Treasure – Her Eyes Speak a Thousand Words


 SHE has been abused, forced to breed numerous times and was saddled with infections. Treasure is hospitalized for badly infected bite wounds. She has a drain tube from her spine to underneath her chest. I don’t think Treasure ever experienced a bath or unconditional love in her life based on the odor and filth she was presented with. I think she was mainly used for popping out puppies! We got her owner to surrender her to us as opposed to euthanizing her but we need someone willing to take her and foster her for a rescue.

Kittens in a Trailer Park

Here’s the story on these little babies — they were found as strays running around a trailer park. The man in the photo said he would keep them for only a few days. One of our favorite Animal Control Officers who was called on this will be picking them up.

One of these kittens has been adopted into a loving home.  The other two (Callie[calico] & Maggie[brown tabby]) have gone to A Scooter’s ResQ.

Orange Sibling Kittens

These two cuties were brought to me today from a local animal control officer who has a huge heart for animals. They are about 7 weeks old. 4P1H paid for their initial medical care and they checked out healthy. Tomorrow they will go with a co worker who will hold onto them until they get good forever homes.


This is Princess.  A Police Officer, who met Diana and I at the WA2SDogs of Detroit Forum,  reached out to us for help with this dog who was recently an owner surrender because she had Cherry Eye.

Princess became very ill quickly and could not walk.  Her foster took her in for medical care twice with no diagnosis.  As a result, shortly afterward, the new foster had exhausted all his funds by spending hundreds of dollars in medical bills and still with no answer.  4 Paws 1 Heart offered to help and our doctors diagnosed Princess with Pancreatitis.  She is hospitalized and currently being treated.  Once she is successfully treated, she’ll go back to her foster who is seriously considering permanent adoption. Gina  4/17/12

Baby Kitten (Simba)




I couldn’t pick which photo to show so here are four.  4 Paws 1 Heart’s name was given to someone who contacted a local vet hospital.  They had found a newborn kitten that was in need of hand raising.  I offered to pick the kitten up. He is about 1-2 days old and very tiny!  So far he is eating great :). He has the biggest toes I’ve ever seen!  I’m guessing he weighs about 2.5 oz if that.  Gina  4/17/12


Fiona Now

Fiona is a 13 week old bundle of joy!  She was found in an abandoned house in Detroit, scared, alone and on her death bed.  A good Samaritan heard her cries for help and took her into the Emergency Clinic.  It turns out that Fiona had Parvo.  Parvo is a deadly virus the puppies who are not fully vaccinated can get and most puppies do not make it through Parvo.  However, with the combined efforts of 4 Paws 1 Heart and the wonderful staff at the clinic, Fiona made it through the Parvo treatment.  A Rejoyceful Rescue offered to take in beautiful Fiona to help find her a permanent home.
Fiona is now happy, healthy, and 100% recovered from the Parvo.  A Rejoyceful Rescue said that they can’t thank 4P1H and the Emergency clinic staff enough for saving this precious little girl.

Fiona when rescued

As a result of Fiona’s rough start to her life, she is a bit timid of new people; it takes her a minute to warm up to someone.  Fiona is super smart and pretty and would love to have an experienced family to call her own.

Thank You A Rejoyceful Rescue for taking this baby in; 4 Paws 1 Heart will be there for you when you need us!!


Update Sadie is Now Sasha

Gina had earlier posted that a family she knew was looking for a German Shepherd.  Well, after no one stepped up to help Sadie (Sasha), she thought that she would take a try and contact the family to see if maybe they would be interested in this little sweetie.  Well, the potential dad drove from Roseville to Richmond, where she was being fostered, to meet with Sadie.  Well, the rest is history,  On April 12, the family adopted Sadie and named her Sasha.  Here is an e-mail we received from Sasha’s new grandma (a retired Animal Control Officer who was one of the best):

“Hi Gina,  Nick and Sarah just left our house with Sasha.  She is beautiful.  I would say she is about 5 months old and is a pit with mostly lab mix.  She is going to be spoiled, I can tell.  I gave Nick a crate and we tried to get the dog house inside their car but it would not fit so one day I will have to bring it to them if they want it.  They also have 2 new leashes and a toy from grandma and grandpa.  So, I just want to say thank you and Nick and Sarah know they have a liftime commitment to this cute little pup.  Take Care and thank you again.”

Sadie needs a Rescue Group!!

Sadie was another rescue, but from an unknown situation.  She is about 16 weeks old, very sweet, about 30 pounds, and we think Shepherd Mix.  A friend of mine is fostering her at the moment, but she has horses, dog’s, kid’s, and no time for a puppy.  4 paws 1 heart has provided the vaccines and de-worming so far, but Sadie really needs a rescue group to take her and provide the fostering and placement.  She is probably going to be a large breed dog.  I would estimate 70# when an adult.

R.I.P. Pablo

Pablo was a 6 week old puppy who was very sick probably since birth.  The family who rescued him had him for less than a day when they noticed something was very serious.  They also rescued two other pups from this home to try and save them from being taken to the shelter.  We offered them to sign Pablo over because of his serious condition.  4 paws 1 heart tried to treat, but we chose to humanely euthanize him when he continued to decline throughout the evening.  It’s what was best.  The doctor thinks he may have been born with a liver shunt.


Zeke is a golden chow chow mix, about 10 years old from Flint.  His owner gave him up and, fortunately, he was rescued by PAWS.  I saw that the group needed help with paying for a check-up on Zeke, so I offered the help of 4 Paws 1 Heart.  Zeke was brought into the clinic and we did a blood panel on him, a stool check, and a heart worm test.  He checked out good for an old guy. The group might have a home lined up for him. 🙂
Good Luck Zeke; you deserve to live out the rest of your life in a comfortable home with lots of love.