Clara – Once Adopted, Now Returned

clara 1:29:191/29/19 – Clara was pulled from a high-kill shelter just before she was euthanized. She was adopted and the family seemed to love her; they sent photos of Clara sleeping next to their son. But now she has been returned to the rescuer because they are moving into a home where Clara is not allowed. Please contact Lori at: Here is what her rescuer has to say about Clara. ~ diana

“If you’re looking for a chill, super sweet companion who is happy to curl up and be close to you, Clara is your girl. She is friendly with people, cats, and dogs and has lived with young children. Clara will seek attention and loves to give kisses, but is also content to sit quietly and watch out the window. Clara came in already front paw declawed. She is vetted, microchipped, and just waiting to meet you. Her beautiful green eyes are sure to capture your attention and her sweet personality is sure to steal your heart”.

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Alley – Blind and Feline Leukemia Positive – Has a Photo Shoot

1/27/18 – A huge thank you to Emily for taking in sweet Emily. – Diana

alley 2:8:19“1/26/19 – Remember our sweet Alley who is feline leukemia positive and needed her eyes removed? She’s all healed up and her fur has mostly grown back in. So, of course this calls for some studio time!

Thank you to all who donated for our gorgeous girl. She is MUCH happier and feeling better without the pain from her eyes. She’s making her way around the house without any trouble, and she even plays now. An extra special thank you goes to Diana Rascano and 4 Paws 1 Heart for covering Alley’s surgery. We are so grateful for all of the help. Alley has a wonderful life now because of the amazing people in our lives! – Emily”

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Ali (Bentley), Nugget, Binx – Gina Visits her Miracle Babies

1/25/19 – An update on Gina’s miracle babies – Ali (aka Bentley), Nugget, and Binx.  Without Gina’s heart and the support of our donors, these beautiful animals would not be here today. – diana

“1/24/19 – Spent the day visiting 3 of my many favorite 4 paws 1 heart MIRACLE babies. Stella (aka Nugget), a newborn puppy I raised from birth. Her mom passed away because a baby from the litter was stuck inside of her and she went septic. Bentley (aka Ali), also raised from birth after suffering a traumatic leg injury that the previous owners claim was a result of getting smashed in a recliner, and Buster (aka Halloween Kitten), found in street on Halloween night with a broken leg, a terrible burn on his chest, hypothermic, and in shock. Nursed him back to life, and all 3 are in the most loving homes I could possibly ask for. It was a nice visit and a great day!!♡♡♡ THANK YOU ~ Gina”ali - 2016ali (aka bentley) 1:24:19Nuggetnugget 1:24:19binx--10:31:18 binx 1:24:19

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Katniss Everdeen – Reminder of Man’s Inhumanity to Those Most Vulnerable

1/24/19 – Katniss was a reminder of the inhumanity of mankind. Her rescue and recovery, though, was proof that there are more good people in this world than bad. From the caring woman who stopped in the cold rain to save s scared, broken animal to the great mom Katniss is with today – it took a village. – diana

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Courtney – She was Rescued With a Chewed Off Paw

1/23/19 – Update from Courtney’s Mom, our friend, Melanie Wittner.
“Thank you again for giving my son his best friend. Sean lives a lonely life, yes he has me and his brothers but since he only has a 30 word vocabulary at 23 years old he doesn’t get to come home from school and call his friends. Sean doesn’t get to go out like other kids because he gets confused and lost. Courtney has filled a hole that I would’ve never been able to. She understands his words that he doesn’t speak and doesn’t make fun of him when he sings to her. Without 4 paws I don’t know what or who Sean would have had to fill that missing piece.”

Thank YOU, Melanie and Sean, for giving Courtney the love she never had. ~ diana january 2019 courtney w:melanie wittner 1:2019

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The Wedding Shoppe – Fundraises for 4 Paws 1 Heart

1/23/19 – My husband, Tony, has played an integral role in the work of 4 Paws 1 Heart. He delivers donated food and supplies to rescuers and shelters, he runs to the bank and the post office, works the fundraisers, etc. And, yesterday, the two of us went to visit our friends at the Wedding Shoppe in Berkley. The Wedding Shoppe has chosen 4p1h as their Charity Partner for December and January. Shawn Spears-Vilk, who we’ve assisted with her rescues, has been our avid supporter. The Wedding Shoppe is absolutely amazing. Their gowns are like nothing I’ve seen. It made me want to go back 46 years and get married all over again. I would encourage anyone looking for a wedding gown to make the Wedding Shoppe your first stop.
On our way home, Tony and i once again talked about how one of the best things to come out of the 4p1h journey (besides assisting over 5500 animals) has been the wonderful, kind, and caring people we have met along the way — many of whom have become dear friends. Here is Shawn, Michelle, and I in front of the ‘Paw Wall’ and some of the kitties we have helped Shawn with. In fact, Michelle is the proud mom of two of them. ~ diana
shoppe Wedding Shoppe 1:23:19 shawn wilk spears 1:23:19

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Rick – Wandered Into a Auto Repair Shop

1/22/19 – Prayers for Rick.

“Hi Team, well here’s Rick…the poor kid that showed up at the auto yard. Mom met Mike, the kind human who rescued him and contacted mom & 4 Paws for help, andRick at the vets today. The news is not what we had hoped for. Rick is feLv positive. He’s 7-8 yrs old, possibly older. He has a lot of dental issues and we’re not sure all what else. Because of his feLv status we have to be very careful as it’s much easier passed to other cats then fiv. We do know he’s not feral, but very nervous & scared. He was loaded with fleas and received flea treatment & deworming today. He also got blood work & that will determine how far advanced his felv is. We should get the results tomorrow. There a lot of complications that can arise from his illness. His immune system is low, he’s more likely to develop lymphoma. Just a whole host of things can effect his quality of life. Right now hes with a wonderful foster, safe & warm in quarantine till we know more. We’re hoping he will start to trust so he can at least be bathed and his beautiful white fur restored, but for tonight he’s resting. Right now Rick’s health & quality of life is what’s important and that he knows he is safe & loved. Thank Rick 1:21:19you 4 Paws 1 Heart and everyone involved in helping Rick especially his rescuer Mike & his foster mom Courtney. Please keep this sweet boy in your prayers & we’ll keep you posted.

Sweet dreams Team Chance, we love you ❤ – Denise”


People Reached



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Lucky – RIP She Will No Longer Be Suffering on the Streets in the Bitter Cold

RIP Sweet Lucky – I received a request to assist a Vietnam veteran who cares for two cat colonies. One of his favorite cats was in very “bad shape”. The cat had fur missing and could not control her bowels. The caretaker had no transportation and was in an area where we do not have partner veterinarians. It took a couple of days but we were finally able to work out transportation and get Lucky into an emergency hospital where she was examined, had blood work done, and given antibiotics and dewormer. We were going to follow up with a day practice this week because Lucky seemed to have an issue with her mouth and her eyes. She just picked at her food and it appeared she couldn’t see it. The following day, Lucky was lethargic. Jennifer, the person who picked up Lucky and brought her to the emergency and spent 5 hours waiting to be seen, tried syringe feeding her but Lucky died in Jennifer’s arms. This is the second cat in the colony to die. None of the cats have been neutered/spayed/vaccinated. I told Jennifer that we would pay for spay/neuter/vaccines if she could trap the cats. In Lucky’s memory, we will be working on getting every cat in the two colonies spayed/neutered and vaccinated. ~ diana

lucky 1:21:19-- lucky 1:17:19
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