Bobby, An American Bulldog Needing Medical Care

5/7/13 Once again, 4 Paws 1 Heart is very thankful that we are able to help our very good friends at Misfit Angels Rescue as they work hard to save this sweet boy.  Please follow his progress on the Misfit Angels website or facebook page. ~ diana

“5/2/13  This is Bobby. Bobby is a 7 month old American Bulldog mix who has already had a rough start at life. He was born with a deformed paw on his left front leg and his right leg is severally bowed. Both front legs make it challenging for him to move around like a normal puppy but he does his best. Last week Bobby was the unfortunate victim of a dog attack. Unable to defend himself, this poor pup sustained major injuries around his neck and ears. He has open wounds under his chin and around his neck that require immediate medical attention. As you can imagine, this is very uncomfortable and painful for this little guy. Bobby will need surgery to properly clean up and close the open wounds. His owners surrendered him today because they were not able to give to take care of him and pay for medical treatment. Bobby will need surgery immediately before the open wounds become infected. He is a gentle spirit who just wants to be loved and he deserves a second chance at happiness. ~ Misfit Angels Rescue”
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