Harley, the Puppy Was Hit by a Car

7/22/13  I read about Harley who was rescued by our friends, Providing For Paws, and, again, knew we had to help. This poor little guy has been through so much. Here is his story. He had his surgery today which involved a leg and tail amputation. Please pray that he finds a wonderful forever home — Thank You PFP for saving him.: ~ diana”THE PUPPY (NOW NAMED HARLEY) WAS HIT BY A CAR. WE IMMEDIATELY BROUGHT HIM TO THE VET WHO FOUND HE HAS A BROKEN PELIVS THAT WILL HAVE TO HEAL ON ITS OWN. HIS FEMUR IS CRUSHED AND CAN NOT BE REPAIRED. HIS LEG WILL BE AMPUTATED AS WELL AS HIS TAIL. HIS TONGUE HAS ROAD RASH AS WELL AND WILL BE LOOKED AT WHILE HE IS IN SURGERY. HE WILL ALSO BE NEUTERED WHILE HE IS ASLEEP. ” ~ PROVIDING FOR PAWS
UPDATE:  Little Harley after surgery. May God Bless You, little guy and make you all better. ~ diana
Many thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart for once again helping our organization out with medical dollars for our animals we are struggling to help. We appreciate all they do not only for our organization, but the many other organizations and animals they help. Harley thanks you as well

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