Hoarder Home – Another Pregnant Female Rescued – Her Name is Bridgette

3/3/15 – A report from our friend Denise Najeera about her new foster. ~ diana

pregnantmomhoarderhouse3:5:15“We would like to introduce to you our new foster, Bridgette! Bridgette came from the hoarding house in Warren Ive been telling you all about. She was rescued by Melanie Wittner of Hopeful Heart Rescue and vetting taken care of by 4 Paws 1 Heart. And…..shes going to be a mama in a few short weeks! Shes on the thin side and needs some tlc which she will definitely get here. She just came today, so will have more pics and info on her personality ect. in days to come. Bridgette will not be available for adoption until after her babies are born and weaned. We are very excited to be on kitten watch over here! Thankyou to Hopeful Heart and 4 Paws 1 Heart for giving Bridgette and her babies a second chance for a good life!” - 


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Hoarder Home – Just 24 Hours Later, Kittens are Born

11025120_10206152726716499_5216594927105533862_n10991323_915875808444718_8083141409491036566_n3/3/15 – Happy Lunch Hour!  For those of you who have been following the rescue of the 33 cats taken from a home in Warren — On that first day, 3 kittens were rescued. A few days later 3 moms and 11 kittens, 1 female, 1 pregnant female, and two males were rescued. On the next trip, another 11 cats were rescued. Throughout this period, Melanie kept looking for another pregnant cat that the owner said was there. Thankfully, Sunday night, March 1, the pregnant calico was rescued along with another cat; and, guess what, she gave birth last night. God Bless Melanie for being there for the mom, getting the babies out and cutting the umbilical cords when the momma couldn’t. I said a little prayer of thanks after Mel called me to give me the news. This sweet female was just a little over 24 hours from giving birth when she was finally rescued. Had she not been rescued Sunday night, God only knows what would have happened to her and her kittens. Mom had 4 babies. ~ diana

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Hope and Zachary – Safe and Warm

3/3/15 – In early January of this year we received another call out for help from a 4p1h friend, Mary. Three cats had been thrown out of their home when the owner was evicted. Mary was able to rescue one and asked for our help. We paid for Angel’s medical needs and arranged for her to be taken in by our friends at the Ferndale Cat Shelter, the little one’s name was Angel. Just recently Mary contacted us again, Another of the three abandoned cats, Hope, showed up with a leg wound. Mary was able to get Hope into her home and again contacted us for help. 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for Hope’s leg to be treated and took care of his vetting, vaccinating, and neutering. A couple of days later, the third feline showed up trying to get shelter. Mary took him in and he is now known as Zachary. Of course, we were happy to take care of Zachary’s medical needs and neutering. They are now ready for their forever homes. Mary tells us that she may have potential adopters (paws crossed). These are two very handsome boys. The first photo is Hope and the next two are of Zachary. Just in case, if you have any inquiries contact Mary at 2manybabies@comcast.net ~ diana

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Sharing A Mission One Rescue at a Time – Snik with Devoted Friends

3/3/15 – The strength of our mission is working with individual rescuers, compassionate veterinarians, and rescue organizations. We received a request for help for this very sweet boy who was given up by his owner. Snik is about 7 years old and the prior owner had him for 5 years. Snik lived outside in a dog pen with 2 other large dogs for 5 years. The other dogs have since passed away and poor Snik continued to live outside without any buddies to help keep him warm. The prior owner stated he had no time for the dog! Our good friends at Devoted Friends Rescue took Snik to the vet and it was determined that poor Snik had a broken leg that had never been addressed; he more than likely lived in pain for over 5 years. Two bones had already fused together and to try and repair the damage would be risky and mean more pain and potential healing time. Consequently, Snik will have his leg amputated. Not only does Snik have the leg issue, but he is not neutered, has bad teeth and gums and is full of worms. BUT, although this boy has been through so much, he is very sweet and deserves a second chance of living pain free and in a forever home. 4 Paws 1 Heart is blessed to have the support we have had and thankful that we can help in the recovery of Snik. Follow Snik’s story on the Devoted Friends Facebook page. ~ diana


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Owner Dies and Leaves Sweet Callie Behind

3/2/15 – Meet Callie. Her owner died January 20, 2015 and she and her canine buddy were locked in a house without heat, and human attention. Once in a while the grandson would visit to leave food in the house. Fortunately, the dog found a home but no one cared about poor Callie until Janeen got involved and contacted us. Callie was taken to the vet and received her vaccinations and tested negative for FIV/FELV. She had already been spayed. She is approximately 8-10 years old. If you can find it in your heart to give this senior girl a forever home, please contact Janeen at ican7171@yahoo.com Please share, diana11023816_914900805208885_7873988046899554508_n

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Addressing the Horror of Hoarding

3/1/15 – We, as a community, need to gather our resources to figure out how to stop people from hoarding. We need to get involved. We need to let people know that they can get help to spay and neuter and vaccinate so that the problem does not become overwhelming but how can we communicate with people who may be too mentally fragile to understand. Our mental health system is broken, many of our local governments would rather ignore the issue and leave the mess to others, and, in the end, the only ones to suffer are the poor innocent animals. As we’ve asked before, please be the voice for the voiceless. ~ diana

Here is Melanie’s recent post and photo.

“This is Storm… She also came from another cat hoarder in Warren. She still hoards…and everyone knows about it. Her eye is much better now.”10481969_915014071864225_3443004247549179840_n

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Hoarder House, Warren, Michigan – Update

11025640_915030988529200_3776553667126398688_n3/1/15 – Update on ‘hoarder’ house and a “Call Out” for anyone knowing of any barns who will accept feral cats — Melanie from A Hopeful Heart just left the home with two more cats and one dog. One of the cats is pregnant and will be going to our friend Denise who took such good care of our Izzy and later to the vet. The other domesticated cat will be taken to the vet by Mel. All other cats in the home appear to be very feral. The basement was not safe to go into because of the number of feral cats. Attempts will be made to trap the feral cats. Please contact me at diana.4paws1heart@gmail if you have any possibilities for placement of the ferals. 

This is the dog who was also in this home and who was surrendered by the owner. He is a Rottweiler mix, obviously good around cats and a large bird. He is about 2-3 years old and he has not been neutered. He is very sweet but needs a little leash training. He comes with free training from petco. He will be vetted, vaccinated, deflead, and neutered, compliments of 4 Paws 1 Heart.
Anyone interested in helping should contact Melanie of A Hopeful Heart on their facebook page or at: ahopefulheartrescue@yahoo.com


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Izzy, Hours From Death, Finds His Forever Home

3/1/15 – And last but not least Happy Story of this March 1 morning is the wonderful news that our Izzy has found his forever home. It was a below zero, snowy, evening when I got the call that a cat had been found under a porch and it appeared his eye was missing. He was immediately taken to the emergency with Gina and the great veterinarians of the Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center. Izzy’s eye wasn’t missing — his eyes were just so crusted over from a severe upper respiratory infection, you couldn’t see them. It was touch and go for awhile. Our sweet boy had deep red ‘ruts’ on his face which Gina believes was the result of mucus running from his eyes and freezing on his face. As I write this story and look at these photos, I shed tears of happiness. I know Izzy will now live the life that my spoiled three enjoy and it is happy beginnings like this which makes every hour I spend on 4 Paws 1 Heart worth it. Thank you to all who have been a part of his success. ~ diana10334437_926134207410215_5509604798793313038_n 11008385_926134330743536_8682952688728295895_n 11034291_926134357410200_6459233487999709407_n 11046487_926134384076864_2882490440421995097_n 1517446_926134404076862_1250301597772770229_n

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Ringo of Mutts of Motown – Rescue Takes a Village

3/1/15 – Ringo was rescued by our friends at Mutts of Motown. He could hardly put any weight on one leg; later it was discovered that his leg had several breaks which had never been treated. Ringo eventually needed an amputation and we were happy we could be there for him. I cannot describe my happiness in learning that this very sweet, formerly abused boy, is now in his forever home. ~ diana10922801_699765666801131_1846581152197187418_n

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Animal Abuse Affects Everyone – Hoarder Home, Warren, Michigan

It is nothing less than amazing as to what Melanie Wittner will do to save an animal. Her message is very, very important. The only thing I would like to add is if you are aware of animal abuse or a hoarding situation and contact the authorities and they seem to do nothing, keep trying — don’t let it continue because people who are supposed to do their job don’t! Contact the media if necessary as was done in this case so that whoever needs to wake up will. We must be the voice for these sweet innocents. My heart breaks thinking how many lives have been tortured or lost. ~ diana

I have been getting a lot of phone calls for the last few days about the cat situation in Warren. There are a lot of sick kitties from the home. The ones thatwere healthy enough are up for adoption through other rescue groups (Futures 4 Feline at 23 mild and Gratiot and Fortunate Felines at 9 mile and Gratiot). I was willing to keep the sick kitties and make sure that they can make it to the vet and have every chance at recovery. Sadly, we did loose the oldest and sickest kitty within 24 hours of bringing him home. We are not giving up on them, we believe they deserve a life of fresh food, water, and love in a clean environment. We are very blessed to have the support of 4 Paws 1 Heart, not only financially but emotionally… there have been many phone calls to Diana to discuss the kitties, tears, and anger thank god for sympatric friends! We are also very blessed to work closely with animal control officers so we can all make sure the right thing is being done. Our world is a place where amazing humans live, we can not loose sight of that. Humans are the ones who can speak up, save, provide warmth to these creatures that we are blessed with. Please remember you are their voice, weather it be a dog left out in the cold, animal abuse, a hoarding situation, or just someone needing help PLEASE SPEAK UP! I would rather be wrong then let an animal suffer. Thank you all for your continued support I will post pictures soon.

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