Boaters Practice Safety for Your Pets

7/4/12 Keep in mind if you have an animal in a boat always make sure they’re safe and restrained somehow. A Labrador jumped out of a boat today and got caught in the propeller. Owners were absolutely devastated. This was a terrible ACCIDENT that ended fatally. Never assume that it can’t happen to you. Always pay close attention to your animals safety… ~ Gina

 7/5/12  How many times have we talked about animals who are allowed to roam freely (mainly dogs) in a car, stick their heads out of the windows (or sunroofs as I saw the other day), or sit on their owner’s laps. If you’re a boater or happen to dine or visit on the water, how many times have you seen dogs walking around the boat or sitting on the bow unrestrained. We, as responsible pet owners, need to take responsibility for the safety of our pets. I feel so very bad for this family but, if you care, you must consider putting the same rules in place that you would for your children. ~ diana
 Lori Jobak(4Paws Health & Wellness)  And, if I may add the following advice: please buy a doggie flotation jacket for the docks and for boating!! Not all dogs know how to swim and when panic stricken, can quickly drown. Strong water/waves/currents can lead to fatalities. Certain breeds and body structures cause some dogs to be “sinkers”.
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