Luna – Rescued Before She Was Used for Dog Fighting

11/26/18 – I earlier told the story of Comet. He was one of a litter where the owner planned to use them in the world of dog fighting. The man’s girlfriend learned of his intentions and made some contacts. Eventually, all but two puppies (Comet and Luna) found their way into good homes with the help of the rescuer. Luna and Comet were the last of the litter and our good friend, Amy, paid for Luna to save her. Based on the comments from our previous post on Comet, I know that everyone wants to get this guy locked up because of his alleged intentions. The bottom line is that everyone does the best that they can to save these animals from cruelty and abuse. Very often, all of the issues can’t be addressed, but, please understand, that in most areas in our State, human crime is a higher priority then crimes against animals. Anyone interested in Luna should contact Amy at: Luna will have all of her medical needs taken care of by 4 Paws 1 Heart. ~ diana

luna 11:26:18
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Bubba – Rescued Moments Before Being Killed by a Local Shelter – Now in His Forever Home

11/21/18 – Everything happens for a reason. So, one afternoon I was at work walking past a dog that I noticed was in a fetal position and shaking uncontrollably. Not knowing his temperament, I slowly opened his cage door and sat on the ground beside him. He would not make eye contact with me nor could he take a deep breath because he was shivering so rapidly. I talked to him for a while and a few days later learned that he was found running the streets and brought in by animal control with chains on his neck. No one claimed him during his stray hold and his fate was grave based on his look, his fear, and his breed. I reached out to take him into 4 paws 1 heart, but had no idea what I was going to do with him because we are not a rescue.. Fortunately, one of my co-workers was willing to foster him and give him the opportunity to receive love and confidence. He was skin and bones and covered in scabs. Fast forward 2 months. His name is Bubba and he is now in the best home I could possibly ask for. It was love at first sight when this family saw him on social media. He is happy, loved, comfortable, and words cannot describe how much I love this dog and this happy ending. Bubba has a kitty brother that grooms him and stays by his side. They perch on the couch and look out the window together, they hang out and look out the front door, the kitty groom’s him and gives him a little love bites, and the couple said that Bubba is “Everything they wanted in a dog and then some”. Here are some before pics and seriously take a good look at the before collage, and then look at the after pics. These Pics speak a million words. Bubba. Gina ♡bubba==9:16:18 bubba++ 11:21:18 bubba 11:21:18

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Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers – Chevy Detroit Champions

Almost $800,000 paid in medical bills since August, 2010 for over 5,000 animals and we are still counting. Thank you Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers!

4 Paws 1 Heart helps finance the medical needs of homeless cats and dogs found by good Samaritans. By helping save local animals and encouraging other to help as well, Diana and the rest of the 4 Paws 1 Heart team have earned a spot in the#ChevyDetroitChampions ranks!

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Rosie Roo – Has More Dental Work Done

11/12/18 – how can you not love this face. We have had some serious cases this past month, many of which I have not had the opportunity to report on. A huge thanks to all of our supporters. Without you, these animals would never have had a second chance. – diana

“Helloooo everybody, it’s me Roo. Sooo, Chances appt went good, his booboos are slowly going away and now that the respiratory part is over Dr. Wilson felt comfortable giving him a low dose of liquid steroid for mom to give him 1xday for 7 days, 1xday every other day for 7 days to help make the sores go away.
Tomorrow morning is Carla’s day to show off her moves to Dr. Kern! Shes been working hard and is excited for her appointment!
The littles are ready to start the vetting process so they can go to their forever homes and mom will probably make their 1st appts this week after she speaks to Auntie Di.
Annnd that brings us to me! It has been increasingly clear this last week that I’m having..uh..old lady (leak) problems. Not only that, but sometimes I cant even hold my…uh…lady business till I get to the back door. Mom called Dr. Z today and her technician told mom not to worry, there are meds to help with that and we will address it when I have my dental which is 1wk from today!!! We are still under what we need for my dental and now my new lady meds too. All these appts for everybody I just told you about are all backed by 4 Paws 1 Heart, that includes Chances & Bridgettes last week. With soooo many just from our house alone you can see why it’s so important for us to raise as much money as possible on our page to help. Sooo please help me to raise the money for my dental by making a donation to be sure to put in the message box “Rosie’s Dental” Thankyou Team, it’s so very much needed & appreciated.
Well it’s time to get our treats, kisses & cuddles and off to bed we go.
Much love & kisses Rosie, Chance & the Gang”rosie roo 11:12:18

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Fundraiser – November 15, 2018

10/21/18 – ELVIS IS BACK and tables are going FAST. Get your tickets today. We have tables for 10 and 4. And, of course we can always reserve your seat with other animal lovers. Hope to see all of our friends. Tickets can be purchased through paypal:
or by mail — P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080
Mark your payment as for Elvis. ~ dianaelvis

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