Charlie, Caesar, Mina – Happy Updates

Happy Father’s Day to all the good men who have furbabies in their lives. I’ve always said that there is something special about a man who loves and cares for animals. So, on this day to celebrate our dads, I wanted to give some updates.

Charlie – Charlie was rescued by the great people of Their Last Resort . Charlie was absolutely on death’s door and, thankfully, after days in the hospital is now doing great. We were happy to help a little and if you are interested in Charlie, please check out Their Last Resort Rescue’s page.

Caesar – Caesar was rescued from the streets of Flint, MI. Our friends at Streethearts Rescue work very hard to save so many. When Caesar was taken to the vet for vetting, he was found to have heart worm. We were happy to pay for his heart worm treatment and even happier to find out that he is now heart worm free and is now in his furever home.

Mina – We were contacted again by our friends at Streethearts. They had rescued Mina from the streets of Flint, MI and five days after she was adopted, it was found that she had tumors on her vulva. Streethearts continued their commitment to Mina and asked for our help with her surgery. Later, Mina’s doctor found more tumors and recommended Mina be seen by a specialist. We were able to find a sponsor for Mina to see one of the best oncologists in the area and she will be seeing the doctor this coming week. We don’t know what the outcome will be for this very sweet girl who already is much loved but at least she will be given a chance.

Thank you to all of our supporters who help us give stray and abandoned animals that second chance at life. – diana 6:15:20 with their last resort caesar 6:14:20 mina 2020

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Mina – 6 Days After Her Adoption She Was Diagnosed With Cancer

6/12/20 – Asking for prayers for sweet Mina (now Cali). Six days after Mina’s adoption was final, her rescuers , Streethearts, found out that she has a cancerous mass. On June 4 she had her surgery to remove the tumor but 4 more were found. Please send out a good thought and some love for this very sweet girl found on the street. Her adopted family is very much in love with her and I truly admire Streethearts for keeping their commitment to Mina and contacting us for help. – diana

mina 2020Update:  Mina was taken to Oakland Veterinary Referral Services and was seen by one the their cancer specialists.  There were two options for treatment and the new family with the help of 4 Paws 1 Heart and a sponsor chose an option that would be more gentle on Mina.  She would start a regimen of oral chemo.  Mina started her treatment shortly afterward.
July Update – One month after treatment started, Mina was rechecked and the doctor determined that Mina was doing well.  Her treatment will continue for another 5 months while she is checked every month. – diana
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Buddy – Found Wandering the Streets

5/28/20 – Buddy was wandering the streets without any identification. No one claimed him and now 4p1h will take care of his medical needs which will include neuter, vaccines, and testing. The rescuer says that this guy is very sweet and if anyone is interested in him, please contact me and I will put you in contact with the rescuer. – diana

buddy 5:26:20
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Buster – Found on the Side of the Road

buster 5:8:20 w:teresa medich5/13/20 – Buster was found on the side of the road in a very dangerous area. He was taken in by Hear My Cry Rescue & Outreach who reached out to us for help. Buster is scheduled for his neuter, vaccines, and testing this week. And the good news is that once this is all done, complements of our supporters, Buster may have a furever home. Theresa, who is with the rescue, tells us that they are being inundated with dogs found on the streets – abandoned and abused. Here is the only photo they had of Buster when they reached out to us for help. – diana

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Sheba – Possible Dumped on Some Very Mean Streets After Having Babies

5/12/20 – Sheba was found roaming some very dangerous streets. She appeared to have recently had a litter but none could be found. It’s very likely that she was dumped after having her babies. She will be taken to the vet this week to be examined, spayed when appropriate, vaccinated, and, of course, tested. – diana

sheba w:teresa medich 5:8:20
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Zuni – Found as a Stray in Heat; Heart Worm Positive

4/22/20 – Zuni is another one of the many abused and abandoned animals who need our help during some very trying times. She was found as a stray in heat. No one claimed her and, fortunately, she was not pregnant. But, she was found to be heart worm positive. Some very disgusting people also did the job on her ears. Streethearts Rescue has Zuni and they say she is a very sweet dog. Please contact them if you are interested in adopting. She will begin her heart worm treatment as soon as the vet receives our check,which we will make happen in no time! – diana

zuni streethearts 4:22:20 zuni w:streethearts
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Nala – A Call For Help and One Social Posting Changed Her Life Forever

nala 4:2:20--- nala - 4:2:20 nala 4:2:204/2/20 – A quick story about why I believe timing is everything and sharing via social media can SAVE a life.
March 3rd I posted a few pics of a dog that needed a home. Backstory: Owner had to give up dog because he and his wife split up and the dog wasn’t allowed at the new home. Alternatively, she would temporarily live in the garage, get put on Craigslist, or be taken to a shelter.
An acquaintance of the owner and friend of my stepfather, offered to take the dog, “Nala”, but he wasn’t prepared for giving her what she needed.
I was asked to help, and with little hope for a quick/immediate solution I posted her on my page March 3rd.
It wasn’t that I didn’t want her to be placed in a home on such short notice. It was that she was like the countless other large breed, bully breed, adult dogs in need of a home RIGHT NOW and realistically I didn’t think it could happen.
I posted on my page and in less than 24 hours a mutual friend shared with a relative who was in search for a rescue dog….a compatible large breed dog for her family.
I put her in touch with my stepfather’s friend who currently had “Nala”.
4 paws 1 heart offered to pay for the spay, vaccines, and check up for her and a “Meet and Greet”was quickly arranged between Nala and the relative of my mutual Facebook friend.
About 1 week later Nala went to her new forever family and this is what makes my ♡ happy. Here are the updated pics.
All I did was share and that ONE share changed the life of one dog forever. It changed the life of her new family forever. Timing is EVERYTHING and sometimes we r just here to be the person in- between a Miracle. Gina

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Blackie – Shot At by Humans and Attacked By Dogs; Now Living the Good Life

If you aren’t aware of Blackie’s story, please check out our website, Blackie was attacked by dogs at the vacant Packard plant in Detroit, and 16 pellets were found in his body. Can you imagine this poor animal being used for target practice?? And after emergency care, Blackie was found to be heart worm positive. 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for all of his medical needs and our friends at Michigan Animal Crew took him into their rescue. He is looking amazing and his foster mom said he is gaining weight and feeling very comfortable. The first two photos are of him now. The third photo is when he was brought into the emergency hospital. Thought everyone could use some happy news. – diana blackie 3:31:20

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