Olive and Her New BFF

6/22/12  Olive was fostered by Gina until Hercules required Gina’s attention in mid-May.  She then went to stay with Carrie Krausmann of Lil’ Dogs Resort ang received lots of love and attention and met many new friends.  The parents of one of the dogs who would stay at the resort fell in love with Olive and on June 12 she was adopted.  We’ve added a photo of Olive with her new BFF, Bailey. ~ diana

Hercules the Star!

Hercules Ready for His Work Out!

Stair Training

Getting a Massage

Hercules Update: Hercules is doing very well. He is such a good boy. The cats are adjusting slowly and he is being very patient although he would really like to play with them. He is catching on nicely to the routine here and his exercises — will do anything for food! We have to watch him closely – he puts everything in his mouth (grass,sticks, cat toys!). He also likes to try to romp around with toys as expected, but we have to try to limit this a bit. Poor guy, he just wants to be a puppy, but if allowed to overdo it he will limp more later. This is a consistent feature, so we are taking everything slowly. He would rather set the pace, but he seems to pay a price for too much freedom sometimes.

His rehabilitation therapy is staggered out through the day to pace his endurance and also to burn some puppy energy along the way. He is getting massages frequently (which he really seems to like. We take short leash walks 4 to 5 times daily. He is learning basic words and commands – he is a quick study! House training is really coming along well too. He is doing some weight shifting and balance work along with some slow steps and inclines. We vary it to keep it interesting for him. He also gets some therapeutic laser and acupuncture. He goes to hydrotherapy twice weekly also. He has quite the busy schedule! He is looking forward to starting obedience classes next week.

I have finally sorted through the pile of photos and videos accumulated so far! He is quite the ham! I will attach photos and videos in multiple messages, so that they make it through.

Chris and I are truly enjoying having Hercules here and watching the new stuff he figures out each day. ~ Dr. Tari Kern