Saturn – He Was Found in the Middle of a Busy Road – Maybe Thrown Out of a Vehicle

10/23/20 – The finder is a student of an independent rescuer we’ve assisted on several occasions. It appears that the kitten, Saturn, may have been thrown out of a car in that she was found in the middle of a busy road with a bloody face. She will be seeing a vet on Sunday where her face will be examined and she will be eventually vaccinated, tested, and spayed. Thank you to our many supporters who have already donated toward the $1,000 Halloween Match. The match continues until October 28. The need continues and we are forever grateful for your support. – diana
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Charlize – Update – Hanging Out in Her New Cozy Homemade Bed

9/14/20 – Remember Charlize? Someone was going to throw her out of a car window but instead was handed over to a kind person who contacted the police. Her body had been burned with chemicals and we were contacted by the Eastpointe Chief Animal Control Officer. Charlize was taken to our partner emergency hospital and later went to a wonderful foster home. Last week I received a message from a kind woman who has a friend who makes a sells these beautifully hand-crafted beds. She had seen Charlize’s photos and thought that her burned little body would feel so good in this very soft and plush bed. The kind woman, Nancy, dropped of the bed on Sunday, my husband brought the bed to Charlize yesterday. And, here she is already attached and laying claim to her beautiful bed. There are so many wonderful people in this world; it’s unfortunate that too often, we only hear of the worse. – diana
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Charlize – Update — Purposely Burned With Chemicals

9/11/20 – An update from Chief Pylar of Eastpointe:
“Charlize, the kitten that was found nearly 2 weeks ago suffering from severe burns is doing great in her foster home ! After all she has been through, the thing she craves most is human attention and affection ! Although shes making progress and continuing to heal, due to the severity of her injuries, the affected areas will become worse before they get better. Her ears appear to have been affected most severely, and will continue to require medical attention. Thanks to our amazing friends at

4 Paws 1 Heart

, Charlize will continue to receive all of the medical care she needs ! We cannot thank them enough and her amazing foster, for all they have done and continue to do for little Charlize ! If anyone would like to donate to Charlize’s care, please donate to 4 Paws 1 Heart at the link below. Thank you all so much ! 💙🐾

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Charlize – Nearly Thrown from a Vehicle; Chemical Burns All Over Her Body

‼️🚨⚠️Warning! Graphic Photos⚠️🚨‼️
At approximately 5:00pm, on Sunday, August 30th, 2020, an injured kitten was brought into the Eastpointe Police Station lobby. The reporting parties stated a vehicle pulled off to the side of the road and stated they were going to “dump” the kitten, but instead handed the kitten off to them. Chief ACO Pylar was called and came in immediately to examine the overall condition of the kitten. The kitten is estimated to be 2-3 months old, female and black and white in color. She was not wearing a collar and no microchip was found upon a full body scan. The kitten appeared to have burns on her face, head and most severely, on her ears. Half of the kittens body appears shaved and singed. The kitten was lethargic, pale/anemic and had a very low temperature. Chief ACO Pylar immediately contacted our friends at 4 Paws 1 Heart , who without hesitation, agreed to cover the emergency veterinary care this poor girl desperately needed. She is now at an emergency veterinary hospital receiving treatment. She is currently being hospitalized and carefully monitored by their wonderful veterinarians. We will continue to investigate this and ask that if anyone has any information as to who owned this kitten, contact Chief ACO Pylar at, (586) 445-5100 Ext. 1035.
A very big thank you to our friends at 4 Paws 1 Heart, for your compassion and generosity to help as many sick and injured animals that you possibly can. We are very grateful to have your support ! 💙🐾
**We will update everyone on her condition and progress as we receive reports from the  veterinarian** – B. Pylar”
 – dianacharlize brian pylar 8:31:20 charlize charlize brian--8:31:20 Charlize - brian burned cat

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Penny – Secured with a Tow Chain in the Backyard of an Abandoned House

8/25/20 – Penny was left behind in the backyard of an abandoned house. Upon learning that Penny was left behind and that no one had been living in the home or caring for her, she was released from the tow chain she had been “secured” with and was taken to a vet for an exam. Unfortunately, like so many found in this particular City, Penny tested positive for heart worm. The rescue group asked if we could pay for her treatment and we, of course, said ‘yes’. Penny is a really sweet girl and is currently in a good foster home. Anyone interested in her potential adoption should contact Streethearts Animal Rescue. Another life is saved because of the generosity of our supporters. – Penny w:streethearts 8:20:20diana
P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080

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10th Anniversary of 4 Paws 1 Heart – Hercules and Katniss

8/15/20 – Can you believe that on Tuesday, August 18, 4 Paws 1 Heart will be celebrating our 10th anniversary!! I swear it only seems like yesterday when Gina DeLuca came into our lives because she was the vet tech at a veterinary hospital we had decided to use for our very sick kitty. At the time, the vet hospital had a small kitten rescue which Gina took care of. The relationship with Gina became a little stronger when she took in a hours-old kitten who had been left at our doorstep by an outside cat who had 4 kittens that morning. Gina named that kitten ‘Mouse’ and Mouse became her constant companion for a number of weeks.
Unfortunately, Mouse did not survive but her mom became our cat, Sophia, one of her babies moved in with my mom and dad, and her other two babies found homes

Tony, my husband, and I remembered Gina and her kitten rescue and when we had some extra money from a family fundraising event, we decided to donate it to Gina. But when we contacted her, we found out that she had moved on to another job at an emergency hospital in Harper Woods, MI.

Gina told me about her experiences there and that was the beginning of our discussions as to how we could make a difference for those stray animals being brought into the emergency hospital. The majority of those animals were injured or ill and had no one to care for them, let alone pay for the medical treatment. Gina and I did some research and learned that there was no organization in our region who was committed to funding medical treatment for stray animals. At that point, I was able to convince a few of my colleagues from Leadership Macomb to join us in our mission and the rest is history.

We applied and joyously received our 501c3 – non-profit status and since that very beginning, we have paid $926,961 in medical bills for over 7,000 stray, abandoned, and abused animals. We continue to be humbled by the amazing support we have received from our communities, our donors, and so many veterinary hospitals. There are many cases that stand out for me but I think that two of the most prominent, which brought attention to our organization, involved Hercules and Katniss. Their stories were so heartbreaking that they brought awareness of the cruelty of some humans and the plight of those most vulnerable in our society. Hercules’ back legs were broken by his owner and Katniss was left out in the rain, at the street curb, with the garbage.

Please check out our website, or are main fb page to read the many cases we have been involved with since 2010. Hercules -2012 too 2013 katniss collage-1 Again, thank you for your long-time support. Please know that you have made a significant difference in many lives. – diana

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Bentley – Attacked by Another Dog

8/11/20 – Bentley was living in a car with a homeless person. That person apparently dropped him off at another home and during that time he was attacked by another dog and suffered a severe gash very close to his eye. The rescuer had been trying to get Bentley from this person for a month because of suspected abuse and was finally able to get the person to surrender him. Bentley was taken to our partner emergency hospital where the wound was treated with antibiotics. He also received his vaccinations. Bentley is currently in a safe home. – diana w:amy bonjiorno 8:1:20

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