are doing amazing things to control the animal population. We heard of them thru Diana at 4 Paws 1 Heart. 4 Paws is an amazing organization who helped us thru the whole process. Like them on facebook and please consider them as one of your charities! – Allison”

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Bradley – Continuing to Heal from a Life in a Cage

7/9/14 – Update on, 4 paws 1 heart, “Bradley”. For those of you that didn’t see his story, he came to us as an owner surrender because he was having seizures. Since we began him on seizure medication he has not had one seizure. We did not get any information because the family just wanted to walk away. He had a seizure immediately when he was brought in, so we never got a chance to see what he was like “normally”. What I have discovered is that he does not know how to play, he does not know any commands, he was never potty trained, and he does not wag his tail. He had urine scalding on both of his knees and the tops of his back feet from laying in his feces and urine. It was to the point he had infected sores. He does give tons of gentle kisses and unfortunately he was never neutered, so he has a little teddy bear friend to take his hormones out on. It would be best to put him in a home with no animals or with a medium to large size dog because he tends to try and dominate dogs smaller than him. When we get him neutered it will help. He is good around my cats, so a home with furry feline is fine too.. He is just over 2 years old. Please contact me by email only or by private message on this page for more information, or if you are willing to adopt him.

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Mr. Jim – A New Life Begins

7/8/14 – Happy Beginnings! Mr. Jim was chained to the fence of an abandoned home. After being rescued by a caring couple, he was found to be deaf and Heart Worm positive. Here is his happy update from his rescuer: ~ diana

“He was adopted on Wednesday. His new family loves him! They are a great couple….wife stays home all day so Jim can just follow her around the house and watch her. When she goes, he goes. Perfect for His anxiety. She is retired (?) but maintains a schedule which also helps him know what’s coming. The deafness does not bother then at all.

Jim finished his heartworm meds on Sunday. He went for his check up at the doctor yesterday. Just got word that he is doing great! Everything looks wonderful!”
We are very happy for Jim. Thank you again for all your help! I will keep sending updates as I get them.”
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America – Update

7/8/14  - 4paws1heart’spuppy “America” who is going to require about 30 days of treatment to take care of her skin condition. She was diagnosed with Demodex Mange. A very kind unselfish woman found her in the middle of the street and thought she was intentionally burned or mauled. She said no one else would come close to the starving little puppy.She spent 2 hours on the phone trying to call places after-hours and no one would or could help. I’m happy that we were in a position to help and happened to be at the right place at the right time, but it doesn’t feel like we can ever put a dent in the problem that exists with the need for helping strays with medical care especially these after-hour emergencies.If America would have been on the streets much longer her open sores would have soon been infested with maggots. It has been five days of us treating her and she is still actively bleeding from her sores, but she is looking much better. This picture was from today. Her little tail does not stop wagging and she is full of kisses, appreciation, and peace..

Devoted Barn Animal Rescue stepped up and took America under their wing today to foster her as we provide her medical treatment. We are extremely grateful for their help. I have a pretty strong feeling that they are going to spoil the heck out of her. Just like so many others she deserves a chance…

If you are reading this please, help, share, reach out, and get involved in the overwhelming need to save one life at a time.. We can not do this without your help! Thank you!! ~ Gina

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