Kittens, Kittens and More Kittens


Ginger Snap

A woman who had 2 cat moms and kittens and one pregnant female contacted a local vet for help.  The vet contacted our Angel of Mercy, Gina.

Gina contacted our very good partner friend, Out On A Limb Cat Rescue, to see if they could help with at least one litter, and, may God bless them, they took in everyone.  They are:

Ginger Snap – 3 weeks pregnant;  Jynx with 5 black and white kittens; and Ebony with 4 black kittens.

4 Paws 1 Heart paid for all testing and, thankfully, everyone tested negative.  Hopefully, everyone will find their furever homes but 4P1H will be there for spaying and neutering when and if needed.

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