Stevie Had a Fantastic Week

1/13/14 STEVIE HAD A FANTASTIC WEEK: Stevie, our little guy who had his eye enucleated due to a horrendous infection, recently visited Veterinary Vision of Rochester to have his remaining eye and vision evaluated. We are happy to announce that although his vision is limited, the vision he does have should remain the same and not deteriorate. He has also found a forever home where he has two older kitty brothers. His new owner reports he is adjusting well and still purrs non-stop.

Stevie was helped with the the funds created by the 4 Paws 1 Heart/Cats Vet partnership. We are so thankful to Jessica, Licensed Veterinary Technician at the Cats Vet, who took Stevie on her own time to the specialist. We are very thankful to Veterinary Vision for their willingness to work with us and trust us. They took care of our Snickers and our Keller and Dr. Easton and the staff our wonderful to work with. I also want to thank the good people who adopted our Stevie who will now have a loving family to care for him. And, as always, I want to thank our generous supporters who continue to donate so that we can make a difference in the lives of the abandoned and abused. ~ diana

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One thought on “Stevie Had a Fantastic Week

  1. Glad he found a great home! I actually adopted a one-eyed, black cat names Stevie four years ago, too!

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