Rakestraw – Thrown into the Lobby of an Veterinary Hospital

4/25/19 – Yesterday I received a call from a vet we work with. A little 9 lb., 6 month old, emaciated boston terrier/chihuahua/mix was thrown into the lobby and before the staff could get to the door, the car sped off. The vet was asking for our help. I made contact with a few of my favorite rescues and, may God Bless them, each of them came through and offered to help. Trust me—this doesn’t always happen–but I was just thankful that 3 rescues stepped up to help this poor little dog. 4 Paws 1 Heart will pay for any medical needed. The only thing that has been done so far, are vaccinations; the doctor said he was too young for a heart worm test. As you can see, this little guy has quite an underbite. The doc said he is very lovable. Anyone interested in this cutie (who was not named yet), should contact Rejoyceful Animal Rescue. I’m sure they will be posting updates on their facebook page. ~ diana
rakestraw dog 4:25:19 rakestraw --4:25:19

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Teddy – Was Used by for Pesticides Experiments

4/24/19 – A Beautiful Beginning! This is Teddy. He was one of the many dogs being used for pesticide experiments by Dow. Once my friend, David Rubello, read about what was being done to these innocent animals, he contacted me to discuss the situation. It was not too long ago that Dave and his wife adopted a Beagle, Cleo, who they fell madly in love with and now they were on a mission to save one more. Here is the happy beginning for Teddy. I would like to add that Dave is a former St. Clair Shores City Council person, but more importantly, he continues to play an integral role in the many activities within the Shores. Whether it’s the Memorial Day Parade, the Concerts in the Park, or the Agua Fest (all in which 4 Paws 1 Heart will be having an appearance/fundraiser). As you can see, community service takes on many facets — saving animals is one of them. Wishing Teddy the very best life ever. ~ diana
4paws1heart.org/donations/      /www.clickondetroit.com/news/st-clair-shores-family-adopts-beagle-tortured-in-kalamazoo-pesticide-testing-lab?__vfz=medium%3Dsharebar&fbclid=IwAR39Hf01nLvLsgrMfQLX3o4u0Cq59hNnTWpgXRt-WK-J8kD5fnc5Aab_ua0

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Koma – Found Chained Without Food/Water

4/19/19 – We were so thankful that we could be there for this very neglected and abused dog. Thank you Cortney and Rachel for rescuing him. – diana

“This is Koma, he was rescued on March 21st from an abandoned house that was being cleaned out. A friend of Rachel Gerstner called her and asked if she could help, that’s when Jen and I were contacted. His chain was so short that he couldn’t lift his head, his empty, upside-down food bowl, feet away from him. No shelter, nothing. We didn’t know how long he had been there, but we knew we had to do something, when we got closer, we realized Koma had multiple bite wounds, both old and new. I agreed to take him in and Jennifer Moore swooped in to the rescue and went out to get him.

He got a bath that night, witch the help of a good friend of mine Lynae Smith which showed that his wounds were much worse than they appeared, they were so caked with dirt and debris that once cleaned, began to ooze infection. We contacted the WONDERFUL 4 Paws 1 Heart and of course they were more than willing to take on his bills. We went to the vet as soon as they could see him. Koma had to have most of his body shaved to locate other wounds, sedated to have the wounds debrided, he also had to have a drain tube placed in his shoulder. Then, the recovery started, both physically and mentally.

When Koma came to me he had terrible separation anxiety and would scream, he had broken out of crates, rooms with the doors closed, gated rooms, until he finally realized…… I came back for him, every time. He learned to love toys again, he loved my son tremendously. He was very protective at first and worst part was, we couldn’t post him because Koma had a microchip, he was adopted from the Michigan Humane society in April of 2017.
That is a whole different story, one that no longer matters and is now his “old” story. Koma finally became legally mine (not to keep, but to adopt to the perfect family).

Koma is now in a wonderful foster home, with Kasha Morgan and her family and he is flourishing. He will be available for adoption very, very soon. Koma is a 3 year old, Neutered Male, good with cats, kids, other dogs, all with proper introduction of course. I was able to find out that he was an owner surrender to the Humane Society and had other doggy friends there. He has been around my cats, and LOVES my son, along with all of the boys in his foster home. We will not be next in line to fail this handsome boy and we couldn’t have done it without everyone that helped. – Cortney”koma 4:17:19 koma--4:17:19 koma1114:17:19 koma 4:17:19--

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Cutey and Rascal – RIP — They May Have Been Poisoned

4/18/19 – RIP Cutey and Rascal. An independent rescuer who we often help contacted me Monday. She had just rescued a dog, Cutey, who was constantly seizing. Before we could get her to a vet, Cutey died in Amy’s arms. Two days later, Rascal was found and, like Cutey, was seizing uncontrollably. This time we were able to get Rascal into the vet where they provided fluids but, unfortunately, it was too late and Rascal died. Both dogs were found in Amy’s neighborhood. We don’t know what caused the deaths of both dogs. We just pray that someone isn’t purposely poisoning animals. Because of everything Amy went through and the heartbreak of having two animals die after she tried saving them, we honored Cutey and Rascal with a private cremation. May God give rescuers strength and guidance. – diana

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Kyla – Found Running the Streets, Emaciated and Heart Worm Positive

4/11/19 – Prayers for Kiya who will start heart worm treatment as soon as the hospital receives our check (which was sent today). Here is Kyla’s story as told by the rescue, Streethearts Animal Rescue. If you are interested in adopting Kiya, please contact Streethearts. ~ diana

“Kiya’s story: On 3/17/19, a member of an outreach team saw Kiya running in an area of abandoned houses in an extremely, blighted neighborhood & called Streethearts for help. She was very emaciated & needed help now. Our team went & got Kiya & immediately took her to the Vet to be assessed. She was found to be Heartworm positive & very malnourished & emaciated. She has since gained at least 10 lbs & is doing well in her foster home with hopes of starting her Heartworm treatment very soon.”kyla 4:11:19 kyla-4:11:19 kyla 4:11:19-- kyla---4:11:19

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Max – Was Bounced Around After His Owner Died and Then Was Thrown Out

4/8/19 – Here is Max after being groomed. I earlier posted Max’s story with a photo of him in a crate. And, because his rescuer is a little overwhelmed with other issues, it has taken a while for Max to get into a vet. Last week he finally got to a vet and, unfortunately, was diagnosed with heart worm. Because we were uncomfortable with the vet’s suggested protocol, Max was taken to Patterson Veterinary in Clinton Twp,. by our good friend, Jo C., who had asked if she could help. Max began his treatment for heart worm and then Jo treated Max to her groomer.

As a reminder, Max was thrown out by family after his owner died. He was outside for some 3 weeks, fending for himself, according to a neighbor. An individual rescuer, who we’ve helped on several occasions, took Max in. She later learned that Max had been bounced around for years.

Max is about 5-6 years old and Jo said that he is very sweet and she wishes she could take him in but, unfortunately, her house is at the City’s maximum. Max is in a situation where he could really use some love and crate rest while he goes through his heart worm treatment. If you can be that person, contact me and I will put you in touch with Max’s people. – Diana
diana.4paws1heart@gmail.commax 4:9:19- max 4:8:19 -- max 4:8:19

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