Billy – His Appointment With the Specialist Is Today

9/13/18 – Please say a little prayer and send some positive energy for our little guy, Billy. You might remember that he was found with a fractured pelvis and a leg with several fractures. He is seeing a specialist today and we believe that surgery will be scheduled for the very near future. Billy’s been on pain medication and has even been trying to walk so we are anxious to get him all fixed up so he can enjoy being a kitten. As you can imagine, this surgery will not be cheap so if you can possibly afford a donation for billy’s surgery, it would be much appreciated. This has been a season of unbelievable need and injuries. – Thanks, diana 9:13:18

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Zeus – He Was Left Homeless When His Owner Was Jailed

9/12/18 – Zeus is 18 months old and was surrendered to Friends of Scooby after the owner was jailed and the wife decided that she could not properly care for him. He likes to play and is very energetic. The rescue will be providing his training and he will eventually be ready for adoption, especially now that 4 Paws 1 Heart has taken care of his second round of vaccines and neuter. Anyone interested in Zeus should contact Megan at: . – Dianazeus 9:12:18 zeus w:megan 9:12:18

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Reese – Her Owner Could No Longer Care For Her

9/11/18 – Meet Reese. She was surrendered to Friends of Scooby Rescue when her elderly owner could no longer care for her. Upon being examined, it was discovered that her little body was loaded with worms, she also had an umbilical hernia and, it was learned that she hates having her feet touched. We were happy to take care of her medical needs and she is doing great.reese 9:11:18Update:  Reese has found his forever home. ~ diana

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Cuz – Happy Update

Love happy updates! – diana

“I met this dog back in February. He was living on a chain in the middle of a backyard. He had a dog house but that’s it. No water, no food, no straw, no bone to chew on…
I started providing food and straw… and started the vaccinations on him and his yard mate.
One month later Cuz and his yard mate were surrendered to me.
I teamed up with Diana and 4 Paws 1 Heart to finish up his vetting.
On the day of his neuter we learned he was heartworm positive. We opted to neuter and deal with the heart worms after.
He was immediately started on doxycycline for the heartworm treatment. He was then moved up north to get some one on one with a human and learn some house manners.
He has been taking it all in stride and gaining weight at a steady pace.
Today is the day we’ve been waiting for… he is officially heartworm negative!!!!
Because of 4 Paws1 Heart his quality of life has greatly improved. – Megan”cuz 9:10

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Molly – Found Near Death in a Parking Lot

9/10/18 – Prayers for Molly. She was found in a parking lot, flea infested, weak, and very emaciated. Many people thought that she would not make it through the night. She was bathed and given fluids. Molly is currently eating and drinking and performing body functions. Molly is getting lots of love and care. Thank you to all of our supporters and rescuers for giving us the opportunity to make a difference. ~ dianamolly w:debbie nelson 9:6:18

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Thank YOU to Our Generous Supporters – You Make Miracles Happen

Billy will be seeing a specialist on September 13. We fully expect the surgery to be scheduled shortly after. Prayers for our baby. – diana

“It’s that time again Team… time for treats, kisses & cuddles to be passed out, meds too. Time for Billy & Carla to be tucked into their beds and all of us to say our prayers and get ready for our nitenites. It’s also time to say thankyou to all of our friends who have donated to help with Billy’s ongoing vet bills and to help make his upcoming surgery possible, your kindness and generosity is so appreciated and means so much. Billy is so deserving of this chance to live a normal, painfree kitten life. With everything he’s going through, he never stops purring! What an amazing, brave little boy. Please if you havent donated yet, consider donating to give Billy his Second Chance.
Sweet dreams Team Chance, we love you all to the moon & back! Love Chance, Billy & the Gang”chance w:nejera 9:9:18 billy 9:9:18 41266770_2171447669809621_858422585031917568_n Please type the word “Billy” in the message box. Thankyou

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Phoenix – RIP – 3 Years After the Firebombing, His Body Just Couldn’t Hold Up

9/8/18 – RIP Sweet Phoenix. I just wish we could have done more. xox ~ Aunt Di

“We are heartbroken 😢
It’s with extreme sadness we have to tell you our sweet boy was no longer able to fight the damage done to his body from the firebombing he was in before he came to us. His internal organs just couldnt support him anymore. We are angry that ever happened to him in the first place! But we are grateful we’ve had the last 3yrs to make sure he felt safe and loved. We will always love you sweet boy, be free & whole now till we meet again.

Thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart for being there for Phoenix every step of the way.  Team Chance”phoenix 9:8:18

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Chance – Super Hero with an Important Message

9/8/18 – A beautiful message from our boy, Chance, on a cool September morning.

“Well Team, it’s that time again…time for all of us to get ready for nitenites. We’ll all get our treats, mom will give all a cuddle & kisses. We’re so lucky, all we know is love. It wasn’t always that way, every one of us were scared, alone & unloved at one time. But that’s all been replaced by unconditional love, full tummys & warm beds. If you see an animal or human needing your help, please dont turn your back on them….you may be their last hope! We’re all in this together, we have to take care of each other.
Sweet dreams Team, we love you!
Love, licks, purrs, woofs & mews Chance &
the Gang”chance 5:20:18

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Stella – Her Cries Could Be Heard During the Night

9/7/18 – Stella’s cries could be heard through out the evening and she was finally found under a car. She had an upper respiratory infection, conjunctivitis, and her paw was injured. The rescuer thought she may have gotten stuck in the car engine or had her paw run over. She was immediately taken to the vet where she was treated; fortunately, there were no broken bones in her paw; although one toe nail may need further treatment. 4 Paws 1 Heart was happy to work with the rescuer to make sure that Stella was vaccinated, spayed, and ready to be adopted. ~ diana

stella w:lori 7:20:18 stella w:lori s. 7:20:18
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Ralph – Update — He Likes to Sleep with a Pillow on his Head

9/6/18 – Happy Update for the Week – You might remember Ralph. He was a chained dog, left behind by his owners. Gabrielle and the homeowner found Ralph when Gabrielle was looking at the home to rent. Ralph was found positive for heart worm and 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for his medical. He is doing great and his new mom has discovered that Ralph loves to sleep with a pillow on his head. I just wish he would learn to relax (haha)!! Making Miracles Happen because of YOU. w: gabrielle hakim 8:27:18 ralph w:gabrielle hakim 8:28:18 ralph 2:gabrielle hakim 8:28:18++

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