Tiger May You Rest in Peace

4 Paws 1 Heart received an emergency notification about a cat she had seen while doing TNR.  She had seen the cat a couple of times and his health seemed to be worsening.  The person who had been feeding the cat refused to let her take in the animal although he was visibly sick.  The TNR person said the cat’s mouth had a terrible odor and he wasn’t eating.  She finally got the ‘caretaker’ to agree to let her take him into the clinic and 4 paws agreed to help. Upon examination,  it was discovered that Tiger had infected tumors in his mouth, he was very dehydrated, and he tested positive for FIV.  He was humanely euthanized.

We are thankful to this very caring woman who worked so hard to minimize this poor baby’s suffering by convincing the caretaker to give him up and by contacting 4 Paws 1 Heart for help.

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