Many Ways to Help 4 Paws 1 Heart Fund Medical Treatment for the Abandoned and Abused

There are so many great community partners who help non-profit organizations raise money for their cause.  If you haven’t done so already please sign up, use the link or download the app,  If you ever have any questions or other ideas, please contact me at [email protected]

Once again 4 Paws 1 Heart is selling the coupon books for the November 14 and 15 Carson’s Community Days Sales Event. For $5 you can get $500 worth of savings. The best is the $10 Off coupon for any item $10 or more. All of the proceeds go directly to 4 Paws 1 Heart and Carson’s will mail your booklet directly to you. Twice a year Carson’s holds these events and each time my mom, sister, and nieces get together for a fun day of shopping and lunch.
Please share the link with your e-mail and facebook friends and help us raise $1,500.

Don’t just take your dog for a walk, take your Walk for a Dog, get the App at

Everybody needs food, so make your shopping count?  Kroger, a great community partner, helps non-profits by providing a percentage of their non-cigarette, liquor, and gas sales to those charities chosen by their customers through their Community Rewards Program. If you don’t have an account already, create an account.  Once you have an account established, select your preferred store location, use the number on your Kroger Rewards Card (or if you have the tab on your key chain), pick your favorite charity ((hopefully 4 paws 1 heart (91069)). If you have trouble call the customer service number and they will help you out immediately.

If you shop Amazon, use the following Fundinco link before you start shopping.



Fundraising Events

Just a reminder that we have some great fundraisers coming up.

November 1 – Fun in the Haunted Pound — Take a photo with Hercules, do a little dancing, eat some pizza and pasta, and take a chance on a few raffles.  $10 wristband makes you eligible for the fun. (Colleen’s Irish Pub, St. Clair Shores, MI)

November 6 – After Work Chill Out at Brio’s of Partridge Creek – $10 Wristband makes you eligible for appetizers and an opportunity to hang out with some great animal loving people.

Just Added for November 7 – Donate Cat and Dog Food and/or Money and receive a $10 Dining gift card for the BlackFinn, Royal Oak.  The Happy Hour will be extended 8pm to 11pm.  4 Paws 1 Heart (and its outreach partners), NBS Animal Rescue, and Tigerlily Cat Rescue will all benefit for this event.  Drop in for dinner, before or after a show.  Hope to see you there.

November 20 – Wine tasting at Filipo Marc Winery, Clinton Towship, $30 per ticket (50% tax deductible).  Enjoy wine, fruit and cheeses in a fun, learning atmosphere. contact [email protected] for informationhalloweenparty11_1_14 briofundraiser


Hazel Chilling After Surgery

10/25/14 – I know that all of our friends will love this Happy Morning photo of Hazel after her surgery. Here’s what her new mom had to say ~ diana

“Hi Diana,

Hazel hated her t-shirt from the hospital so they sent her home with a cone. That worked until she wanted to clean herself up. We compromised on a sock to cover the incisions and we’re settling in much better now. This is Hazel and her brother Rufus chilling out.” ~ Dawnhazel:brutusw:dawnschaefer hazelaftersurgerywi:sockfortshirt:dawnschaefer

HAZEL – 8 Weeks Old and Needed Heart Surgery

10/23/14  We were contacted about a beautiful 8-week old kitten whose rescuer needed help. The rescuer started a fundraising page on facebook and was able to gather some dollars and 4 Paws 1 Heart is working with her on the rest. Here is Hazel’s story. BTW, Hazel came through her surgery this afternoon and the doctor’s prognosis is that Hazel will have a long life ahead of her. Here was Dawn’s request for assistance ~ diana

“I recently rescued a litter (3) of kittens when they were abandoned by their mother. Hazel the female was just diagnosed with a rare heart condition and requires surgery. She is in heart failure now. They are 8 weeks old and have had a rough start. I have given them their furever home but I hate to see little Hazel suffer. I have obtained the medications necessary to help her feel better but she will most likely die without the surgery. Right now I can not get a surgeon to operate on her until I get her back in good enough health and maybe a little bit bigger. The cardiologist tells me that this condition is very rare and that she has only seen 2 other cases of this in her 25 years practicing medicine.”dawnschaefer

Rocky – Now Eating – Paws Crossed

10/24/14  Rocky10:24:14Rocky Update: His eyes tell it all. He needed immediate emergency medical care because he was going into liver and kidney failure. He is approximately 4 to 5 months old, very underweight, and jaundice. We are having him treated with the best of care because we do not believe in cutting corners when it comes to taking on a life… Rocky is in good spirits and tonight a huge batch of chicken & rice was made for him which he is eating very well! However, he now has pancreatitis and his blood work is still showing some very concerning levels but improving). He is gentle, smart, and eager to please. As we continue our journey with Rocky, we ask that you pray for his recovery. He is such a young puppy with a huge future if we can just get him through this! Paws crossed! ♡ Gina

Cleo – Born with a Deformed Leg

We were contacted for help several weeks ago because a small kitten needed us. Cleo needed her rear leg amputated because it was deformed and causung her chronic pain. Cleo couldn’t function normally, use the litter box, and she kept getting caught on things. Her leg was getting worse fast, so we had to do something. The surgery was 2 days ago, and she is recovering wonderfully. Ginacleo10:23:14

Rocky – Saved from Abuse and Cruelty But Now Seriously Ill

10/22/14 Update:  Update on dog brought into the emergency last night. The man who had rescued this very sweet boy from an abusive and neglectful environment brought him in as soon as he was given the OK. The dog was already turning yellow and in dire condition. He was immediately put on fluids, antibiotics, etc. As of last night, it still wasn’t apparent if he would need a blood transfusion or what was the cause of his illness. He is under excellent care and was fighting to survive. Please say a few prayers and send some positive energy. When he recovers, Gina has lined up the perfect foster (potential adopter) lined up. ~ diana

10/21/14  – We received the following call out for help by Lisa Taylor of Warren

Help!! Sweet young dog, very sick – possibly Lepto . The guys only had them 10 days, rescued him from a crappy situation but does not have the money to care for him. He needs medical care and fostering immediately!!”

Back Story:  A concerned citizen had contacted Lisa about what he believed to be a dog living in a very abusive situation.  Lisa was able to get the owner to surrender the dog and the person who reported the case offered to keep him.  Some 10 days later, the man contacted Lisa reporting the dog hadn’t eaten in 5 days and was very ill.  He could not afford to take the dog to the vet.  Lisa contacted 4p1h and we asked the man to bring (now called Rocky) Rocky to the emergency where he was already turning yellow from liver failure.  ~ Diana

rockylisataylor10:21:14 lisataylorrocky10:21:14

Miss Kitty O’Shea – From Porch Kitty to Loved Kitty

Good Morning Happy Update: She is now known as Miss Kitty O’Shea but before she was the very skinny kitty who wouldn’t leave a porch. Something or someone had done something to her to cause many abrasions on her body. Noel B., a friend of 4p1h couldn’t bring her in and though she had to continue to live outside, Noel took care of her sores and kept feeding her. Noel, asked if we could take care of her vetting, vaccinating, and spaying in hopes of finding an adopter. We did and she did. Here is a photo of Miss Kitty before and now in her forever home. ~ dianamisskittyo'sheaw.noelbriggs misskittyosheaw:noelbriggs10:21:14

Sonic Update

10/20/14 – Sonic had his feeding tube removed! He acts like he NEVER ate before, so he’ll have to go to a home with no other animals for fear of “food bloating”. We are ready for him to go:)  He would love to be in his forever home.  If you would love to make him a member of your family, contact [email protected]Sonic10:20:14

Be Part of the Solution — Not Part of the Problem — Spay and Neuter

Joanne contacted 4p1h about a colony of cats and kittens behind a market in Shelby Twp. people have been feeding them but they are in pretty bad shape. One kitten appeared to have been injured and the back two legs were dragging behind him. Gina immediately asked Joanne to get the kitten into emergency. Unfortunately, the baby had been seriously injured and the legs were paralyzed, he also had internal injuries, along with many other issues. Unfortunately he could not be saved. But, the positive news is that three great individual rescuers who 4p1h has assisted on many occasions went out late today to start trapping/rescuing. I also want to add that our good friends atFerndale Cat Shelter will also be assisting on this project. Here is the update on tonights’s activities.

5 kittens were rescued tonight. 2 are 8 weeks old and 4p1h will pay for them to be vetted, vaccinated and dewormed (their little bellies are bulging so they are probably filled with worms) tomorrow morning; when they are ready, spayed. They will be fostered by one of the rescuers. A 10 week old, will be assessed by one of the 3 rescuers who went out there. She’ll determine whether this kitten is feral or not. Right now it’s looking positive for potential adoption. The final two are truly feral and they will be fixed and returned to be cared for by someone who is caring for the colony. ~ diana

Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for getting out to the Hollywood Market in Shelby Twp. as fast as you did to help out a paralyzed kitten. At least that baby isn’t suffering anymore and knew the soft and kind side of humans before he left us, I am so thankful for kind people like you who care about ALL living creatures. Thanksagain, keep me posted on the situation with all the other wild cats and kittens behind Hollywood, I hope the kittens can be caught and know human kindness before they are feral. I will remember you all when I have extra money for a donation, something I will do before xmas.