Ari – Found on the Street, Ill from Eating Garbage

11/28/17 – Your donations make so many miracles happen.  This is Ari. She was found, at approximately 6 months old, on the streets with a belly filled with garbage. We were contacted and we approved Ari to see one of our vets. Ari tested negative for heart worm, was vaccinated, and eventually spayed. A best friend of the rescuer was a foster failure and her name is now Rucci. She is now happy in her new home and when her dad goes out of town for work, his mom picks Rucci up and brings her to her house where she has a ton of land, another dog, and a pond. She’s a pretty spoiled little girl. This is a photo from the day she was found.ari 11:28:17

Your donations make the difference in many lives.


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Belle – Had Her Tail Cropped with a Rubber Band Causing a Severe Infection

11/28/17 – belle 11:27:17Here is Belle. Belle was rescued after someone tried to perform a ‘backyard crop on her tail”. Her infected tail was amputated but the good news is that she is heart worm free and is doing well. Here is a before and after photo of Belle. Remember that donations can be made by using the ‘donation’ link on the left side of this page or by going to our website — and clicking on the donation link. Checks may also be mailed to P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 — Only you can make miracles happen. ~ diana

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Belle – Her Tail was Wrapped with Rubber Bands

11/17/17 – This is Belle. Her tail was wrapped in rubber bands so that it would purposely fall off. People are so disgusting. And, now she needs to have her tail surgically removed to save her life. Although we continue to be low on funds, we are thankful to provide some help to the many rescues and rescuers who continue to give up so much to save these tortured and abused animals. Thank You to Bully Love Rescue. ~ dianabelle w:terissa kerr november:2017

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Ruby – Found on the Street With Severe Mange

11/13/17 – Ruby is a puppy that was found at the end of June running the streets of Grand blanc by someone who claimed to have “rescued” her. It was reported that if placement wasn’t found, the ‘rescuer’ would be releasing her.
Ruby was covered in scabs; half of her right ear was missing. She was scrawny and malnourished; her collar was so tight it left a sore on her neck and she was scared of everything. Friends of Scooby Rescue was contacted for help.
A foster was found and this scared female was named ‘Ruby’. At Ruby’s first vet visit it was discovered that the scabs were from demodex mange. She was given her first set of vaccines, dewormed, given anti-biotics for all of her open sores and set up for mange treatment.
She has since received her final vaccines, finished the mange treatment, been given the all clear health wise and started on heartworm prevention. She has flat feet from spending to much time in a crate as a young puppy – proper nutrition, vitamins and exercise have made a huge difference already. Once she is healed from her spay she will be ready for adoption.
4 Paws 1 Heart was happy to assist our friends at Friends of Scooby Rescue with Ruby’s medical. Anyone interested in this sweetheart should contact Megan at:
ruby -- w:megan blass

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Honeydew – UPDATE: Found Heart Worm Positive and Pregnant — a Rescue Takes Her In

11/10/17 – honeydew w:phoenix skyeUPDATE: Honeydew was also found to be pregnant — maybe two weeks away from birthing. Thankfully, the rescuer found Canine Companions who found room for this very sweet dog. They have a foster who will keep Honeydew through birth and nursing and will take care of the puppies and Honeydew when they are all healthy and ready. We have offered our additional medical assistance.
11/10/17 – Update on Honeydew. Honeydew was found wandering on the streets. She was anxious to be saved; very emaciated and full of fleas. 4 Paws 1 Heart agreed to pay for Honeydew to be spayed/vaccinated/tested. Unfortunately, she was found to be heart worm positive. As our friends know, once we commit, we don’t walk away. Honeydew will be treated for her heart worm; keep her in your prayers. ~ diana

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Chance – Found on the Streets Testing Positive for Heart Worm

11/6/17 – Chance was rescued from the streets and we were asked to help with the typical ‘vetting’ which includes neuter, vaccines, and treatment for fleas and parasites. Unfortunately, Chance tested positive for heart worm and we could not turn him away. Chance has been going through heart worm treatment which typically can take a few months but if you are interested in this very handsome boy, please contact Street Hearts Rescue. If not for your donations and rescuers, these animals would die horrible deaths on the streets. ~ diana

chance 11:6:27
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Jester – Dumped by His Owners

10/31/17 – Jester has been living in a park where he was dumped by his owners. It took quite a while for the rescuers to convince Jester that they could be trusted but with much work and care, Jester, is now safe and being well fed — no longer needing to defend himself and search for food.. 4 Paws 1 Heart committed to Jester’s medical needs which included neuter, testing, and vaccinating. Your donations at work!! ~ dianajester 10:31:17 jester--10:31:17

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Friggles – Only 2-3 Weeks Old and His Owner Used Frontline on Him Causing Severe Burns

10/24/17 – Although we are officially on financial hold, there are still many animals we have helped who we have not yet reported on. This is Friggles. He was surrendered at just 2-3 weeks old by his owner. It is thought that the owner put Frontline on his poor little body which caused severe burns across his back. We committed to having his burns treated and we will pay for his neuter and vaccines when ready. This is how your donations are spent. ~ diana

friggles -- 10:24:17friggles == 10:24:17friggles 10:24:17
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RIP SWEET ANIMALS Who Have Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

10/23/17 – Dear Friends, once again we find ourselves in a position where we have to be on hold from helping any new animals being rescued. Today, I paid bills totaling $15,373 to 4 veterinary hospitals for just the past month. Unless we get significant donations or support in our next couple of fundraisers, we will be on hold for a minimum of one month. As of today, we have paid $108,000 between 1/1/17 through 10/23/17 in medical bills. I’m sorry to keep asking but if you can, please make a donation today through paypal by using the donate link on our website or on the left side of this page. Or mail a check to P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI. As you do that, please say a little prayer for all of those animals who have been left on the street to die horrible deaths all alone. These are two souls who were lucky enough to find someone who brought them into their homes to die in loving arms without further suffering. Th22687831_1683468725018752_1760153009384946393_n22730163_1683468861685405_2991852221242423492_nank you Shawnna and the kind lady who fed this poor kitty while he was in the wild. We were called when he couldn’t control his bladder and was not able to move his bowels. He was dirty and flea infested. The doctor suspected tumors and kidney failure. He died loved and clean late yesterday. This elderly dog was found lying in the shade at a car wash; not moving. A kind man took her home with the approval of a nearby police officer. He fed her and gave her water and she started to perk up. Unfortunately, she began to go down quickly over night which was thought to be because of congestive heart failure, the great doctors at OVRS, humanely euthanized her and put her out of her suffering. RIP Sweet Animals of God. Because of our finances, we were not able to respond as quickly as I would have liked. Would it have made a difference? I don’t know. ~ diana

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Dutch – Rescued from an Abusive Owner

10/17/17 – Dear Friends, please say a prayer for Dutch and if you possibly can, make a donation to help with his surgery. Dutch was rescued by the police from an abusive situation. His leg was broken at the femur and nothing had been done for over one month to get him any help. The owners surrendered Dutch to the police and he was given to a very kind person who had reported the abuse. When Dutch, who was in much pain, was taken to the vet by his rescuer, the doctor’s recommendation was to install a plate and pins at a cost of over $3,000. The rescuer had already paid for the x-rays and visit but could not afford the surgery; he was told to contact 4 Paws 1 Heart.
As many of you know, we have had many serious cases this summer and fall and could not afford the surgery either. I discussed getting a second opinion from one of our favorite doctors at Patterson Veterinary and the rescuer agreed even though our vet was on the other side of town.
Dutch was seen on Friday
Our doctor was not as confident that a plate and pins would help Dutch in that the break had occurred over one month ago. Another option was to amputate the leg, which is what was decided. The rescuer did not want to put Dutch through any more than necessary. The surgery, including Dutch’s neuter, is being done today. I will make sure to give an update.
If you can make a donation to help with Dutch, please use the paypal link on this page or on our website, or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080. Thanks!! ~ diana
dutch w:james jonesdutch's leg 10:13:17

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