Only 12 Weeks Old and Leg is Broken

6/28/14 MEET “ONYX”  a new 4 Paws 1 Heart kitten, found, as  a stray, 12 weeks old with a horrible broken leg. Her Humerous bone (between shoulder and elbow) is broken and we have her on pain medication around the clock while waiting to do her surgery. We hope that her leg can be saved.  If you would like to donate towards her surgery please use the link on this site and let us know you are donating to Onyx’s surgery. ~ diana

Case #2 – Ryker

Sweet Ryker


Our other serious case: This little sweetheart, named Ryker – which means Strength, was also brought in by a good Samaritan. He was attacked by two German Shepherds. He underwent two hours of surgery with Dr. Rivera due to severe wounds to his body; his intestines and bladder were actually on the outside of his abdominal wall and needed emergency surgery that night. Gina has volunteered her time to assist Dr. Pillsbury of Harper Woods Veterinary/Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center with his surgery for a broken femur which is broken in half — possibly Tuesday, May 13. It is a clean break so we are all praying that a pin can be inserted versus amputation. We will keep everyone updated. ~ diana


10/7/13 – Good Morning 4 Paws 1 Heart Friends – Here’s a photo of our Sebastian after his amputation surgery of October 6, 2013.  Please continue to pray for his recovery. He will need a furever home when he is fully recovered. ~ diana

10/3/13 Updated Photo of Sebastian – This sweet boy will be having a big surgery to remove his badly injured leg on Saturday, October 5, 2013. Paws Crossed for a smooth recovery. Our doctors feel amputation is the only option here because the break is where the femur and pelvis meet. ~ gina

9/29/13 – Introducing Sebastian – Sebastian is an 8-week-old male kitten who has white socks, a white chin and a little bit of white on his chest. He was found as an injured stray and brought into the Emergency by a good Samaritan. Sebastian was probably hit by a car and has a broken femur and a little abrasion on his head. His little leg will require amputation. 4 Paws 1 Heart will take care of his medical bills until he is recovered. Any inquiries should be made to Gina at [email protected]~ diana

Our Little Mattie

9/8/13 – Our little Mattie who was rescued by Animal Control Officer, Lisa, and taken in by our friends at Mutts of Motown. Please share her and let’s get her a forever home. ~ diana

Here’s our little monkey, Mattie!!!! She was stray, had parvo and a broken leg in the same two weeks. She’s totally recovered now, and waiting for you to adopt her! Thanks to our friends at 4 Paws 1 Heart, we were able to help her. They generously paid all her vet bills!!! Mattie is almost full grown and will be about 35 lbs. She’s 5 months old and a sweet girl. We see shepherd in her ears and she has the most beautiful blended red and white coat. Please call our main number to ask about Mattie the monkey!! 586 690 2808

Harley, the Puppy Was Hit by a Car

7/22/13  I read about Harley who was rescued by our friends, Providing For Paws, and, again, knew we had to help. This poor little guy has been through so much. Here is his story. He had his surgery today which involved a leg and tail amputation. Please pray that he finds a wonderful forever home — Thank You PFP for saving him.: ~ diana”THE PUPPY (NOW NAMED HARLEY) WAS HIT BY A CAR. WE IMMEDIATELY BROUGHT HIM TO THE VET WHO FOUND HE HAS A BROKEN PELIVS THAT WILL HAVE TO HEAL ON ITS OWN. HIS FEMUR IS CRUSHED AND CAN NOT BE REPAIRED. HIS LEG WILL BE AMPUTATED AS WELL AS HIS TAIL. HIS TONGUE HAS ROAD RASH AS WELL AND WILL BE LOOKED AT WHILE HE IS IN SURGERY. HE WILL ALSO BE NEUTERED WHILE HE IS ASLEEP. ” ~ PROVIDING FOR PAWS
UPDATE:  Little Harley after surgery. May God Bless You, little guy and make you all better. ~ diana
Many thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart for once again helping our organization out with medical dollars for our animals we are struggling to help. We appreciate all they do not only for our organization, but the many other organizations and animals they help. Harley thanks you as well

Meet Tyler

Meet Tyler — He is a really nice Miniature Pincher that was hit by a car in Eastpointe about 11pm tonight (5/12/13). His leg is badly broken and the pelvis is also broken in 2-3 areas. We made sure he was stabilized and medicated and not in pain while I tried to find his owner.

I posted a photo and the story on For the Love of Louie and the owner responded. It turns out that the owner had just adopted Tyler a week ago. He had seen him at the ‘pet store’ at Gibraltar and purchased him just to save him. It is unknown how this pup escaped from the yard he was in. The owner decided to surrender Tyler to 4 paws 1 heart because his main concern was giving Tyler the care he required.

May 14, 2013  – 4 Paws 1 Heart will continue to cover the needed medical treatment and then Tyler will be placed in a home that is the perfect fit for his long-term needs. It is always difficult when something like this happens, but I’m a believer that everything happens for a reason. Thank you all for sharing his story on For the Love of Louie and many thanks to Leah who created the page for lost and found animals. If there are any questions about Tyler I can be reached at [email protected]I also want to clarify that Tyler is NOT suffering. He is hospitalized and supported by veterinary professionals. His injuries are fixable and we are willing to give him a chance to live a long happy life by paying for his surgery). Our group is here to give animals like Tyler, “claimed or not claimed”, a second chance by paying medical bills and making sure he is placed with the best rescue to help his find his forever, loving home. As always, donations are always welcome because it is the only way we can continue to help with animals like Tyler and Scruffy. ~ gina

Ruby Got Adopted

Foster mom to Ruby (Joanne) in the middle, and now proud parents on the ends..  Huge thanks to Joanne for your love and commitment to many  of our 4 paws 1 heart animals. Joanne is also the one that rescued Snickers and brought him to us for emergency medical care.  She is GREAT!!! ~ Gina

Ruby (Almost Recovered)

RUBY UPDATE: Ruby and Ashley…. Ruby is almost fully recovered. Three months ago she broke both of her front legs falling down a flight of stairs. We have been splinting her legs every week since. Now Ruby has her bandages off and we are going to schedule the pins to be removed. If all goes well Ruby has a very potential home lined up:) Keep paws crossed Ruby will make a full recovery!! ~ Gina