Left Behind, Finds Forever Home

11/4/13 UPDATE: The little black and white cat who showed up at our 4P1H friend’s, Jennifer Cahill, home has found a forever home. A love connection was made through our posting. Congratulations to the little guy who will now have a warm and loving home and a feline and canine as siblings. Thank You, Jennifer, for caring and Thank You, Tracy G. for giving another rescue a great life. ~ diana

11/3/13 CROSSPOSTING FOR A 4P1H FRIEND: My next door neighbor moved and left his cat behind. He lives outside and I need to find a rescue that will help him before it gets cold. Last night, he cried all night long. I can’t take him in because I have two cats of my own who are strictly indoor cats so I feel so sad. Please let me know if you can help me. I’d like to get him a home ASAP! Thank you for your time! Please contact Jennifer Cahill at mpdemay@gmail.com if you can help. ~ diana

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