Katniss Everdeen – Finds Her Forever Home and Her Forever Family

12/16/17 - There are not enough words to describe how happy we are to report that Katniss Everdeen is now in her forever home. She chose this wonderful family to be her own, and they are committed to offering her a life she is so deserving of. We will never know the extent of the pain, suffering, and trauma she endured during the first chapter of her life, but we are certain she will never experience abuse again.

Last night was the first night in her new home and here she is resting with her new buddy, “Co Co”. As you can see they are both very content. I could go on and on about how happy we are, but let me just say that I truly believe in fate. I believe that these animals come to us for a reason, and it’s beyond rewarding to be a part of their new path. Each and every one of them becomes a piece of my heart, and they impact all of whom they surround during their recovery.

I want to personally thank all of you that were involved in this journey with Katniss Everdeen, and I want to especially thank her foster mommy, Carrie, for helping her during the most critical period of her transition. The patience, understanding, and commitment it took was beyond what most realize. The updated photos don’t show the nightmares, fears, cries, anxiety, and physical pain that was imprinted on Katniss prior to us taking her in. Carrie literally put several weeks of her life on hold to encourage a positive start this beautiful rescued soul was so desperate for.

Thank you to our supporters, applicants, and of course the new family that will continue to shower Katniss with love and kindness throughout her new journey… Ginakatnissinnewhome12:16:14

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Blitzen – Update

This is our most recent case, and we are calling her “Blitzen”. As you can see from her earlier post she has an injured leg that might require amputation. She is only about 2 months old and we are trying to see if there is any chance of saving the leg. It’s unknown what caused the severe injury, but it is definitely trauma of some sort from when she was outdoors. We will update once we know more.. Ginablitzen12:16:14

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Blitzen – A Smashed Paw but She is Alive and Safe

12/16/14 – Prayers Needed! Yesterday we had happy beginnings for all of our friends. Today, we are asking for your prayers and positive energy for this sweet little girl about 12 weeks old who was rescued by a caring person after being seen limping around a Madison Heights parking lot. Another caring person responded to a call out for transportation and brought her into the emergency where she was found to have a smashed paw, so badly injured that she may need an amputation. She remains in the hospital as we try to determine what needs to be our next steps. Please share and if you have room in your heart, she will need a foster and a forever family. We’ll keep you updated. ~ dianaPART95141857574641495PART951418575734827951214141148c IMG953255

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Bo – Once Sharing A House with 13 Siblings, Now Living the High Life

12/14/14 – Who Doesn’t Love Happy Beginnings!! ~ diana“The Great Bobinsky [Bo for short] says to have a laid back Sunday like he is planning to do….after thanking you 4 Paws 1 Heart for helping him and his siblings and of course his big bro Snickers too (in 2012)! All have wonderful loving homes….it’s going to be a great Christmas!” ~ dee

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