Tyler The Miniature Pinscher

5/14/13  Meet Tyler — He is a really nice Miniature Pinscher that was hit by a car in Eastpointe about 11pm tonight (5/12/13). His leg is badly broken and the pelvis is also broken in 2-3 areas. We made sure he was stabilized and medicated and not in pain while I tried to find his owner.

I posted a photo and the story on For the Love of Louie and the owner responded. It turns out that the owner had just adopted Tyler a week ago. He had seen him at the ‘pet store’ at Gibraltar and purchased him just to save him. It is unknown how this pup escaped from the yard he was in. The owner decided to surrender Tyler to 4 paws 1 heart because his main concern was giving Tyler the care he required.

4 Paws 1 Heart will continue to cover the needed medical treatment and then Tyler will be placed in a home that is the perfect fit for his long-term needs. It is always difficult when something like this happens, but I’m a believer that everything happens for a reason. Thank you all for sharing his story on For the Love of Louie and many thanks to Leah who created the page for lost and found animals. If there are any questions about Tyler I can be reached at gina.4paws1heart@gmail.comI also want to clarify that Tyler is NOT suffering. He is hospitalized and supported by veterinary professionals. His injuries are fixable and we are willing to give him a chance to live a long happy life by paying for his surgery). Our group is here to give animals like Tyler, “claimed or not claimed”, a second chance by paying medical bills and making sure he is placed with the best rescue to help his find his forever, loving home. As always, donations are always welcome because it is the only way we can continue to help with animals like Tyler and Scruffy. ~ gina

 5/16/13  Tyler Update< Tonight Tyler was doing well recovering from the major surgery that took place this early afternoon. His femur was amputated due to the extent of his injuries, but Tyler is a strong boy who has the will to move forward. We all realize that accidents happen but too many preventable injuries are costing the life if not permanent damage long term for the pet. Please.. Neuter your pet so that they are less likely to run off or supervise when not home by putting them in a safe environment. ~ gina

5/19/13: Our sweet little Tyler is waking up from another anesthetic procedure that needed to be done tonight because he decided to try and remove some of his stitches. Not to worry he is all patched up again and full of energy! ~ gina

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