Louie – The Owner Could No Longer Care For Him After an Accident and Was Being Surrendered to a Shelter

3/28/19 – Meet Louie. We think he will be officially adopted this weekend! His back story is that while a great rescue friend was at the Humane Society with Samson, another rescue, Louie was being brought in and surrendered by his owner’s family. The owner fell while she was walking him and could no longer keep him. She had adopted him only 3 weeks prior when he was surrendered to the Monroe MHS. Louie had been badly neglected by his original owner and was covered in matted fur, overgrown toenails that caused sores on his paw pads, and he has severe separation anxiety due to being left in a crate for up to 18 hours a day. His recent owner loved him dearly and cried so hard when she had to give him up, but she is older and cannot keep him as she will be in a rehab center for many months. The family surrendered Louie to our friend, Shayla, and she promised to find him the perfect home! We were happy to help with his medical needs. ~ diana
louie 3:28:19

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Max – His Owner Passed Away and He Was Thrown Out to Fend for Himself

3/27/19 – Meet Max. His owner passed away and the owner’s children tossed him out into the backyard. After 3 weeks of fending for himself outside, a neighbor contacted an individual rescuer who we assist quite a bit and she contacted us. Max is scheduled to see a vet and a groomer this week complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart. We will have more information about him after he sees a vet. Word has it that he was an absolute lap dog with his elderly owner. Anyone interested can private message me and I will put you in contact with the rescuer. ~ diana
4paws1heart.org/donations/max 3:27:19

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Blaz – Showed Up in the “Right” Yard, Found to be Heart Worm Positive

UPDATE:  Our good friends who live in the Traverse City, MI area will be adopting Blaz after his heart worm treatment is completed.

blaz 3:26:19 blaz-3:26:19 blaz--3:26:19 blaz==3:26:193/26/19 – Blaz showed up in Alanda’s yard. She was told to contact us for help. Of course, we had Blaz seen as soon as we could and he was found to be heart worm positive. Blaz was very emaciated and also had an infection, parasites, and needs to be neutered. The doctor wants him to put on a little weight before heart worm treatment starts. Poor Alanda only knows about cats and has been searching every where to find placement with a rescue. Unfortunately, with 80+ dogs recently found in Macomb County in just two homes, every rescued is stretched to the limits.
We have committed to Blaz’s medical care and Alanda is doing her best to care for Blaz with advice from Gina. Alanda says that Blaz is a very sweet dog. Please contact Alanda at: alanda.mc@gmail.com if you can help with placement. ~ diana
P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI . 48080

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Lulu – Was kept in a crate 24/7; Now in a ‘Trial’ to Become Forever Home

UPDATE: Lulu is in a ‘trial’ home at this time to see if the potential adopter’s dog gets along with Lulu. I’m sorry that I had the wrong e mail address for the rescuer which has now been corrected.
3/25/19 – Lulu is a full-blooded Corgi who is 2 years old. She was being kept in a crate 24/7. Her owner surrendered her and she was spayed, vaccinated, and tested negative for heart worm. She is looking for her forever home and if you are interested, please contact our friend, Debbie, at: debra0515@yahoo.com ~ diana
4paws1heart.org/donations/lulu 3:25:19

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Miko – RIP – Rescued by a Board Member After His Mom Went Into Hospice

3/24/19 – RIP Miko – A very difficult week-end of saying good-byes. Our Board member, Cynthia, focuses on providing a home for those seniors left without a home. Miko was one of those. Miko was about 17-18 years old and two years ago his owner went into hospice and there was no one who could take him in to provide love and shelter. Somehow, Cynthia learned of his plight and took him in. Yesterday, Cynthia had to make the decision we all fear the most — to let him pass to the Rainbow Bridge. Thank You, Cynthia, for taking Miko in and giving him lots of love while he grieved for his mom. Now he is with his mom and they are both in heaven together. ~ diana
4paws1heart.org/donations/miko w:cynthia 3:23:19

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Mango – Looking for a Forever Home After Showing Up At a Kind Woman’s Home

3/21/19 – Mango started showing up at someone’s house. Obviously abandoned or an escapee. He is “super friendly” and just needed the typical vetting of neutering, vaccines, flea treatment, and testing. We were happy to do that for this very sweet kitty whose family could not be found. Anyone interested in adopting him should contact carolynrc2013@gmail.com
Thanks, Diana
4paws1heart.org/donations/mango w:carolyn roberts 3:11:19

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Rick and Lou – Both Found on the Streets, Now in Homes

3/20/19 – Happy Updates on our first day of Spring. ~ diana

 “Happy 1st Day of Spring updates!!! On the left is our sweet friend Rick now being called Ricky Marshmallow 😂 He has come around enough that’s hes been moved toa new foster for further socialization and he’s already doing great!!!

On the right is Lou/Honey. She was found in the same area as Dyson and we’re sure they are related. Honey is doing amazing in her foster home and is getting her last booster shot and spay today. Her foster family love her so much shes going to have the same awesome luck as Dyson…yep, her foster family are foster failures 😍 and Honey is in her Forever Home!!! These wonderful stories could not be possible without the amazing fosters who step up for these babies and the medical funding of 4 Paws 1 Heart. – Chance”
rick 2:11:19 lou 3:20:19

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Hannah – Found on the Streets, Heart Worm Positive

3/20/19 – Hanna was rescued from the street by Streethearts Animal Rescue. She was found to be heart worm positive and we were asked to assist. We were happy to pay for Hanna’s heart worm treatment. Please say a little prayer that she will get through her treatment with flying colors. Anyone interested in Hannah, should contact Streethearts for adoption. – diana

hannah 3:20:19
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Jack – Living in a Cat Community But Found With a Serious Infection

3/19/19 – Unfortunately, requests for help come in sooner than I can post them so please excuse me when I’m a little behind in posting our cases. This is Jack. He is one of 6 cats being cared for in a cat community. The caretaker noticed that he wasn’t eating as usual and she contacted us for help. Jack was seen by the vet and he was treated for an infection. Jack is now back in his community. ~ dianajack 3:19:19

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MJ – She showed Up in a Cat Community with a Serious Upper Respiratory Infection

3/18/19 – Meet MJ. She showed up in a cat community cared for by one of our Board members, Dee Brown Gudenau and Andra Shipley. She had a serious upper respiratory infection and, fortunately, allowed Dee and 4 Paws 1 Heart to treat her. She is quickly becoming a diva in the Gudenau home and is almost ready for her forever home. Contact Dee at: dee.4paws1heart@gmail.com – diana

mj w:dee gud 3:18:19 mj w:dee g 3:18:19“Meet MJ. MJ is from our work feral colony and is staying with me for a round of antibiotics. 10 days since the URI was noticed, a period of MIA from MJ that scared us to death, and 5 claw holes in my hand when I tried to get her… Andra Nagaitis-Shipleycat whisper superwoman picked very skinny MJ up and put her in a crate and brought her to me, last night, to stay in our garage. By the grace of God, she allowed me to give her meds. 4 Paws 1 Heart already offered to cover her medical but why stress her out if she is cooperating….MJ is doing better already in just 24 hours with meds!

It would be super awesome if she could have a home of her own….she loves to be petted now!!! She will need a little work but it wouldn’t take much….just some love. Please contact me if you are interested in MJ or if a Rescue would be….she deserves a home of her very own. dgudenau@gmail.com ”

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