Harley – Found in a Field in January, 2021

4/13/21 – This is another beauty rescued from a field in January of this year. The person who rescued her does what she can to rescue many of the kittens she finds in that particular field in Clinton Twp., MI. Harley’s rescuer tried for months to get Harley into a low-cost clinic but had no luck so she contacted us to see if we could help. We had Harley go to our favorites at Patterson Veterinary and as you can see, she has made herself at home. – diana
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Selena – After Being Outdoors a Kind Couple Rescued Her Before Winter Kicked In

4/13/21 – It was last Fall when I was contacted about helping Selina. Selina had been showing up at a very kind couple’s house for a couple of months. The couple decided, that with winter approaching, they would like to bring her in and make her part of their family. We authorized her medical needs but it took a little effort for the couple to trap her. they finally did and although she was afraid for awhile, she immediately took to using the litter box. This convinced the couple that Selina must have been in a home at one time and maybe even abused because she seemed so frightened. She was finally able to get into one of our partner vets and we have another kitty no longer alone on the streets. – diana
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Leptospirosis – Deadly

4/12/21 – Important information from Gina regarding Leptospirosis. – diana
Warning to all pet owners..
A local veterinary hospital has recently seen multiple cases of Leptospirosis which has prompted me to make this post. Bruno and Enzo are of those few and both dogs are receiving medical care.
All 3 positive dogs were vaccinated for Leptospirosis and still contracted the disease, but without the vaccine chances are their prognosis could have been much worse. If dogs are overdue for their annual vaccine they should be boostered for protection.
Leptospirosis is a disease that is caused by a bacteria shed in the urine of rodents and wildlife. It can also be spread to humans. In Michigan, reported cases are increasing every year in Macomb, Wayne, and Oakland Counties.
The route of transmission is commonly from a dog coming into contact with the bacteria after drinking from outdoor water bowls, puddles, pool water, eating grass, having open cuts/sores, etc. Rats tend to be more populated in areas where there is dog feces, so it is important to always keep your yard clean.
Please talk to your veterinarian about protecting your pet and read up on the symptoms and signs associated with this very serious, time sensitive, disease.
According to Oakland Veterinary Referral Services and Emergency Hospital, about 75 % of cases are seen in unvaccinated puppies. Treatment and diagnostics can cost an average of $2,000 to over $6,000 for a sick dog.
I am posting a couple resources below.


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Macaroni – Left Behind a Veterinary Hospital During a Rainstorm

4/9/21 – Meet Macaroni. Remember all of that rain yesterday, well this beautiful baby was abandoned in a carrier behind one of our favorite veterinary hospitals that has an amazing staff. I was contacted by Amber (Syrio’s mom–you can read about Syrio on our website) and asked if we could take care of Macaroni’s medical. We said yes and Macaroni might just have a home lined up. But just in case, contact Amber at: scarlettrosered@gmail.com – diana
“Animals don’t hate, and we’re supposed to be better than animals” – Elvis Presley
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Stella – Shot in the Leg

4/9/21 – Prayers for Stella. She was found at the end of March while Ashley’s friend was running on a trail. He was able to trap this very friendly stray. Ashley contacted us and advised that Stella was limping badly. We covered Stella’s medical exam where it was found that she had been shot in the leg. The doctor advised the leg would have to be amputated. She also has a tooth that needs extraction. Stella is scheduled for her amputation and tooth extraction along with her spay. Thankfully, Ashley, believes that Stella has the purrfect furever home all lined up. – diana
“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” Leonardo da Vincistella 3:30:21
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Jasper – Found During the Bitter Cold of February and Unable to Move His Back Legs

4/9/21 – Jasper is looking for his furever home. He is so beautiful. Here’s an update from his rescuer:
“Jasper is looking for his loving forever home. He was found injured outside in bitter cold in February. He was unable to use his back legs and was dragging them behind him. Today, after vet care provided by 4 Paws 1 Heart, he is able to walk, run and play like any other cat. He walks a little crooked and can’t jump as high as the others and stumbles on landings, but he is a happy, playful, fun little boy. Jasper is very affectionate, always takes time out from playing to come and give me face rubs and affection. He likes hugs and kisses 🙂 Jasper is about 10 months old so is energetic, needs playtime and attention. Sadly my other cats won’t play with him, my ferals are afraid of him and he’s too rambunctious for the older ones so he’s easily bored and follows me around. He’s talkative. He gets overly excited sometimes so not the greatest with his nails. Because of his limitations he needs to be an indoor only cat. Jasper is fixed and up to date on vaccines. – Kim”
If you are interested in adopting Jasper, please contact Kim at: kimba7601@sbcglobal.net – diana
“All you need in life is love and a cat” – Unknownjasper 4:8:21- jasper--- jasper 2021 jasper w:kimba 4:8:21
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Freya – RIP – May Have Been Attacked by a Coyote

4/7/21 – RIP Freya. It was the end of January when we were contacted about a cat who showed up in a person’s barn. The barn owner thought she may have been attacked by a coyote because half of her tail and ear was missing. She had not eaten for 4 days and the rescuer was very worried. I authorized Freya to be seen by one of our partner vets and last month I followed up to see how Freya was doing. Unfortunately, I learned that Freya had a large tumor and was humanely euthanized. The rescuer said that she was very well taken care of by the veterinary doctor and she was loved to the end. – diana
“The memories and paw print of a beloved cat remains in our heart and soul forever.” – UnknownFreya w:joe 1:30:21-- freya w:joe 1:30:21
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Stripes – Update

4/7/21 – Stripes Update – We don’t know how it happened but Stripes’ arm was broken and needed to be amputated up to the shoulder. His surgery was Friday and today I got an update. He is doing well, eating/drinking, and recovering in a double crate with a nice, cozy cushion but he prefers to just lay without the cushion. He looks so sad but his life will be much better once he heals. Here is a photo of him post surgery and the others are from before. Anyone interested in giving him a loving furever home should contact Kim at: kt02672000@gmail.com – diana
“Your house will always be blessed with love, laughter, and friendship if you have a cat.” – Lewis Carrollstripes post surgery 4:7:21
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