Thank You to our Friends for initiating Fundraisers for Us

9/10/14 – Once again more money is going out then what is coming in but somehow our friends always come through and we will not just let money sit around when our friends need help. Our rescue friend, Jo, has initiated a Yankee Candle fundraiser for us, so please share it and check it out. Thanks, diana
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September 8, 2014 – September 292014


Maggie and Montie – Siblings Find Their Forever Home Together

One of our Board members was contacted about these two beauties found in a friend’s backyard.  She decided to foster them if 4 Paws 1 Heart could take care of their medical needs including spaying and neutering.  Of course we did and after a short period on Petfinder, they found their forever home (together!) with great people, who we happen to know very well. ~ dianamaggie:maincoonew:cynthia8:11:14 montiew:cynthia8:11:14

NOSEY – Good People Doing Good Things

9/11/14 – Meet 3 Years Old Nosey – His story is a long one and we were made privy to it by his initial rescuer. He is another beautiful animal, once again left behind but this time a very kind woman who had been taught the huge responsibility we have as humans to care for those who must rely on us. The rescuer couldn’t believe anyone would leave behind this very sweet boy who constantly sought out love but after weeks and weeks of trying to find his owner, none could be found. To make a very long story short, 4 Paws 1 Heart was contacted by the friend of a friend who saw the rescuer’s “help” posting (thank God for social media). One ‘friend’ offered to foster and the other ‘friend’ offered to pay for neutering, vaccinations, and vetting. After this was all done, everyone thought that Nosey could now move on to find a forever home who would never again leave him behind. But, unfortunately, it turned out Nosey had heart worms. That is when we decided to jump in to help. Nosey has had two heart worm treatments and is doing very well. We will keep everyone updated as to his progress. He does not need to see the doctor again until next month. ~ dianaNosey1 Nosey2 Nosey3

Helping Everyday People Make A Difference

4/11/14 – All of these sweet kittens and cats were rescued by a 4 Paws 1 Heart friend we had helped before. There was a grandma, mom, and 4 kittens. 4 Paws paid for all to be vetted, spayed, vaccinated, tested, dewormed, and treated for fleas. We truly appreciate the fact that Dr. Wilson has opened Rescue Veterinary Services strictly for those of us who rescue or help with rescues. Alisha and the doctors and Vet Staff are all great to work with and they allow us to make your donations go farther. Just think — 6 felines who will not reproduce (or assist with the process) again! Thank You, Brian D. I know you are allergic, so this is not easy. We look forward to seeing your clan on our Petfinder page.briand_9:10:14 briand9:10:14 briandombrowski!9:9:14 briandombrowski*9:10:14 briandombrowski9:10:14

The Inhumanity of Humanity – Working Together With S.W.A.G. and Pit Crew Rescue

9/10/14 – Because of our supporters, we can continue to spread the love. I saw this story posted by the Southwest Animal Group (SWAG) who we helped with a dog they rescued not too long ago — Paris. I knew 4 Paws 1 Heart would again have to help.” ~ diana

“These 2 sweet babies we picked up were used as bait dogs and escaped. We found them collapsed in a field dying, they had been there for days. They have very serious wounds and infections, but yet all they want to do is give us kisses. Southwest Animal Group – SWAG & Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue were tipped off about a dog fighting house, and that the dogs were beaten with bats, then their mouths taped shut and used for bait, and a few had escaped. ” ~ Cathy Garza, President SWAGSWAG:PitCrew9:10:11Bait dog SWAGPitCrew Bait Dog9:10:11

What Do You Do When You Can’t Keep Your Family Together?

9/10/14 – Jo Add received a call from a very kind man, dad to these two beautiful Maine Coons. The dad explained that his business is taking him out of town 8 months out of the year and he doesn’t think it’s fair to his beloved pets. He feels they need more human contact than he is able to give them. They are both males and 6 years old; one is declawed; they are both neutered and current on vaccinations. Please contact Jo at [email protected] if you can take these beauties into your home or know someone who can. ~ dianajoaddmaincoon29:9:14 joaddmainecoon9:9:14

OUT OF OPTIONS – Beauty Needs Home

*out of options* One final attempt to help this girl whom we’ve been sharing. She is located in Harper Woods, about 3yr old or older, not good with cat’s, fine around dog’s (that we’re aware of), not the squeezable type of cat, but u can  See More
This beautiful gray female adult cat NEEDS a home. Please if you can help her contact me at [email protected] ASAP!! All vetting will be taken care of, BUT she needs to be the only cat in the household. She seems fine around dog’s. He age is estimated to be over 3 years old and she would be perfect in a home with someone who can love her, feed her, and give her shelter. If you can’t help then please, please, share!! If you can’t keep her, but you can foster her in your home for a rescue group that would be better than the alternative. Thank you, Gina10645282_813837041981929_3947201387838076550_n

Maggie Update

Happy Update – Because of the friends we have following our page, this sweetheart got a forever loving home. What’s sweeter than a baby, puppy, or a kitten sleeping.
This is maggie thar was adopted out a few weeks ago. Look how spoiled she is. I love it. Thanks Jeanette for saving her.maggiew:joadd9:8:14

Tuxedo Love – Another Abandoned Soul

9/9/14 – Another Sweet Life Fending For Himself, He Needs Us – Our friend Dee N. contacted us asking if we could get this guy’s need out to our friends. This very sweet boy is sleeping under her neighbor’s deck. Dee thinks he is about 5 years old and says he loves to be brushed and have his belly rubbed. He may be neutered and was obviously someone’s pet at one time. Dee has placed him on For The Love of Louie but it breaks all of our hearts to see him living outside and tomorrow we’re expecting another round of severe weather. Is there anyone out there who is haunted by his sweet face (like me) and can take him in??? Please, please share. ~ diana

9/10/14 A foster home has been found.  He will be vetted, neutered (if needed), and vaccinated.  He will be looking for his forever home.  Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested. ~ dianatuxedofoundwithdeenajeera9:9:14 tuxedow:dnajeera9:9:14

BOLO – Backyard Breeder Sells Puppies with Parvo

9/8/14 Prayers and Potential Rescue Needed – This sweet boy, mastiff mix, about 6 – 7 weeks old was brought in to the emergency last night by his owners. They ‘adopted’ him from a backyard breeder. They brought him in to be euthanized because he was very, very sick. They were aware that one of his litter mates had already died of the parvovirus. They brought him in to be euthanized but they didn’t have the money to pay for euthanizing. The hospital staff thought 4 Paws 1 Heart may want to save him. We did and he was surrendered to us. Gina will report later tonight how he is doing. If this little guy makes it, we will need a rescue to take him in. Thank You for keeping him in your prayers. ~ diana


9/9/14 – Update on our Mastiff Mix Puppy – No news from Gina is good news so I’m assuming this little guy is fighting the fight. I will know more later this afternoon. For now, I want to report that if if he recovers either Dr. Maria will adopt him or our great friends at A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue will take him in. Thanks for all of the prayers! ~ dianaparvopuppy*9:8:14 parvopuppy9:8:14