Breeder/Puppy Mill Giving up Useless Stock

Once again, 4 Paws 1 Heart, is thankful that we can play a role in helping these sweet animals so abused by inhumans. Thank You to A Hopeful Heart for once again taking in these most difficult cases. ~ diana

“Hopeful Heart received a call that a breeder/ mill was giving up their “useless stock” and we were asked to bring some to our rescue. Sadly, when dogs are considered no longer useful they are usually put to sleep and not always in the most humane ways. Hopeful Heart took in 9 of the sweetest scared dogs that were in bad condition. Each of the dogs were infested in fleas, have bad teeth, and can barley walk from being kept in cages their entire lives. Each of the dogs need to be neutered or spayed, and have dental work done.”

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