JANE – Working Together With Rescue Groups to Make A difference

10/5/14 – Happy Fall Morning! I wanted to share Jane with all our new and old friends. It was when I read Jane’s very sad story that I reached out to Mutts Of Motown offering to help. That was a great day. Not only have I had the opportunity to see Jane a few times but Laura Releasethehounds Lauer has been a great mentor to me and of great help with other animals we’ve helped. Laura truly is what rescue should be all about and the animals she takes in are beautiful examples of her love and dedication. ~ diana
It’s been almost 2 years since we rescued Jane. She’s been one of our most popular rescue dogs. She got a very sad start, a stray, attacked by the other strays she’d been living with in an empty house. The neighbor who had been feeding them called and we were able to save her despite many puncture wounds. Then, to add to her sad story, she tested positive for heartworm which is deadly. Thankfully, we found some help treating her heartworm from our good friends at 4 Paws 1 Heart and our amazing vet. For almost a year she remained with us making tons of friends. Because of her understandable fear of other dogs, and her scars, she seemed to get overlooked by adopters, but was the best behaved dog in our rescue. The most wonderful and perfect family came for her a few months ago and she’s got kids to play with and a great mom and dad to spoil her! Here are some photos they sent us today along with her entry pic and one from her photo shoot. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the perfect fit!! She found it herejane-muttsofmotownbefore2013 jane:wmutts10:5:14 janenowadoptedwithmutts10:4:15 janew:muttsofmotownadopted10:5:14

TOBY – Individual Rescuers and 4 Paws 1 Heart Working Together

10/4/14 – On September 17, 2014 we received this e-mail from:

“I just rescued a puppy Friday who was listed Free on Craig’s List. Come to find out, he has never seen a vet (no shots or neutering), and he was diagnosed with Dermodedic Mange. His whole body is covered in pinkish red sores, and they have begun to open up. The vet we took him to says the fees for Mange treatment will run about $80 with meds and observation, and I was wondering if there was any way you might be able to help with that? I will hopefully get him caught up on shots and hold off neutering til he is healthier. Our main concerns are the skin and his weight. I am hoping we can keep him.” ~ Kathleen

We were happy to help and since that time, Kathleen has been updating us. Here are Toby’s before and after photos. We love all of our friends who are so passionate and caring. ~ dianaKathleenmangedog10:4:14 Kathleen-mangedogtoby10:4:14 Tobyw:kathleen10:4:14

Lauren – Found Huddled in a Garage

10/4/14 – For more information please send an email to [email protected]
Lauren was found in a garage huddled up alone in some old clothes. Thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart, Lauren has had her initial vetting and is waiting to be old enough to be spayed. She is looking for her furever home. She is very sweet, playful, such a smart little girl. For more information please send an email to [email protected] 


For more information please send an email to [email protected]
Jasper had been left behind by his former owners and a kind elderly couple fed him but could not bring him inside. Thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart, Jasper is fully vetted and is ready for his furever home. He is very sweet, affectionate and playful. For more information please send an email to [email protected] 

Dumped At A Veterinary

10/4/14 – This little one needs help! Lisa Taylor was contacted by Hoover Road Hospital (586-795-3500, 31170 Hoover, Warren) yesterday and told that this very sweet cat had been dumped at the hospital. She is a young female, tested negative for fiv/felv, and super friendly. She has a huge open laceration under her armpit which appears to be the result of her leg being caught in a collar which became embedded. Some of her care and medications were already covered by a donation and 4 Paws 1 Heart will pay for her wound care and spaying. Please contact Hoover Road Animal Hospital if you can provide a home. ~ diana
10/4/14 Update:  Tigerlily Cat Rescue will be picking up this very sweet girl on Monday, October 6.  Please contact Tigerlily if you are interested in adopting this baby once she recovers. ~ dianalisataylortabby10:4:13 ltaylortabby10:4:14


Holy Cuteness Batman!!

10/4/14 Good Morning! Our good friend and Board member, Dee Gudenau, and her husband, Rick, are involved in a large TNR project and in the process have rescued adoptable kittens. Here is the story: ~ diana

Holy Cutness BATMAN!
…..meet BATMAN, one of the 7 kittens up for adoption.
But Batman is a hoot. Loves attention. Loves to play with his bros and sisters. Thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart all the kitties in the party are fixed and have their vaccines are are ready for a loving home. Approx 3 months old….are you his next loving home???? Please contact me at [email protected] or find Batman shortly on Petfinders.

Joy Receiving Acupuncture and Cold Laser Treatments

10/3/14  Joy Update! –  Dr. Kern from “Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation Therapy for Pets” (http://www.pawsitivestepsrehab.com/ ), offered to help Joy with some therapy. She did acupuncture and cold laser on Joy tonight after assessing her pain. She has offered to donate physical therapy for Joy once or twice a week!! We are so thankful for her expertise, her skill, her support, and especially her compassion. Aaron Fortin from NBS Rescue was also involved in assisting with the therapy tonight. He was giving Joy all kinds of loving and comforting her during the procedure.
Dr. Kern adopted the famous “Hercules” from us a couple years ago after his legs had been intentionally broken by his previous owner at 3 months old. Hercules went from not being able to use his back legs at all, to running and playing and walking again! Just amazing!!! I think Dr. Kern might have fallen in love just a weee bit with Joy during her session! ~ ginajoy10:3:14joyw:aaronandkernJoyduringaccupunctureandcoldlasertreatment10:2:14joyw:lasertrtment10:3:14joyw:dr.kern&a.fortin

SONIC Needs Your Continued Prayers

10/2/14 – sonic10:2:14Sonic is doing well today. His feeding tube is helping, and the inside of his mouth is healing slowly. We don’t know about the vision in his right eye, but we are hoping when the swelling goes down he will see out of that eye. The 2 incisions on his abdomen are looking great and the body wall is staying closed. He requires tube feeding every 4 hours and meds. Everyone at the hospital absolutely adores Sonic because he is the biggest lover with the strongest will to survive! ♡

Peaches – Working Together To Make A Difference

10/2/14 – As our friends know, we often get requests for help from our rescue friends and other animal advocates. This is Peaches. She was adopted to a family a while back. The family has since lost their home and found out that Peaches has a tumor. Now Peaches is once again looking for that forever family. 4 Paws 1 Heart is happy to help with medical dollars although not as much as we normally would because of the pending medical bills we will have for Joy, Sonic, Paris, Lucy and Cleo; as well as the many others we continue to help with medication, vetting, and fixing. Anyone interested in this older beauty should contact Better Life Canine Center. ~ dianapeachesw:betterlifecanine

Locked in a Garage – Found with an Empty Bag of Food and No Water

10/2/14 – Happy Lunch Hour! Unfortunately, we have been notified of another sweet and loyal pet left behind. Although we are not into drama and judgement, let me just say that whoever did this to this poor baby, deserves the same–threefold. This little guy was found, 1 WEEK LATER, locked in a garage after the renters left the property. The homeowner found an empty water (?) bowl and an empty bag of cat food. The homeowner let the cat out and he’s been fed by the neighbors since. The little guy is scared and keeps trying to get back into the house where he used to live. He is still outside making his home on the window ledge. If anyone can take him in as a foster or adopter, please contact Jo at [email protected]; he has been named Elvis. 4 Paws 1 Heart will be happy to have him vetted and neutered. ~ diana   10/2/14 Update:  Elvis is now with a foster.lockecingarage10:2:14 lockecingarage10:2:14