Misfit no More!

 We always want to be there for our individual rescue friends, the animals brought into the emergency hospitals, and our rescue friends who help us. Meet Beeker who is with Misfit Angels. Here is his story. ~ diana

“Misfit Beeker – 5 year old Shih Tzu
Misfit Beeker was picked up by animal control sitting in the middle of the road in pretty bad shape! This poor girl is full of infection inside and out She went to the vet on 5-3-14 and has chronic skin and ear infections. Her ears were so swollen and full of puss the vet didnt mess with them yet! She is getting ear drops to take down the swelling. Her nails were starting to grow into her feet! She also has a urinary track infection! She has a hernia that will be taken care of when she is healthy enough to have surgery! She does have a low grad heart murmur that should not cause her any future problems. She is going back to the vet on 5-8-14 to have a Heartworm test. We pray that is negative!! She will also be getting groomed because she is just a matted mess. She has a long road of healing and learning to trust again! She is potty and crate trained though!”

Good people working together!

We received a call from someone who asked if we could help with a stray cat that had been wandering the streets for at least a year. We offered to help pay for medical if they were willing to hold on to the cat until a rescue was available for permanent placement. When the cat was brought in we tested her for feline leukemia and fiv and she tested negative, but we took an x-ray because her belly was big. We discovered she was very pregnant. Thanks to networking on our 4 Paws 1 Heart, page someone saw the story and was willing to help foster the mom until the babies are weaned. In the meantime, we’re looking for a rescue as backup for the kittens. The foster mom said Livingston County shelter is willing to take the kittens once they are old enough. The woman who initially found Precious will take her back and permanently give her a forever home once she is done nursing the kittens. ~ gina

Puppy Mill Dogs Rescued Faith, Spirit, Charity, Dignity, Purity, and Divinity

11/19/13 The next time someone you know even considers buying a dog from a ‘pet store’ or a breeder, consider this. The inhumans who do this to these poor animals should have to pay with all of the money they made on the backs of these innocents. But no, it will be the small rescue groups like Mutts of Motown and so many others who will take care of these poor souls and make sure they will never live in cages, breeding for human’s profit again. 4 Paws 1 Heart is grateful to be able to assist with the medical bills incurred by Mutts of Motown who is working with A Hopeful Heart to take in these abused sweethearts. ~ diana

As reported by Laura, Mutts of Motown: “This weekend our volunteers have been busy!! We were fortunate to assist in transport, an SUV of dogs from out of town for a rescue we are affiliated with on Friday. Thank you to the #1 transporter who drove halfway to meet our #2 transporters who brought them safely to rescue!! On Saturday morning, another one of our volunteers drove to meet yet another transporter for a 2nd load of small dogs. They arrived during our store event. All of these dogs came from a puppy mill and they are truly terrified. We have secured 6 mill dogs, 4 of which are poodle mixes, and 2 shih tsus. We’re saddened to see how scared and anti social the little poodles are. We’re guessing attention is rare or non- existent in a puppy mill. These girls will never again be used for their babies or profited off of. We didn’t expect them but we had offers of fosters and these are true rescues. We now are not able to take in any dogs at all. Normally we have space for little dogs since they don’t seem to need us as much as large breeds. You may want to sponsor one of them, if so call us at 586 690 2808. Or you can recommend us to anyone who wants to adopt! We need room now to save more. Our mill girls will see the vet tomorrow and be transferred to experienced foster homes. Some of our adoptable dogs will be transferred to some new fosters and/or different fosters in order to accommodate the new girls needs. Tomorrow, we will have more info on our mill dogs Faith, Spirit, Charity, Dignity, Purity, and Divinity.”

Breeder/Puppy Mill Giving up Useless Stock

Once again, 4 Paws 1 Heart, is thankful that we can play a role in helping these sweet animals so abused by inhumans. Thank You to A Hopeful Heart for once again taking in these most difficult cases. ~ diana

“Hopeful Heart received a call that a breeder/ mill was giving up their “useless stock” and we were asked to bring some to our rescue. Sadly, when dogs are considered no longer useful they are usually put to sleep and not always in the most humane ways. Hopeful Heart took in 9 of the sweetest scared dogs that were in bad condition. Each of the dogs were infested in fleas, have bad teeth, and can barley walk from being kept in cages their entire lives. Each of the dogs need to be neutered or spayed, and have dental work done.”

Update on Puppy Rescued by Fire Department

Update on the puppy rescued by the Hamtramck Fire Department. At first he was understandably terrified having survived this fire, now he is Gina’s shadow. It is still unclear as to the status of the pup’s owner. We are trying to get in touch with the Public Safety Officer who contacted 4 Paws 1 Heart. ~diana

Hamtramck fire officials say one person was killed and three others hurt in a suspicious overnight fire …

Boat Kittens

5/2/13 These three kittens were found on a boat with no mommy around, a Good Samaritan brought them into 4 Paws 1 Heart and we made sure that they were all healthy and prepared to go to good homes.

 5/6/13 GOOD NEWS!! All of the little ‘boat’ kittens have found their forever homes. Once again, thank you to the kind person who rescued them and brought them in to be examined and vaccinated. We are confident that these babies will be much loved! ~ diana

Feed, Rescue, Foster, Adopt

As we begin 2013 I would like all of our friends to consider the plight of our felines. For some reason when a puppy mill is raided, everyone comes to the rescue. Every qualified dog gets a home and treatment. BUT when a cat hoarder is discovered, no one seems to care. There are no news stories and hundreds of people looking to help and donate their time and money. Why is that??? For some reason people seem to think it’s ok for cats to be on the streets but not dogs. Because they are small and of little threat to humans, people seem to ignore the problem of homeless cats. Did you know that the kill rate for cats in most shelters is around 90% while the kill rate for dogs is around 60%. Why is that?? Cats are loving and beautiful and require very little. A warm bed, a bowl of food and water, and a litter box. I ask all of you to please make a difference in the life of a cat, they also need you. ~ diana
Some would say she’s a crazy cat lady!… we’d say she is a kind soul…it’s just a matter of love ♥