Dottie is 100% Healed

October 7, 2013 – 4 Paws 1 Heart is happy to have helped our friends at Dog Aide 2012 – Community Awareness with some of their medical expenses. Only through working together can we all make a difference. ~ diana


When Dottie first came to us we weren’t sure she would make it – she was attacked by another dog after recently giving birth to puppies. She had SEVERE wounds and spent several says at the emergency vet.

She is now 100% healed, healthy and so grateful that she’s been given a second chance. Dottie is spayed and fully vaccinated. She will do well in any home with dogs, cats and kids. She is as sweet as it comes!

Now Saved, Loved and Recovering

Dear Friends of 4 Paws 1 Heart, Please don’t forget that we continue to need your help so that we can help the abandoned and abused who either are brought into the emergency hospital or rescued by our rescue friends. We rely totally on individual donations and fundraisers. Today I wrote the check to honor a commitment that kicked off a major effort to save this suspected bait dog who was rescued by an individual. And, I’m proud to say that with the help of Dr. Dawn, the tenacity of the rescuer, Leah W., and another organization, Tail Waggers, who put out a call for monetary help, we were able to save this dog who will now have a second chance to be loved. Here is the message that began the effort:

7/22/13 “Dear Diana and Gina, I’m writing to you because I’ve taken in a stray dog who is in need of urgent help. I found him in my northwest Detroit neighborhood hanging out by an abandoned school. He was whimpering and clearly in rough shape, with swollen front legs and part of his mouth hanging limp, so I brought him in to my vet. She speculated that he was likely a bait dog in a dog fighting ring. She also said that she believed that while his injuries were serious and would require surgery, he could be treated. Of course, given all he has been through, his psychological wounds would need a lot of attention as well. One of the vet techs told me about your organization, and I wanted to see if you would consider taking this very sweet boy on. I am currently keeping him in my back yard, feeding him and giving him the antibiotics and pain med prescribed by the vet.” ~ LeahI contacted Leah immediately and, although, we could not commit to paying the entire cost of what would be extensive surgery, we could at least get the ball rolling. Thankfully Dr. Dawn trusted that we would honor the dollar commitment and an appointment was made for the next day. There were two critical issues beyond having the money for the surgery and those were knowing Charlie’s mental state and what his quality of life would be after surgery. Dr. Dawn was going to include that in her assessment before performing surgery. Dr. Dawn and Gina spoke and later that day Dr. Dawn saw Charlie and felt strongly that he could be saved. Surgery was then performed based on our promise and Leah’s commitment to seek additional funds (which was successfully accomplished with the help of Tail Waggers who got Charlie’s story out which resulted in more donations for the surgery and after care). ~ diana

Bobby, An American Bulldog Needing Medical Care

5/7/13 Once again, 4 Paws 1 Heart is very thankful that we are able to help our very good friends at Misfit Angels Rescue as they work hard to save this sweet boy.  Please follow his progress on the Misfit Angels website or facebook page. ~ diana

“5/2/13  This is Bobby. Bobby is a 7 month old American Bulldog mix who has already had a rough start at life. He was born with a deformed paw on his left front leg and his right leg is severally bowed. Both front legs make it challenging for him to move around like a normal puppy but he does his best. Last week Bobby was the unfortunate victim of a dog attack. Unable to defend himself, this poor pup sustained major injuries around his neck and ears. He has open wounds under his chin and around his neck that require immediate medical attention. As you can imagine, this is very uncomfortable and painful for this little guy. Bobby will need surgery to properly clean up and close the open wounds. His owners surrendered him today because they were not able to give to take care of him and pay for medical treatment. Bobby will need surgery immediately before the open wounds become infected. He is a gentle spirit who just wants to be loved and he deserves a second chance at happiness. ~ Misfit Angels Rescue”

Michigan Dogfighting Laws

A reason to celebrate the new year. ~ diana

Thanks to your calls, emails and letters to your elected officials, Michigan now has the toughest dogfighting laws in the country. Under the new bills that were just signed into law by Gov. Snyder, dogfighters can be put behind bars for up to 20 years and be forced to pay a $100,000 fine. Before, dogfighters could get a maximum of 4 years and often received much less.

Thank you so much for all you do – this would not have been possible without you. Learn more:

Ginger: A Touching Story


“Meet Ginger, the newest Vigilante Dog Rescue dog. Only one year old, Ginger has seen none of the good things in life- but has seen just about all of the bad. Covered in bite wounds and scars in all stages of healing, chunks missing from one ear, the other torn halfway off her head, this sweet, gentle, beautiful soul was involved in fighting- whether as bait or a match dog, we may never know. What we do know is that on top of the ear half torn from her head that will need surgically amputated if unable to heal on its own- which is not looking very likely considering the rest of her physical state and how severely malnourished she is- she has many other issues both physical and mental that are breaking our hearts- and bank- to treat. But no matter what it takes, no matter the cost both monetary and emotional, we will not turn our backs on this scared girl who has already been so horrifically victimized by mankind. Our director, Lauren, drove her out to the incredible Jeremy Burgess’ house yesterday, where her new life has just begun, and the whole way there Ginger alternated between sleeping with her head in Lauren’s lap and looking out the windows with a look on her face that could only be described as awestruck, as though she simply could not believe she was in a warm car, with gentle humans, safe and secure on a cold autumn day- rather than being harassed by free-roaming owned male dogs while she tried frantically to lick clean a fried chicken bucket as she was when Lauren came upon her. So meet Ginger, starving, in terrible shape, in need of vetting, rehab, and plain old love and protection. Meet the face of pit bulldog rescue. The victim of the darkest forms of human entertainment. The reason we rescue and the reason we fight for this most abused, misused, misunderstood, and ignorantly feared breed. Looking at Ginger, at the scars covering her throat, face, head, ears, legs, chest, and flanks, you realize who the REAL monster is. And it sure isn’t the pit bull

Cruelty of Dog Fighting

Please take the time to read this and share this. It will turn your stomach but it’s important for people to know the cruelty of dog fighters, including Michael Vick.

Animal Legal Defense Fund  Animal Fighting Case Study: Michael Vick 

Please contact Speaker Bolger (Michigan) and tell him that you want Senate Bills 356, 357, and 358 to be scheduled for vote on the House floor. These have already been passed in the Senate. If passed in the house, the bills will go to the Governor for signing. These bills are sponsored by Senators Bieda, Jones, and Johnson. ~ diana