Ginger Finds Her Way into the Heart of a 4 Paws 1 Heart Friend

3/25/15 – GINGER Update: First and foremost, thank you to all of our friends who have been sharing Ginger’s story and making offers to assist and saying prayers. We are working feverishly this morning to make arrangements for transfer to what we believe will be Ginger’s permanent home. I also want to say that the person who rescued Ginger from wandering the streets with a bullet wound has been evicted from her home because she tried to save this dog. Now, for the GOOD NEWS. A very good friend of 4 Paws 1 Heart, who has a huge heart and a phenomenal ability to give Ginger everything she needs, has offered to adopt her. We also have some back up should anything fall through. I didn’t want to wait until everything was completed because I know that all of you have been praying for this sweet girl. I’ll keep you updated through the day. ~ Diana

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Ginger is Desperate for Shelter

3/24/15 – HELP — The rescuer will be taking Ginger to a shelter to be euthanized tomorrow. If we can find a qualified foster, we have a rescue who is willing to include Ginger in their adoption events. Here is Ginger’s story. Please contact Gina (not Gina from 4 paws 1 heart) if you can help.

This very sweet girl needs our help; the only break she’s had was to be rescued by the right person. She needs a foster/adopter and we could use financial help so that we can follow through with her medical bills. If you can help with providing her a home whether permanently or while she goes through treatment, contact Gina at If you would like to make a donation to help with medical bills, donations can be made through paypal on this page or through our is Ginger’s very sad story that we posted on March 6, 2015.

Ginger was found wandering the streets during the below zero temperatures. She was severely malnourished and had a leg wound. The rescuer’s friend, Gina, (not our Gina) contacted us to get help. Ginger was taken to one of the caring veterinarians who work with us and it was determined that the wound on her leg was infected and was the result of a gun shot. Fortunately, the doctor was able to get most of the metal out but when he tested her for heart worm, it turned out to be positive. When I talked with the doctor, he told me how very sweet she is and it just broke my heart to think we couldn’t help her. So, one way or the other the rescuers and 4 Paws 1 Heart have decided to do whatever we can to get her healthy and find her a foster home — but even better a loving, forever home. Ginger is not spayed and won’t be able to have that surgery until she goes through heart worm treatment. She can’t start her treatment until she gains some weight. Ginger is crate trained, good with cats and good with kids. Because she is in heat she has not been allowed to be around the male dogs of the rescuers so they are not sure how she is with dogs. She is very loving and never barks. Her current guardians said she is just the best dog but because they already have their dog limit they can’t foster much longer. Please share Ginger’s story. We’ll keep everyone updated. ~ diana


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Katniss’ Journey – She Continues to Search for the Perfect Home

3/24/15 – A huge thanks to Robin Maghielse of Robin Photography for, once again, creating this beautiful video of our Katniss Everdeen. We recognize that some of our friends have been disappointed with a few of our adoption decisions but we stand by our commitment to always be about what is best for the animals who have come into our lives. Katniss has continued to heal physially and mentally and for that we are so very thankful to the love and care given to her by Gina and Carrie and her family. Please enjoy this heartwarming video and remember that without our friends who support us with donations and attending our fundraisers, the many animals we have helped would not be here to give us joy. Katniss has not been adopted yet and we are still searching for the perfect home. If you think it is yours, go to our Friends of 4 Paws 1 Heart fb page, click on the tab ‘contact us’ and then click on ‘go to link’ to fill out an application for adoption. ~ dianaKatniss(2)11:24:14

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Luca – Abandoned by His Family

1506987_926621524036813_7078866437030505476_n3/23/15 – We are happy to help Friends of Scooby with the heart worm treatment for Luca. Here is his story:

Luca had a family who didn’t think much of him. He lived outside in a backyard with a dog house that was broken and too small for him and minimal human contact for 2 years. Then, Luca’s family packed up and moved leaving him there outside and alone. For the first week they were gone, someone would stop by once a day and feed him. Then it turned to every other day or every third day. This went on for a while until someone contacted Friends of Scooby who was able to get Luca surrendered to them. After months of working with Luca to overcome his fears, anxiety, stress, and lack of training, he was finally able to be taken to the veterinary. Unfortunately, he was found to be heart worm positive. 4 Paws 1 Heart is thankful that we can help Luca with his medical bills and we hope that some day soon he will be fully recovered and in a loving home. Please follow Luca’s progress on the Friends of Scooby facebook page. ~ diana

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Our Day-Old Babies Cross the Rainbow Bridge

3/23/15 – These two little angels did not survive, but I would like to thank Amanda Morris, one of the very best techs I know, for her dedication and effort.. Amanda took these 6 hr old orphans and cared for them around the clock. Unfortunately, they had something wrong from the start and couldn’t be saved. Amanda is always there for us and the neonates! We are blessed:) ♡ Gina


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Shorty Recovers and is Welcomed by Dog Aide

3/18/15 – Shorty Update!   First of all, “I Love Shorty”!!! 
I am VERY happy to report that Shorty (Yorkie/Pit Bull Mix), is on the road to recovery! Tonight we picked him up some ground sirloin & rice which he loved! He is full grown and 11 pounds. We don’t expect him to get any bigger other than the need to gain couple pounds on his skinny little body. One of our favorite rescue groups, Dog AideShorty going to dog aide3:20:15, has offered to take Shorty:) Thank you all for the prayers, we expect him to make a full recovery. I’m cooking some more ground hamburger to deliver tomorrow! ♡ 

On another note—I know it’s CRAZY and Shorty looks NOTHING like a Yorkie, BUT we know for a fact his mom was a Yorkie and daddy a Pitty. He is full grown and 11#. PLEASE DO NOT GET ANY IDEAS TO BREED! SPAY/NEUTER YOUR ANIMALS! The mom is lucky to be alive and so is Shorty! This could have been a disaster! He is getting over Parvo Virus and once we are done getting him healthy he will be with Dog Aid. Here is their message…

“Hi everyone! Little Shorty (who we are going to call Odin) will be coming to Dog Aide Community Awareness Program in the next few days once 4 Paws tells us he is stable. If you are interested in fostering him or adopting him, please visit our page through the link above or send us an email at Thanks!”

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Bridgette – No Longer a Mom-To-Be Needs Her Forever Home.

3/18/15 – Bridgette was another of the many cats rescued from the hoarder house. For some reason, it was thought she was pregnant and went to our great foster mom friend, Denise, while we waited for her to have her babies. Here is an update from Foster Mom, Denise:

“So we were getting a little concerned when Bridgette’s belly was not growing, so we took her to see Gina tonight. Turns out it was a false alarm, Bridgette is not pregnant after all. She is a beautiful girl who loves people, kids, cats and dogs. Actually, she’s perfect! Soon she will be spayed and get her vaccines and she will be ready for her forever home. I must admit I was sure looking forward to sweet little kittens, but it looks like Bridgette is completely happy being the center of attention! Thank you Debra Berolatti for taking us tonight. If you are interested in giving Bridgette a forever home, please contact me at Denise”Bridgette3:18:15

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