Hercules Hydrotherapy Session

“Just wanted to give a quick report on Hercules’ hydrotherapy session at 4Paws Health & Wellness. It went great!! Lori Jobak was wonderful with our little guy and he took to the water quickly — paddling a way. He was even using his back legs to swim which Lori said is a good thing. We signed up for 13 lessons and Lori has been very generous in taking on our little rescue. Gina will be getting into the pool with him for future sessions. Please check out 4Paws Health & Wellness as well as Bark A Bout. We’ll be posting photo’s and video’s later. ~ diana”

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One thought on “Hercules Hydrotherapy Session

  1. Awesome news, I am so excited to read about him improving. Thanks so much for all the updates and your care for him. 🙂

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