Louie – Wandering the Streets But When the Owner Was Found, He Was No Longer Wanted

7/9/19 – Reminder that we have two huge fundraisers happening now. First — vote every day to help us win $5,000 in the Free Star Financial Charity contest, Second, a $1,000 match for all donations received between now and July 15,2019.

In the mean time we are taking multiples calls a day requesting for animals found on the streets. Louie is one of them. A kind woman who we had helped before with two rescued kittens, found a very matted Louie wandering on the street. She was able to find his owner but the owner no longer wanted him. A signed surrender was officially obtained and the rescuer had Louie groomed and contacted our Board member, Denise, who contacted me. Louie was seen yesterday for a wellness exam and will be vaccinated, tested and neutered today. Louie does have cataracts but he is a bundle of energy. He gets along with cats, dogs, and kids and is house trained and knows some commands. After further discussion with the prior owner, it appears that this poor little guy has been passed around a lot. Louie needs a foster/forever home. Contact Denise at: deenajera@yahoo.com – thanks, diana

louie 7:8:19 w:dee n
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Cinnamon – Abandoned at a Bus Stop

7/3/19 UPDATE: Cinnamon is having surgery on her tail today. She was seen yesterday. We’ll get an update later.

7/2/19 – Please say a little prayer for this very sweet dog. A very kind man was picking up his daughter at a bus stop and two people drove up and said they were being evicted and let the dog out of the car and drove off. The man took the dog home and contacted Animal Control who referred him to us for help. Cinnamon had a swollen paw and was chewing at her tail. The family, who couldn’t afford a vet visit, put a cone on her in hopes of keeping her away from her tail. The swelling in her paw got better but the tail was a concern. Unfortunately, one day she hid in the rescuer’s garage and it appears she chewed her tail off. She will be seen by our great doctors at Patterson and hopefully we can find out what happened. It is obvious that Cinnamon had been neglected by her previous owners. Here are before and after photos. ` diana
cinnamon before chewing her tail off 5:30:19 cinnamon 6:30:19

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Dexter – Rescued with an Injured Leg

6/28/19 – Dexter was rescued from the streets. His leg was severely swollen, possibly from a bite wound. He is also intact. We were contacted by a friend of 4p1h advising us of the situation and we approved Dexter’s visit to one of our partner vets. Dexter was seen and treated — thankfully in time. He will also be neutered and vaccinated once recovered.

Please consider the fact that the Spring and Summer months can be the worst for animals on the streets. They get hit by cars, they contract heart worm, and get severe upper respiratory infections. I know that many people are quick to donate during those harsh winter months because they can’t imagine being left in the cold suffering. But, unfortunately, cases tend to be worse this time of the year. Please donate today if you can. Thanks, diana

dexter 6:24:19
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Belfor – Found on the Streets with Heart Worm – Now Recovered and Loved

6/25/19 – Happy Update – It was early May when Belfor was rescued by a kind man while he was working on an electric circuit. Belfor was skin and bones and his hip bone kept popping out. Efforts were made to find an owner but none could be found. Belfor was taken to the vet where is hip issue was treated but he was found to be heart worm positive. That’s when we were called in to help. Belfor has completed his treatment and the only thing left is another visit to confirm the hear worm has gone. He has gained weight, has his energy back, is being taken for walks in the park and just made a new friend. The neighbors recently rescued a dog and the couples are positive the dogs must have known each other before because they have become best friends. Look at the difference that medical treatment and love can do in just a little more than 6 weeks.

As anyone knows, who has had the misfortune of a pet being diagnosed with heart worm, heart worm treatment is very expensive but it can be avoided by providing year-round preventative. As they say in the commercials, it only takes one mosquito to infect your dog with the deadly worms.

We have helped with several heart worm dogs, broken legs, and eye removals this past Spring– not to mention all of the neuters/spays. Without the support of our donors and our community businesses, these animals would not have a chance. We are sincerely thankful; but, as always, must ask that if you find yourself with a little extra money, please consider making a donation to save a life. ~ diana
4paws1heart.org/donations/belfor 6:24:19 belfor w:lauren 5:16:19

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Ginger – Seen Being Hit By a Truck; Needed Surgery for a Broken Leg

6/19/19 – Ginger was found amongst several vacant buildings. After being seen hit by a truck, she was rescued by some very kind people who asked people in the area if anyone was aware of her owner but no one knew anything. The rescuers immediately took her to a vet. The vet determined that Ginger had a break in her leg. The rescuers paid for pain medication and antibiotics and contacted us for help. Ginger had surgery where a pin was put in her leg to repair it. She is doing great and will be seeing the doctor again next week. Again, we are so thankful that we could help Ginger because the rescuers could not afford the expense but now they have a loving addition to their family. – Diana
#Gingerginger 6:19:19 ginger w:seante

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Rosie Roo – Remembering Her Life

6/18/19 – The sweetest dog I’ve ever met. Rosie, you will always be in our hearts. ~ diana

“CHANCE: Goood morning Team Chance, as promised we’re going to share with you pics & stories of our beloved Roo. The top left pic is the one mom saw on Facebookunder For the Love of Louie *Michigan Lost Pet Lookers* that her finder posted that she found this lost dog. That was on Oct 5th, 2016. The look on that poor babys face haunted mom all night, she kept going back to that post and looking at that little face. Mom saw later that night that animal control had picked her up. Mom started messaging animal Control about her status, and at the same time she sent the pic to Auntie Di at 4 Paws 1 Heart with a simple message “Please call me re: this dog”. Of course Auntie Di called mom 1st thing in the morning. AUNTIE DI: “What would you like to do?”
MOM: “Go get her & foster her”.
Auntie Di without hesitation said “if they will give her to you, get her.” And with that, arrangements were made with the wonderful Animal Control Officer Lisa Taylor, and Auntie Debra & Mom brought Roo home. That 1st night she slept on the floor next to moms bed..Her nails were so long and spiraled she could barely walk, her fur was sooo matted. Pew!!! Did she ever stink!!! It was terrible!!! And that was how she got her name…Rosie⚘, Mom wanted to name her as far opposite of what she smelled like then..what she would be not what she smelled like then. The next morning when mom took her to the groomers…a very sneaky & sweet Auntie Anne Sadowski had already been to the groomer & paid for Rosie Roos grooming . The bottom pic is after Roo came home smelling sweet, all soft, clean & comfy sleeping that 1st sleep of knowing life was about to change for her!!! – Mom”rosie roo 6:18:19

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Daegan – Kicked Out by His Owner – Needs a Rescue/Adopter.

6/18/19 – Daegan showed up in Nicole’s backyard and she actually found his owner. When she brought Daegan ‘home’, the owner threw him out of the house and said he didn’t want him. Daegan is only 6 months old and is very sweet. I received a call from one of our veterinary partners asking if we could cover his vaccines and health check, which, of course we did. Because Nicole already has dogs who are not thrilled with an ‘interloper’, she is in desperate need of finding a rescue or adopter for Daegan. He is scheduled for neutering, complements of 4p1h, next week. Anyone interested in this handsome boy, should contact Nicole at: ncisco1227@yahoo.com
Without you, we couldn’t do what we do. ~ diana
#abandoned dogs
#Daegandaegan 6:17:19

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Rosie Roo – RIP – Found on the Streets, Broken and Neglected But Found Love with the Woman Who Saved Her – She Will Always Be in our Hearts

6/17/19 – All of our hearts are breaking for Team Chance and their loss of the beautiful and sweet Rosie Roo. It was our honor to take care of Rosie’s medical needs over the past two years. And, we are so thankful for the love given to her by her foster mom, Dee, and her Aunt Shelly. Run free sweet Rosie. You were much loved. – Aunt Di

rosie roo 6:17:19“Today was the day I’ve been dreading for soooo long, we lost our beloved Rosie Roo today. Her poor little body just couldnt do what she wanted it to anymore. Old age & dementia was stealing our babys body & mind. It’s been the honor & joy of my life to be Roo’s Mama, my heart is in a million pieces. Roo’s memory will live on in the hearts of all who knew & loved her, she brought so much love with her when she came to us and I’m so thankful for every day we had with her 💜
We will be going dark on our page the rest of today, but starting tomorrow and for the next couple days we will be sharing Roo’s story & pics and the importance of, and the love you recieve when you adopt a senior into your heart & home.
I want to thank 4 Paws 1 Heart for always standing by Roo’s side throughout her many, many medical needs.

In Memory of Rosie Roo and the many seniors who will need medical help in the future I ask if you are able, that you please make a donation to 4 Paws 1 Heart in her Memory to keep her legacy going that every life deserves a Second Chance, even a sweet little old lady like Roo. Please make your donation to…
4paws1heart.org/donation/ or
4 Paws 1 Heart
P.O. Box 84
St. Clair Shores, Mi. 48080
Please put “In Memory of Roo” in the message box or on your check.
Thankyou all for loving our sweet angel as much as we did and allowing us to share her with you.
Love, a very broken hearted Mom 💔”

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