Rebel – RIP – Lived in a Cat Community for 8 Years and Found Unable to Move

10/10/19 – This has been a very difficult week for community cats. RIP Rebel. I received a call from a cat community caretaker. In the past, we paid for 10 community and domesticated cats to be neutered/spayed/vaccinated. Rebel was found in a neighbor’s yard, not moving and having defecated all over himself. The rescuer thought he was dead but he was still alive. We made arrangements for Rebel to be seen by one of our partner vets but it was determined that Rebel was too ill to save. Rebel was the oldest of the community cats — 8 years old. Our only comfort is knowing that Rebel did not die alone and is no longer in pain. ~ diana 10:9:19

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Bella – Found in the Engine Area of a Car

10/9/19 – Meet Bella. She found shelter in the engine area of a car. Fortunately, she was discovered before the car was started. Bella was taken to one of our partner vets where she was treated for an upper respiratory infection and parasites. When she recovers fully she will be vaccinated and spayed. It’s that time of the year when animals will try to find heat and shelter in some very dangerous spots. Please remember to hit your hood before starting your car and if you know of strays in your neighborhood, do what you can to get them spayed/neutered and provide appropriate shelter. You can learn how to make an outdoor shelter on YouTube, and at All About Animals Rescue. ~ diana

bella w:katie mcimtyre bella 10:10:19 bella 10:10:19===
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October – RIP – Someone Shot Her in the Spine

10/7/19 – RIP October – She was about 5 months old and lived among other strays in a trailer park. Yesterday we were contacted by one of the kind people feeding the strays. October had showed up dragging her back legs and then went under a trailer huddled in a little ball. After removing the skirt of the trailer, one of the caretakers crawled under the trailer and was able to get October. Fortunately, Dr. Zalac of Orion Animal Hospital, was able to see October as soon as she got in. What was found was beyond disturbing. October had a bullet in her spine. Nothing could be done and October was humanely euthanized and we are so thankful that this sweet, innocent animal was no longer in pain and prey to humans and other animals. The rescuers feel very strongly that the neighbor of the trailer where October was found, shot her. He is already on record telling the trailer park management that “if they don’t get rid of the cats, he will”. The sheriff was notified and he agreed that the neighbor was the likely culprit but said nothing could be done without proof. The rescuers are very worried about the other cats in the park. The cruelty of humans is beyond our understanding. ~ diana
october 10:7:19

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Baby – Found Herself Into the Right Backyard

10/7/19 – Our friend, Alanda, was a foster for Happy Tails Rescue which is no longer in operation. She rescued Blaz (see and two other cats whom we helped with their medical bills. Well, this little sweetie knew where to show up — Alanda’s house. You don’t know how many times I hear how animals just seem to know where to go to find help. This is Baby. She is only months old and will be getting spayed, vaccinated, and tested. Baby will be looking for her forever home and if you are interested, please contact Alanda at: 10:7:19 Baby w:alanda 10:3:19

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Jewels, BamBam, and Luke – Adopted Together

CHANCE: Well Team, 3 of our Littles have left the building..yep, I said three!!! Jewels, BamBam & Luke have all been adopted together!!!! And what lucky babies they are to have such a wonderful, loving mom and a beautiful new home filled with lot of toys, cat tree, beds, tunnel just for them. Their mom was soooo prepared, they took one look at their new home and said..See ya later foster mommy, we’re home now!!! Taking on 3 kittens is an amazing thing to do, reminds me of when “The Lil Stinkers” all were adopted together by our friend Tony LaPerna Jr..for those of you who remember. Mom Kayla is totally up to the task, and has been sending me beautiful pics all day. Here are just a few. Thankyou Kayla for choosing adoption and thankyou for choosing our babies and your generous donation to 4 Paws 1 Heart. Welcome to the Team Chance, 4 Paws 1 Heart Family of Adopters, we look forward to many years of happy updates!
Thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart for always being there for the vetting of these innocent babies, making these happily ever afters possible!!!
Tomorrow….Quinns turn when he goes to join Everett!!!
Dont you just love a happy ending? 😍😍😍
Jewels, BamBam, Luke 10:4:19

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Chloe (aka Cleo) – Found Pregnant While on the Streets

10/3/19 – When I say this has been a ‘banner’ year for stray cats, I am not kidding. As mentioned in prior posts, we committed to assisting many Mama Cats who would be needing to be spayed along with their babies to be neutered and spayed. All of these babies are now becoming of age which means more medical needs. This is Mama Cleo (aka Chloe) who was found on the streets, pregnant. She was taken in by her rescuer and now her FIVE babies are ready for their ‘makeovers’. Remember, that a female cat can start having babies at 4 months old and she can have 3 litters a year for almost her entire life. No matter how much we all try, the need continues to be great. There has been much success in the many cat communities we’ve helped but unfortunately there are still those females showing up (either having escaped or abandoned) fully intact and easy prey for the males. This is Cleo (aka Chloe) with her babies, when she had her babies and now Cleo 3 months later with her babies who will be getting spayed/neutered/vaccinated as soon as they can get in. Meet Puffy (aka Boo), Gamora, Lilo, Sully (aka Stitch), and Aurora. Without your donations, we couldn’t make a difference. ~ diana
lilo lilo10:3:19 aurora 10:3:19 aurora 10:3:19-- cleo:chloe 10:3:19 cleo:chloe---10:3:19 chloe:cleo with babies 10:3:19 boo 10:3:19 boo ===10:3:19 stitch----10:3:19 stitch 10:3:19

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PW – RIP – Found With a Wound Filled With Maggots and His Tail Was Half Gone

10/2/19 – RIP Sweet PW. He showed up in a cat community. He had a wound filled with maggots and his tail was half gone. He was very emaciated and we were contacted to help; which, thankfully, we were able to do. Unfortunately, this little guy was too far gone to help and the doctors and rescuers made that very difficult decision to let him cross the Rainbow Bridge. This has been a very difficult year for cats and I worry for the frigid months ahead. Thank you to the rescuers and thank you to our supporters. I’m sorry but we do not have a photo of PW to remember him properly but we needed to acknowledge his existence. – diana

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Jessie – Rescued From a Cat Community

10/2/19 UPDATE: Jessie is a girl and is negative for FIV or FeLV. Unfortunately, Ferndale Cat Shelter cannot take her in so she is still in need of a rescue or a furever home. Please contact Denise at: if you can help. She is too sweet and compliant to put back out in the wild. – diana

10/1/19 – It’s October 1 and although today will be 88 degrees, the weather will be taking a deep dive tomorrow and we all know that freezing winter weather is just around the corner. And this little 3-4 month old, Jessie, could use your help to find his forever home before he has to be put back to where he was found.

Our many rescue friends are out there working hard to get abandoned/stray cats and kittens into the vet to have them spayed/neutered/vaccinated and then returned to where they were found. But, In many cases, there are kittens/cats found in communities who are not feral and who were obviously pets at one time who had either escaped their homes or were abandoned by their owners. Jessie appears to be one of them.

Jessie was found in a cat community cared for by a very kind man who is doing the best he can to shelter them from the upcoming frigid weather and to provide the community food. Chance’s mom, Dee, and trapper extraordinaire, Debra, have been helping him to at least get everyone spayed/neutered with the financial assistance of 4p1h. This morning Jessie is going to All About Animals to be spayed/neutered/vaccinated and treated for any fleas/parasites BUT Jessie is so very tame and sweet, Dee and Debra are hoping that a rescue or loving human will step up to take Jessie in before Jessie has to be released back into the community. PJessie--10:1:19 jessie 10:1:19LEASE SHARE this and if you have any friends/family looking for a beauty, Jessie is the one. Thanks, Diana

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Izabella – Her Owner Died While Izabella Laid on Her Chest

9/30/19 – Such a very sad story. One of our Board members, who fosters senior cats, was tagged by someone in rescue about a 20-old senior whose owner died two weeks ago. Izabellal was a true kitty companion and laid on her owner’s chest as she passed away. Unfortunately, the family is allergic and Izabella is terrified of men. I have so much respect for our Board member who took in Izabella because as a foster for senior cats, she has also had her heart broken many times as they cross the Rainbow Bridge. May God Bless the Village. ~ dianaIzabella 9:28:19

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