Hercules Update ~ 4 Paws Health & Wellness

Lori Jobak of 4Paws Health & Wellness provided this update on our Hercules: “I would like to provide a Hercules update: He had had his fifth 15-minute session and is doing well. He is “all puppy” and has a very short attention span but those “delicious treats” help to keep him focused and motivated. His physical canine rehab partner joined us in the water yesterday. Hercules has limited range of motion in his rear legs due to his limitations from his abuse but he is ‘swimming’ with them and his front legs are doing well in the water! Next to having my face slobbered with his kisses, it is a joy working with this beautiful boy!!”

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3 comments on “Hercules Update ~ 4 Paws Health & Wellness

  1. I am so glad to hear he is still doing well, he is such a cute boy… thanks so much for the updates, love reading them.

  2. I am so happy he is doing good 🙂 when I first read his story it broke my heart to hear this sweet puppy had such bad owners. You see I have a white boxer named Jack and my family love him soooo much. To see the pictur of Hercules and his kissable face I don’t know how that monster could hurt him!
    Sending my Love and prayers

  3. Thank you so much for your prayers and good wishes. Hercules is pretty amazing. Unfortunately, I’ve been going through withdrawal by not seeing him for a couple of weeks. He’s been so busy with therapy and fans. We should be getting some photo’s posted from his sleep over. They’re on facebook now under the Hercules’ Notes section. He does have a kissable face and a kissable personality. Give Jack a hug from us. ~ diana