Prince – Left to Die on a Chain

1/8/21 – Prince was left to die with a huge chain wrapped around his neck. His rescuer, Amy, had to buy him to save him. He was malnourished, infested with fleas and fly bites, and had a severe rash around his neck. Two days ago he tested positive for heart worm. His rescuer has been working with him to build his trust and his treatment will start asap. Here he is in his new sweater complements of a 4 paws1heart supporter. A little prayer for his full recovery would be appreciated. – diana
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Baby Girl – A Victim of a Hit and Run is Out of the Hospital

12/31/20 – A Happy Update! Baby Girl left emergency yesterday morning and spent the night sleeping next to her rescue mom. You might remember that Baby Girl is the victim of a hit and run. She suffered trauma to her lungs which resulted in vomiting blood, trauma to her bladder which resulted in blood in her urine, and trauma to her hips and back legs resulting in bruising and pain when walking. Baby Girl also is suffering from road rash. She is now safe in her new temporary home being treated for pain and the road rash. She is being well fed, and is now warm and loved. As so often is the case in the City, no owner could be located. She will be up for adoption when she has healed.
And, as a tumultuous 2020 ends, I would again like to express my sincere appreciation for the amazing people in our community who give up so much of their lives to save animals, our professional and caring veterinary staffs who work with us, and, without whom we could do nothing, our very generous supporters. In a year when so many were out of work, shut down, or facing illness, we were able to give help to more animals than ever before in any one year. The Board of 4 Paws 1 Heart and I wish everyone of you a 2021 filled with much love, laughter, and good health. God’s blessings to all. – diana
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Noelle – Update – Owner Wanted to Euthanize; Diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism

12/13/20 – Noelle Update! – Her story received hundreds of shares, I received several emails, and after spending lots of time on the phone I’m super happy to say my wish for her to be out of the hospital before Christmas has come true!! 🎄 She will be in a foster home and 4 paws 1 heart will continue to cover her medical until she is placed.
Noelle was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and cats can live a good quality life for years especially if caught early. We are looking into options for therapy and meanwhile she is on a pill 2 times a day.
Once we have a clear picture of her long term needs we will contact anyone interested in adoption.
If you are interested in making a donation towards her care we can definitely put it towards her food, blood work, medication, vaccines, etc. Our link is Just specify it is for Noelle. You can also mail a check to our PO box 84, SCS, MI, 48080
Thank you all so much!!!!! Gina and Noelle💓💕💗💖
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Noelle – Dropped Off By Her Owner to be Euthanized

12/11/20 – noelle--12:11:20 noelle 12:11:20 12/11/20 – PLEASE PLEASE help me share this beautiful kitty to find her a loving home, or a foster home for Christmas.
We are calling her, “Noelle” and she was scheduled to be put to sleep two days ago.
The staff quickly realized that there were several lies involved in this “drop off” euthanasia. Moore Veterinary Hospital stepped up and offered the owner to surrender to, 4 paws 1 heart. We are covering her medical while she is awaiting a second chance..
It is not our place to pass judgment on the previous owners and we don’t know their situation. That is not the direction for this posting so please, NO negative comments.
Noelle is currently in boarding and she is very scared because all that she has known was stripped away. That is super stressful on any animal..
She is fixed, front declawed, friendly, 10 years old, and has lived with small dogs and cats in the past.
If you would like more information about Noelle please contact me at
Please remember that we are not a rescue and therefore we have nowhere other than boarding for Noelle to go. That is why it is really important our friends and family share with hopes to giver her another chance. If you would like to donate towards her care the link to our PayPal and our PO box is or if you are interested in donating food she is on canned Instinct, Chicken, grain free.. Thank you♡
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Theodore and Kennedy – Found in a Mobile Home Park; His Sibling (Kennedy) Died and He Recovered

12/11/20 – Theodore was rescued from under a mobile home with three other siblings. His bonded brother, Kennedy, became suddenly ill and was taken to an emergency hospital where he died. Shortly after, Theodore started showing signs of the illness and was taken to an emergency where he was found to have Panleukopenia. After days in the hospital and medical assistance from 4 Paws 1 Heart, Theodore went home. Today he is doing great and has bonded with his sister who he will be adopted with. Thank you to our many friends who continue to give these stray and abused animals a second chance at life. – diana
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Dave and Buster – Found in a Trailer Park; Simone, Elvis, Franklyn, Honker, and Coco Dumped in a Wooded Area

12/9/20 – Meet Dave and Buster recently rescued from a mobile home park. And, Simone, Elvis, Franklyn, Honker and Coco, who were apparently dumped in a wooded area near the Spillway in Harrison Twp., MI. Dave and Buster are now with Tigerlily Cat Rescue after we took care of their medical needs. The five from the ‘spillway’ are to be tested and (paws crossed) if they test negative for FIV/FeLV, they will also be going to Tigerlily and we have offered to pay for their makeovers.
A huge thank you to our many supporters who donated during our Giving Tuesday $2,500 Match. Seventy Five (75) abandoned and abused animals will be given a second chance at life because of you and our amazing sponsor. May God Bless You, Your Families, and Your Furbabies. – diana
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Lucky – 4 Men Were Beating Him When a Good Samaritan Stepped In

12/7/20 – Meet Lucky. He was seen being beaten up by 4 men when a good Samaritan stepped in. He is now safe with Hogs for Dogs and he will be neutered, tested, and vaccinated complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart. Here is a photo 24 hours before Hogs for Dogs was able to get him, and the other photo is at intake and now. Anyone interested in Lucky should contact Hogs for Dog Rescue and please cross your fingers that his heart worm test is negative. We continue to be so very thankful for the many rescuers in our community and our generous supporters. – diana
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Mileena – Abused by a Backyard Breeder

12/2/20 – Meet Mileena. A rescuer whom we have helped in the past was asked to take in a neglected Bengal queen. She was kept in a cage by a backyard breeder who didn’t believe in antibiotics or vaccines and was not treating her for intestinal parasites. She is very tiny and malnourished; the size of a 7 month old despite being 2 years old. Jem, the rescuer, took her to the vet immediately and the doctor discovered that she has a heart murmur and possibly something wrong with her kidneys. Jem contacted us for help.
We do know that many kittens and cats have heart murmurs but we are unsure of the severity based on what the doctor communicated to Jem but he did say he was more concerned with the kidney issue and recommended that Jem take her to a specialist. Before going to a specialist, I advised Jem that I would feel more comfortable having Dr. Zalac examine Mileena and analyzing the results of the prior tests. 4 Paws 1 Heart has paid for the first visit and initial testing and will follow through with Dr. Zalac’s visit and, hopefully, we will be able to follow through with Dr. Zalac’s recommendations. Any time an animal has to see a specialist, the cost is considerable. The other day, Scarlett’s exam by the cardiologist cost a little over $400 and nothing more was required after that visit.
So, as usual, say a little prayer and send some virtual love to this very neglected girl. Without you, these lives would be lost!  – mileena--12:2:20 mileena 12:2:20diana
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Dash – Has His Prosthetic and Will Now Be Able to Walk on Hard Surfaces

Dash update! ♡ He was the puppy that was brought into Moore Veterinary Hospital last December with a terrible injury. The owner surrendered him so that he could get the proper care he needed. The doctors and staff at Moore saw to it that Dash received wonderful care. 4 paws 1 heart paid for his initial medical.
We thought he might need amputation or reconstructive surgery, but Dash was a true fighter and continued to thrive.. His rear paw required tons of bandage changes, rest, physical therapy, and a special designed prosthetic created by our good friends at, Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation Center. Dash was neutered recently and he is doing great! He is in a loving forever home with his foster failure Carrie and he has made tons of new friends!!!
Gina ♡

s/dash 12:21:19 dash--12:1:19-- dash 12:1:20 dash 12:19:20

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Shih Tzu Puppies – Thirteen Rescued After Being Dumped by a Backyard Breeder

11/11/20 – Thirteen Shih Tzu puppies were found in hiding in various locations but in the same general area. They had been dumped by what appears to be a ‘backyard breeder’ because they were obviously no longer of use. Of the thirteen, ten had to be immediately placed in the hospital and three were well enough to stay with the rescue for decompression and minimal care. Of the ten who had to be hospitalized, one required an amputation, one has heart worm, and one has a number of mammary tumor; the rest have various infections and infestations. I apologize for the graphic photos but it is important to know what some people will do to make their living on selling animals. 4 Paws 1 Heart made a significant donation to their medical bill as Rebel Dogs of Detroit does everything possible to help the abused, stray, and abandoned dogs of Detroit. – diana
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