Junior Got Out and Was Injured

5/31/13  As I’ve said, it’s been a very emotional week. Charlie continues to be alive with the possibility of a rescue and an adopter taking him in. Thank You, Jeff Randazzo, Macomb Count Animal Shelter, for putting up with our many calls and caring about our Charlie.

We’ve also cried for our Sabs who fought so hard but sometimes it just isn’t meant to be. But now, I want to introduce you to Junior. Here’s Gina’s story: ~ diana

“Junior was named after our Hercules because they could be brothers. Junior was purchased off of Craig’s List for a small re-homing fee. However, the man that purchased him could NOT take care of him. Junior got out and was injured. When Junior’s owner contacted us, I gave the man an option to surrender him to us so medical could be taken care of. Jenn from Misfit Angels Rescue made the connection and her foster delivered Junior to us. We thank this kindhearted man who saved Junior knowing that he probably couldn’t keep him. It takes much love and courage to do this. We also thank two great friends of 4 Paws 1 Heart who will more than likely take Junior into their home forever.” ~ gina

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