Johnny the Kitten – Update

johnnythe kitten 9:25:159/25/15 – An update on Johnny the Kitten – a little kitten found with a broken leg. We were happy to help Samantha with Johnny’s medical bills. And, I can’t say I blame Johnny for being a little leary about the ‘dragon’. ~ diana

“I just wanted to stop in and give you an update. Johnny (the kitten witha broken leg) is doing very well. Thank you so much for helping me be his voice. He is adjusting just fine to the family life. (Was an outdoor kitten) He’s still not sure about the Dragon yet. Once again thank you. With love from our family to yours – Samantha”

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Zak, Antoinette, and Josephine – Rescued From the Streets

9/24/15 – This has been the year of the Kittens!! These 3, the last of which were rescued from a wheel well, were rescued by our good friend Debra Berolatti and they are being fostered by Patricia Brown. Here is Debra’s posting. Anyone interested in adopting them should contact

“The 3 little abandoned kittens all got names! The gray and white is a male named Zak the orange calico in the back is Antoinette and the light calico in the front is Josephine!!!! They will be up for adoption once they are vetted and spayed and neutered. They are estimated at 5 to 6 weeks old. Thank you 4paws1heart for their vetting needs!! Your donations literally saving lives!!!”kittenswpattibrown9:24:15

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A Detroit Firefighters Rescues Kittens

9/23/15 – A heart warming story to start this beautiful day. We were happy to help out this caring firefighter and appreciate the relationships we have with our veterinarians because it was the vet who called us to tell us about Scott’s effort. Here is his mom’s report to us:

“My son Scott, is a Detroit firefighter and is also part of a team of firefighters that do search and rescue. While doing a search and rescue in Indiana he came across four baby kittens in a garbage can. The building that the kittens were in was about to be tore down, which meant the kittens would die, the mother cat was no where to be found. So rather then leaving them to die Scott decided to bring them home with him. A friend of the family, who works for a Vet came over to evaluate the kittens. She felt they were about two weeks old and determined that three of them were male and one was female. She told Scott that he would need to keep the kittens together for at least 6-8 weeks before finding homes for them and separating them. She showed Scott how to help them go to the bathroom, bathe them and feed them. Scott decided that if he brought them home he needed to see them through until they were old enough to be placed in homes. Scott is a single 30 year old that has never had a cat or been around cats, he also has a 90 lb dog that thinks he is the king of the house! Scott and his dog, Jack, took amazing care of these little ones. There were nights that Jack would not leave the kittens side. Scott would weigh them every day to make sure they were not losing any weight but were gaining weight and growing. After 8 weeks and a lot of work all of the kittens had reached the weight that they needed to be to be separated and placed in homes. It was not hard to find homes for these little ones. A friend of Scotts wanted to take the female cat and a good friend of our family wanted to take two of the male cats. Scott wanted to keep at least one of them but I truly think that he would have kept all of them if he could have. The one that Scott kept is named Sarg, he has grown a lot in the last couple months and is doing great!! The two that were kept together are named Oscar and Zlatan they are also doing great!!! I do not know the name of the female kitten but I do know that she is doing great also.

Thank you so much for helping Scott out with Sarg. Scott is an extremely proud person, he is not good at asking for help. So I asked for him lol
Thank you
Cheryl ”

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Sommerset – Update

9/21/15 – Sommerset is doing GREAT! She went from 1.3# to 6.5#!!! She is sporting her new Halloween outfit. Her incision is holding up well, and the stitches are coming out tonight! Thank you all for your support and prayers.
The only issue now is the urinary tract infection that won’t clear up. We sent a culture out to the lab today. We’re xpecting results tomorrow. Paws Crossed that she continues to do well! ~ Ginasommerset9:21:15::sommerset9:21:15

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The Story of Hercules – Revisited

9/19/15 – Many of our new friends were not with us when Hercules first came into our lives. This video was created when 4 Paws 1 Heart was honored by Angels Supporting Animals almost 3 years ago. It took us this long to capture it in a way we could share it with our friends. I never said we were tech savvie — but we do love our animals. ~ diana

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Shih Tzu’s Once Again Being Dumped

9/21/15 – It appears that a Shih Tzu hoarder/breeder is once again dumping very sick and neglected dogs. I received a phone call yesterday about this young sweet dog, horribly infested with fleas, very matted hair, and a severe overbite. A huge thanks to Nicole who rescued this boy even though she had giant fleas hopping all over her car and A Hopeful Heart’s Melanie Whitner for immediately jumping into action and taking in this sweet boy. Here are photos of him when he was rescued and one at Petco’s getting an immediate grooming. 4 Paws 1 Heart is very happy to provide medical dollars to A Hopeful Heart for not only this guy’s medical bills but for many of the others they’ve recently saved. ~ dianahopefulheart9:21:15 hopefulheart - 9:21:15

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Nino – Get’s Adopted

9/18/15 – Great News! Remember Nino? He is the little Manx cat brought into an emergency hospital. The little guy was found at an industrial site. His non-blood sibling, Wicket, had to be humanely euthanized because of many health issues which included Manx syndrome. We are so happy that Eric and Jessie decided to give Nino a forever loving home. Love you, little one! ~ diana

Foster Mom, Dee, reported:

Little Nino went to his forever home last night! Happy life little guy, I will miss you Thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart for all youve done for this sweet baby & thankyou Eric &Jessie Marie Almstadt for choosing adoption!ninow:new mome9:18:15

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Sommerset – Gets a Clean Bill of Health

9/17/15 – Thumbs up from MSU at our appointment yesterday! They like the way the surgery is healing:) Stitches come out Tuesday! On another note Sommerset has a urinary tract infection. We noticed her vulva is a little tucked into the folds in her tummy. This isn’t uncommon, but a surgery will need to be done eventually.. probably at the time of her spay. They basically do a tummy tuck. (STILL ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS).


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