Circare – Giving Spree October 26, 2020 through November 1, 2020

The online Circare Giving Spree is coming up – OCTOBER 26 through NOVEMBER 1. Go to:
Use Discount Code 4P1H2020 to get a 10% discount. 4 Paws 1 Heart will be awarded a percentage of sales.
You may also visit the store which is at: 23024 Greater Mack, St. Clair Shores. It is absolutely my ‘go to’ shop for not only my own home and self shopping but when I’m looking for that special gift for friends and family. They will also beautifully wrap your gift for no charge.
I hope to run into you there. Or, if you don’t want to shop in person, shop on-line. – dianacircare
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Pee Wee – They Thought He Was Dead

10/10/29 – The person who called in a ‘911″ actually thought this baby was dead. His body was already cold. But Pee Wee and his rescuers, Debra and Jo, wouldn’t have any part of it. Just look at what a village working together can do. Pee Wee is quite the beauty and anyone interested in adopting should contact Jo at: – diana
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Diva – RIP – All of the Prayers and Love Just Weren’t Enough

10/6/20 – diva 10:6:20 diva 10:6:20=It is with a very heavy heart and lots of tears we update that our little Diva has crossed the rainbow bridge.
She fought like hell to survive, but she just didn’t respond enough to turn the corner and today she became too tired to go on…
Diva was loved by so many people and OMG she knew it! They know when you love them and it gives them the will to survive…
The hardest part is accepting not knowing what was wrong or how to fix them. It’s a horrible feeling of helplessness, but we learn something new from each life that enters our hearts.
I want to thank her foster mommy and daddy for loving her to pieces and for giving her several weeks of 24 hour care.
I want to thank everyone who helped with ideas and suggestions with her treatment. Also, a huge thank you to our supporters, board members, and our team at Moore Veterinary Hospital for being there every step of the way.
She was adored and will never be forgotten.. ♡ RIP sweet Diva..
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Fox – Found With a Severe Upper Respiratory Infection and a Torn Tendon

10/6/20 – Prayers for Fox who was brought to the vet this morning for surgery on a torn tendon. He was fortunate enough to show up in the yard of a very kind person. Fox’s eye was in pretty bad shape, along with the rest of his body, and he was limping badly. His rescuer brought him to an emergency hospital where they did an exam and gave him antibiotics. He was later taken to a vet because he was still limping. That vet determined that Fox had a torn tendon which needed surgery. The rescuer raised some money and found a foster; the rescuer then contacted us for additional help. We were thankful to play a role in Fox’s future by adding to the money needed for today’s surgery. We couldn’t keep making a difference without our supporters and the amazing rescuers. THANK YOU – diana
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Scout – A Bottle Baby Found in a Storm Drain

10/5/20 – Can you imagine this little baby in a storm drain on such a chilly, dewy night–all alone and hungry? Well, no more. The baby is now in the home of Chance and Foster Mama Dee. You know she will keep us informed as to the baby’s progress. – diana
“CHANCE: And just like that we have a new baby ❤ This sweet little baby was found all alone in a storm drain in Detroit! We are grateful to Auntie Dee for contacting us and Kim Harris and the Detroit Animal Control Officer who got this baby to us so we could get him warm and fed. He will be traveling back and forth to work everyday with mom since he has to be fed every couple hours. We estimate him to be a little less then two weeks old. We already love him! Welcome little angel, we’re going to take great care of you and of course vetting will be done thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart
When the time comes. Well, life is about to get even busier then usual so we better get some sleep around here 😉 Sweet Dreams Team, sweet dreams little baby “scout 10:4:20 scout=10:4:20 scout w:bridget 10:4:20 scout==10:4:20
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Diva – Update

10/4/20 – Hi Facebook …Ok…Diva here….yes this is my mad look…I’m mad at foster mommy for giving me a bath yesterday…and I’m mad at Auntie Sarah for just watching and not saving me from the water and bubbles! But my clean nose does look good doesn’t it?
So a short update on my health issues…I’m still not gaining weight – hovering at 1 lb 3 oz …I’m on a second round of Clavamox and my poop….has been beautiful (mom’s words) the last couple of days and no leaky poop! So beautiful that when a poop photo went to Auntie Gina DeLuca Jenio- she sent it to her vet friend …. the vet noticed something the color and immediately made a recommendation of a new med. (Aunt Gina can give the details mom just cleans up my poop…Aunt Gina’s a medical expert) So a shout out to Chewy for doing everything possible to expedite the medicine to Foster Mommy. the customer service rep Jo- was awesome & compassionate when Foster Mommy was crying as she spoke to her. (I think Foster Mommy likes me a little). So paws crossed and some prayers Facebook…that this new med will be the answer to my not gaining weight for the last 5 weeks! purrs to all! – Divadiva 10:4:20
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George – Lived as a ‘Feral’ Cat Until He Was Hit By a Car

10/2/20 – George was a friendly stray who had been trap, neutered, and returned (TNR) until he was hit by a car. Because he was limping, the finder took George to an emergency hospital where several x-rays were taken. George’s injuries were minor and the finder contacted us for help with paying for the medical treatment. Because of a special needs child, the finder is seeking for placement for George who is very sweet and gets along with dogs. He is doing well but it’s obvious that he would like his own home so he doesn’t get hurt again outside. Ferndale Cat Shelter has placed George on their petfinder site in case you are interested in adopting him.
– Diana
Update: 10/27/20 – George has found a furever home.
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Diva – Update

10/2/20 – diva 10:2:20Diva Update.. 🙁
The results of the fecal pathogen profile test came back today showing that she is positive for Corona virus. Please know that this has NOTHING to do with COVID19 in humans. This is a species specific virus and not transmitted to humans.
We are looking into treatment options and Diva could use positive vibes and lots of prayers. She is a fighter like I have never seen. She is playful, a good eater, and so very lovable… We are literally trying everything that the doctors are recommending. Unfortunately, she is not responding as much as we would like.. We need a miracle!!!! She probably has more than one thing going on.. The last 5 weeks has been extremely heavy on the heart for foster mommy Dee and foster daddy Rick. Today she was 1 pound 3 oz. She is about 11 weeks old. Diva has had good days and bad days and today was a bad one. 🙁 Please send positive vibes 🙏 ♡ Gina.
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Chloe, Sophie, Graham, Nash, and Miller – Found in a Mobile Home Park

9/29/20 – Meet Chloe, Sophie, Graham, Nash, and Miller. They are about 15 weeks old and all have been neutered/spayed, vaccinated, and tested complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart. Six more who will never be responsible for the birth of more kittens!!! Anyone interested in adoptions should contact  Pursuit of Happyness. – diana
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