3/30/24 – Rest in Heaven Sweet Cookie (aka Lucy). You were very loved and we are all thankful that you came into our lives. – Diana

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On March 15th 2016

A 7 yr only dog was dumped in a school parking lot. She made her way to a familiar relatives house where she allegedly stayed on the porch for 3 weeks.

They claimed she was a stray who showed up and was dying. At least they called the emergency and surrendered her to me that night because she was heading towards death. Her body was thin, weak, frail, and hurting. She screamed and twitched when they handed her over to me.

I took her under my wing and 4 paws 1 heart backed all of her medical.

On that day, I named her Cookie, and I made her a promise. I told her that from now on she will have a good life and that I will make sure she is loved and cared for until her last days.

On March 20th 2024 Cookie took her last breath while in the hands of the most loving and dedicated family that I could’ve asked for. They were truly heaven sent and adopted Cookie from me 7 years ago. Jean McAlees Winteringham and her husband took Cookie everywhere. They traveled, enjoyed boating, and with tears in my eyes I can say that my promise was fulfilled.

Rest In heaven sweet Cookie. You will never be forgotten. Loved forever. – Gina P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080


3/29/24 – Scott’s story started July 31, 2023 when we received the following e mail:

“Hi Diana, I, along with a few other people have been caring for Chrissy Brandon’s colonies. We noticed this guy at one of her colonies over the weekend. He’s an older guy and we don’t want to trap until we for sure have a plan for him. I’m not sure if his front paw is hurt and he was walking on it. His back paw he keeps up and jumps around. It also seemed to take a toll on him. Thanks, Danica”

Chrissie was an amazing woman who cared for cat colonies and also rescued a cat or two. 4 paws 1 heart helped with medical funding several times. Unfortunately, Chrissie passed away and thankfully people like Danica stepped in to help. Of course we said we’d help. Scott was seen within a couple of days at Orion Animal Hospital.

Scott was sedated to be x-rayed. Unfortunately the infection around the leg bone was so severe the doctor couldn’t see anything. Scott was prescribed 3 different meds to be given over the next couple of months and a 2-week follow up appointment was made. On January 30, 2024 I contacted Danica to get an update on Scott. After the infection cleared, the doctor was finally able to see a fracture which would heal itself. Scott does have arthritis in his leg so he still has a limp. Danica was unable to find anywhere for Scott to go so he’s made himself at home with her. Danica says he’s not snuggly at all but does get close. When feeding she gets a thank you hiss, and he loves hanging out on the couch. So, another happy beginning for an ‘old man’ who was living in a cat community but is now comfy, healthy, and loved because of our amazing village. – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

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If you live in Macomb County, MI and need help to feed your pet. – Diana


THANK YOU ALL for donating food towards our food pantry to help our Macomb County residents! We all appreciate you!!!

For those who need food assistance:

PLEASE COME IN AND TELL US WHAT YOU NEED! We never want a pet to go hungry. – Macomb County Animal Control P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080


3/28/24 – Stevie was dumped in a neighborhood in Westland. The rescue took him in last year and had him vetted but he hasn’t been adopted yet. Unfortunately, he doesn’t show well at the adoption events but Dawn tells us that Stevie is a sweet boy. While Dawn was out of town, Stevie’s sitter advised that he appeared to be in pain and was ‘dribbling’ urine with blood. Stevie was taken to one animal hospital but was then referred to an emergency hospital where it was found that Stevie had a urinary blockage. While the rescue requested donations from their community, we provided a down payment to get the surgery started. Today, he is doing much better. Stevie was unblocked and the rest of the bill, including supportive care was covered through donations to the rescue. If anyone is interested in adopting this very sweet boy, please contact Dawn at: [email protected]. – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

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3/27/24 – A long time friend of 4paws1heart and rescuer contacted us about a dog she named Gimpy. Gimpy who was about 10 years old was literally going to be thrown out the door by his owners. Teresa heard of this and took Gimpy in and found a foster while she could find a furever home and find help for medical. Teresa found the perfect owner, a man who had no one and was looking for the companionship and unconditional love of a pet. Now, Gimpy needed to be vaccinated, tested, neutered and to have his leg examined because he carries his back leg. Gimpy will be seen at West Flint Animal Hospital who generously works with us and I’ll provide an update when we have one. A longing man and an unwanted dog will have a new life because of a woman who cares and our very generous donors. – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

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3/26/24 – Sweetpea was rescued from the streets with a broken leg. Unfortunately, the leg had to be amputated and to make matters worse, Sweetpea started drooling blood while she was recovering from the amputation. She returned to the veterinary hospital where it was found that she needed significant dental treatment which included several extractions and medication for an infection. This sweetheart is now on the mend and no longer in pain. – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

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3/25/24 – Sasha was rescued in October and was quickly seen by one of our partner veterinary doctors but due to family issues, beautiful Sasha was not spayed. Tomorrow she will be spayed and updated on any needed vaccines. Due to allergies in the home, Sasha needs a permanent home. Her rescuer, Rebecca, says that Sasha is very sweet and she would make a great pet for a loving home. If you are interested, please contact Rebecca at: [email protected] – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080


3/25/24 – Hope — Thought you’d enjoy seeing the difference your donations make in the life of this sweet girl who would have died a horrible death on the streets if not for the wonderful person who contacted us and the work of our Village which includes our Board members Dee and Gina, Moore Veterinary Hospital, and again, all of our donors. – diana

Double Your Donation Today During the ‘Irene $1000 Memorial Match. P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080

Hope!! Well what can I say….she’s working it! Cuteness overload!

Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for sponsoring her medical. Hope’s bite wounds are healing beautifully after no treatment for 3 weeks. At some point trauma to her eye which is being treated. Vaccines and Spay are in the near future for Hope…but in the mean time she’s enjoying a life inside…being so freakin adorable….the love I have for her strength and…well her adorableness! Have a great Sunday! Gina DeLuca Jenio

Please donate to help with Hopes medical and other homeless, abused and stray animals. -Dee


3/24/24 – Silas. In February, 2024 we received the following request for help:

“The cat’s name is Silas. I rescued him in November from a trailer park. He was very hungry and appeared to have an eye infection. I trapped him assuming he was a feral and took him to All About Animals. I had him neutered, combo tested, flea treated, dewormed, and chipped. They noted he had severe conjunctivitis. During his neuter recovery, I crated him in a garage and soon realized he wasn’t feral at all. He had some antibiotics although he seemed completely healthy besides the one eye. After he was properly quarantined for fleas and finished his medicine, I brought him inside to foster in my bedroom separate from other cats here. I spent weeks treating his eye with neopolybac ointment, before realizing he is not dealing with infection, nor is he contagious.

It appears to be damaged from an injury or possibly an eye infection that went untreated when he lived outside. The eyelid is turned inward and the hairs of the eyelid are stuck together firmly. They brush the eyeball keeping it constantly inflamed, and causing the third eyelid to cover an entire half or third of the eye at all times. The third eyelid is always thick, red, and sore looking. The eyeball behind it (the portion you can see) does not appear to be viable. I’m certain it must be blind as it is just a grayish swirly cloud color, it looks more like a marble than an eyeball.

His other eye is perfectly healthy, big, bright, vibrant gold. He is a very fun, friendly, energetic, affectionate cat. He’s less than a year old. He doesn’t fit in too well here with my older cats who don’t want to play with him, so I need to find him a good home. I’m willing to foster him until then, but i can’t afford to have him seen and treated for this. It’s pretty gruesome and it bothers him, so I know it needs to be addressed in order for him to feel better and to be adoptable, and as it is generally disturbing for most people to look at.- Amy”

Well, we were finally able to get Silas into Orion Animal Hospital where Silas had his surgery on March 19. Here is his rescuer’s update:

“I wanted to let you know Silas had his surgery on Tuesday at Orion. It has been a busy week managing his aftercare, so I meant to follow up with you sooner. The vet was wonderful and he is recovering nicely. She also noticed a bb gun pellet in his abdomen and removed it. It’s a struggle wearing the cone, but we’re getting through it per the vet’s instruction to wear it 2 weeks. I can’t thank you enough for helping him and making the process so smooth. He is a really great cat, and too young to have had such a rough life already. Thanks for giving him a fresh start, now he can heal and I will find him an ideal home where he can have fun and be the big kitten he never got to. – Amy”

Anyone interested in adopting Silas can contact me and I will connect you with Amy. [email protected] Remember that you can double your donation during the ‘Irene $1,000 Match’ which will enable us to keep giving these vulnerable strays a second chance at life. Thank you for your consideration and support. – diana P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080