Stella and Spike

11-6/7-12 Stella & Spike were rescued 24 hours apart from each other. Both of these pups came to Heroes for Homeless Animals in rough shape. Spike was found as a stray at a local business on Nov. 6th. This poor guy was freezing cold, emaciated, coughing, and had bite wounds all over his body. Poor Spike had been used as a chew toy and he is only 4 months old. He has an upper respiratory infection along with a skin infection. Spike also has a (possibly) broken tail which is causing him a lot of pain. He is now on antibiotics and pain meds to help him recover. Spike is super sweet and submissive! He loves to give hugs and love on his people. He will be available in a couple weeks.

Stella was rescued about 24 hours later. She was found as a stray. She was spotted as she was searching for food. Stella is approx 6-7 months old and a dark brindle (possible) whippet mix. She is only 20 lbs and beause of her age will probably not reach 40 lbs. Stella is healthy overall other than the large pussing wound she has around her neck. Our vet feels as if Stella was strangled with a small rope or wire. She is doing amazingly well. Stella loves people, but is curoius and a bit nervious when meeting new dogs. She will be available in a couple weeks.

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