Bumper – Found With an Eye Ready to Rupture

10/4/16 – Dear Supporters, Thank you so very much for responding to the $1,000 Match Challenge; we exceeded our goal!!. We are humbled by the trust and confidence you have in us as you continue to share your hard-earned dollars to make miracles happen. Without you, we could not give a second chance of life to so many abandoned, stray, and abused animals.

Here is another happy update. This is Bumper. She was recently found wandering in the parking lot of a warehouse. The finder brought her in and with the help of friends, we were contacted. As you can see, Bumper’s eye was ready to explode, and in fact, by the time she was seen by a veterinarian, her eye had ruptured and it was necessary to remove it. Well, look at her today. Here is Cheryl’s (his ‘nurse’ while she recovered) report. ~ diana

“Bumper Update ❤️❤️

She’s on her way to the vet for her second round of vaccinations then going home with Mickey, her rescuer/dad, to live happily ever after!! It’s been a pleasure fostering her while she healed.. She truly is a wild child at heart. Very mischievous lol. She has doubled in size since she’s been here. No more ribs or hips showing! Thank you again 4 Paws 1 Heart for saving yet another life ❤️ God bless you all!”bumper-10416bumper-before

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Viper – Flea and Tick Infested, Emaciated, and Suffering from an Upper Respiratory Infection

10/3/16 – Happy Update #2 on the last day of the $1,000 Match Challenge. Your donations truly make miracles happen.

Viper was found wandering the streets, flea and tick infested, suffering with an upper respiratory infection, and very emaciated. Thankfully he was rescued by a kind person who has contacted us in the past, and, of course, we were there for Viper. Here he is when we were first contacted and how he looks today. Viper continues to have some very minor health issues because he was so emaciated but he is gaining weight and we continue to be there for him. Anyone interested in adopting Viper should contact:

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Ali – Prepares for His Second Surgery – Needs Prayers and Donations

Your Prayers and donations are strongly needed for this very sweet foster puppy, Ali. Some of you may remember that on May 5th he was abandoned with a terrible injury from getting closed in a recliner. His left rear leg was nearly cut off and two of his toes on the other leg were severed off. He was just 2 days old. 4 paws 1 heart has covered his medical since and I have been fostering and raising him. It’s been a long road and the most challenging case I’ve ever taken on, but as you can see he is a happy healthy puppy that is now 5 months old. Ali needs 2 final surgeries. Today we spent almost 7 hours on a road trip to Michigan State Veterinary College of Medicine where surgery on his scar tissue is scheduled for tomorrow morning. The estimate is $1800 to $2000. The reason for surgery is (1) To release the tension on his skin being caused by the scar tissue as he is growing. (2) He has a festering wound and is limping on the foot due to a piece of dislocated bone leftover from the injury. I will pick him up on Wednesday and he will then need 2 weeks of recovery. Our commitment to each animal involves finishing what we started. This is a hefty expense for our group especially at this time when we are swamped with requests for help. $2000 could save a lot of animals, but what do we do? Ali still needs a forever home and I truly believe that we were put here to give him a second chance for a reason. Please help us help him if you can. ♡ ♡♡♡ Gina.
Donate for Ali here-

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One – Eyed Jack – Loving Life after Getting a Second Chance

10/3/16 – On the last day of our $1,000 Match Challenge (donations can be made through the donate link on this site), I thought I would share some happy updates.

You might remember One-Eyed Jack from January, 2016. It was in East Tawas, MI when an unknown person dumped him at a home known in the neighborhood for taking in cats. The little guy had one eye missing. Can you imagine leaving an animal with one eye to wander the streets in the dead of winter?? The homeowner was already overwhelmed and couldn’t take him in. Fortunately, a woman, aware of the situation, contacted us for help and said that she would foster him if we could help with his medical bills; and we did. Here is Jack when he was first rescued and how he looks today. ~ diana

P.S. His rescuer became his forever mom. Thank YOU, Kelly.


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Mis Daisy – RIP Sweet Girl

I’m so sorry to share this very sad message. Miss daisy was an inspiration to many. RIP sweet girl

Image may contain: horse
A Second Chance For Chance

We are beyond sad to have to tell you my good friend Miss Daisy Donkey passed away last night. She was my first animal friend at Pawsitive Steps when I started my therapy and I loved her. She was such a gentle sweet soul. Our deepest condolences go out to her wonderful parents, and all those who had the great pleasure of knowing & loving her. RIP Miss Daisy, Love you Love Chance

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Rubicon and Keena – Rescued after they Wandered Up to Someone’s Door

10/2/16 – Rubicon and Keena are rooting today for their cat brothers, the Detroit Lions — after last week’s loss, they’re hoping to not be embarrassed again by their feline family. But before they start watching the game they want to remind you that there are just two more days to donate dollars to save lives during the $1,000 Match Challenge which ends tomorrow. The number of dogs and cats needing are help this year has been greater than ever — every dollar makes a difference.

Rubicon and Keena are 16 weeks old and showed up one day on someone porch. They are very sweet and love to be loved. They are spayed/neutered and vaccinated and ready for their forever home. As you can see, they are bonded twins so they would love to stay together. Please contact Marissa if you are interested in these beauties at: mdcleaningservice21@gmail.com

P.S. Donations can be made through paypal by using the link on this page or through mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080rubicon-wdee10216keena-wdee-g-10216

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Poppy – Rescued from a Home Overwhelmed with Sick Cats and Kittens

10/1/16 – Poppy is another one of the kitties rescued in a home which was overwhelmed with cats/kittens, many of whom were sick. He is now healthy and ready for a new, forever family. ~ diana

“Don’t hate him because he is beautiful….our little Poppie!
He loves loving and loves loving you in return.
12 week old male- on the petite side, short hair Siamese mix – fixed with first round of shots under his belt. He is becoming quite the lover….Great with other cats and has been around dogs. Perfect litterbox user. Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for paying for his medical so he can find his purr-fect forever home. Please contact me deegudenau@gmail.com”poppywdee-g-93016

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Capone – Rescued From a High Kill Shelter with a Torn ACL

9/30/16 – Capone was rescued from a high-kill shelter only to find that he had a torn ACL and Meniscus. We were happy to help our friends at Friends of Scooby pay for Capone’s surgery. He has been adopted and after waiting for a couple of months for his surgery, he is doing well. Only with your support, can these very sweet and abused animals get a second chance at life. ~ dianacapone-91416capone-wmeganblass-91416

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Don Gato is Found and Finally has a Growth Removed

7/29/16 – Just a reminder that we were nearly out of funds and now we are in the midst of a fundraiser through October 3. Without donations we can’t fund the medical care needed by the animals and a special donor is matching $1000!”

Without your donations, animals like Don Gato could not be saved. At the time Don Gato was rescued he had a large growth on his face. But before we could get the growth removed, he escaped out of a torn screen.  Three months later a woman who lived in the complex where Don Gato went missing, saw Don Gato hanging out by a hotel in Troy.  The employees of the hotel fed him for days and contacted his mom.  With the help of one of our friends, Rachel, Don Gato was trapped, taken to the vet and later went through surgery to finally have the growth removed. He is safe and happy with his forever family and his fur buddy Farfel (who we also assisted with some minor medical issues.  With the help of our friends, we can make miracles happen.don-gato-before-92916 don-gato-92916 farfel-and-don-gato-92916

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Fundraiser to Benefit the Abandoned and Abused

Are you ready for another good party?? Get out of the work week doldrums by joining us for our first ever SOCK HOP on Thursday, October 27. And, if you are anything like our Gina and don’t know what a Sock Hop is, just check out Happy Days. Thank you to the WaterMark, the newest restaurant on the Nautical Mile, St. Clair Shores, for hosting us. All for a great cause — animals who have been abandoned and abused. Wristbands are purchased at the door.fundraiser-102716

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