They Moved out and Left Defenseless Kittens Locked in a Garage

Good Morning Friends, Once again we need your help. We need a home/foster/rescue for this very domesticated and sweet family of one mama and 4 babies. A friend of 4p1h contacted us to report that people, who were renting a home next door, moved out and left these poor babies behind, locked in the garage. The owners were contacted and these sweethearts were found in the corner of a very cluttered and full garage. As you all know, we are not a rescue and we must rely on our friends for help in finding them a safe place to finish being nursed. 4p1h will cover medical costs when appropriate. They cannot stay where they are longer than a couple of days. Thank You for sharing. ~ diana


HAPPY UPDATE:  They are safe in a foster home getting reading for their search for a loving, forever family. ~ diana
kittens locked in a garagenoww:tigerlily

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