11/21/22 – Chance was found on the streets of a Michigan community. There was an imprint around his neck where a collar probably existed. Unfortunately, the municipal shelter couldn’t take him in because they were full and after using every resource she could lfind to locate his owner, she contacted a number of rescue groups. Like the shelter, all of the rescues were full. We were then contacted for help. Tessa said she would take him in before she would allow this very sweet boy to be euthanized and we offered to pay for any medical treatment needed. One of our partner veterinary clinics was able to get him in today and as soon as I hear from Tessa, I will report the results of his visit. – diana.

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11/21/22 – As of this morning, 4 Paws 1 Heart continues to be in the lead for the Detroit News Cheer for Charity. We have five more days of voting so please, please keep it going. Since August, 2010 we have helped over 10,000 stray, abandoned and abused animals by funding $1.7 million in medical treatment. And, in almost every case, those animals went from horrible lives on the streets to loving, warm homes. If we get into the top 5, it will be all hands on deck, again. The charity with the most $ donated will win $20,000!! What a difference that could make, especially this time of the year. Remember to vote, promote, and share every day. THANK YOU!!

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11/19/22 – $5,000 MATCH SUSPENDED – Dear Supporters, Due to the number of fundraisers happening at this time and after speaking with our generous donor, we have decided to suspend the $5,000 Match. All Match donations already received will be included when the Match resumes.

IN PLACE OF THE MATCH, we ask you to save your dollars as we excitedly anticipate our advancement into Round 2 of The Detroit News Holiday Cheer for Charity contest. –In Round 2 the winner of the $20,000 will be determined by the amount of money the charity is able to raise. This is when we’ll ask you to RALLY FOR US! Every single donation WILL MATTER!

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11/18/22 – Meet Chance. He is a very sweet dog who was roaming the streets of Allen Park. The rescuer notices an imprint on his neck where a collar had been but there was no identifying information. The Animal Control had no room for him and his owner/rescue couldn’t be found. The kind people were concerned to bring him in because they have other pets but were determined to do what was necessary to keep him from being euthanized. We were contacted and thankfully he was able to get into our good friends at Five Mile Animal Hospital for his heart worm test, vaccines, and neuter on this Monday, November 22. Chance’s rescuer says he is a very sweet boy and they will either keep him or find him a good home. Without your support, we couldn’t help these beautiful orphans. – Diana. P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. 48080


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