Maggi – Please Help — Owner wants to euthanize her!

Just because she has a special need doesn’t mean she isn’t deserving of a home! If u can help contact me at Here is her story: This is Maggi. She is a SUPER SWEET wonderful girl who is nine years old. She was overweight until recently, she became diabetic due to her weight, she has now lost most of that weight and is on a little bit of insulin which she takes her two shots a day like a champ, never even flinches. Until we can get a little bit more weight off her and possibly off the insulin, she cannot get her fatty tumor removed. Once she is off the insulin we have a vet who will remove that tumor. She is great with cats, dogs, little kids and is the absolute perfect pet. Her owners got her from a pet store when she was a pup, they divorced and the husband would not take her, the wife moved to a apartment where no pets are allowed. She has kids her husband will not support and she was going to euthanize Maggi to have to avoid the medical bills of which she cannot afford. We took Maggie in because she was such an exceptional dog with such a loving personality, she didn’t even go through an awful transition when the owner dropped her off. We think she was unhappy being left alone for so many hours with her original owner that she was happy to be with a family who was making a fuss over her and was going to be home with her, she seemed almost relieved to be out of the original owners care. But Maggi is a wonderful, sweet girl who doesn’t deserve to be put down just because she is diabetic. She had been left alone 12 hours a day and has some separation anxiety with her original owner. At her fosters home, they are home with her 24/7 and have four dogs, nine cats and two little kids and Maggi’s anxiety has come to a halt. She sleeps in the foster’s family bed and is just a charm to be with. We need to find a family who is looking for a perfect companion who can either adopt her or foster her that can spend time with her. She needs a loving person to let her spend her senior years with who can deal with a special needs dog. The rewards she will give are priceless. She is housebroken, trained to do some tricks, calm demeanor, gentle with everyone around her. In fact she would make a GREAT pet she loves everyone!  

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