One Less Homeless Kitten

ONE LESS HOMELESS KITTEN: Robyn was referred to 4 Paws 1 Heart by a couple of our rescue friends. Here’s her e-mail to us:

“I live in Oak Park and I have 2 elderly cats of my own, one of which is sick. I’ve been taking care of a stray

cat that has been living in my backyard for a few months. He’s approximately 1 yr old. He has a cough every so often, and I’ve caught him pooping a few times and I see some blood in it. Today, he is limping badly. Something is wrong with his back right leg. Santa Flux got him neutered and his rabies vaccine about a month or so ago. They ear tipped him since he lives outdoors. He was never feral, just fearful. I have an appointment at Hoover tomorrow at 1:15, but I am struggling on how to pay for this. He could have heartworm, I don’t know. He could have a broken leg. He could have worms or intestional parasites. Is there any way you can help in the costs? I also don’t have a foster for him. I feel very alone and don’t know what to do.

We contacted Robyn and offered to help. She was able to capture Jack and bring him in to be examined. The good news is that his leg is not broken — just seems to have hurt his paw; he is heart worm negative, and seems to have caught a virus. He is being kept over night for continued meds. Robyn planned to foster Jack until she could find him a home. We are happy to report that Robyn may have an adopter and this should be a happy ever after story. ~ diana

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