9/30/14 Sonic Update: Last night this 12 week old kitten underwent major surgery to repair the holes in his body wall. He also needed a feeding tube placed because of the damage to the roof of his mouth. Today, he is recovering better than we expected, but it could take several weeks before his mouth heals. Sonic not only survived a dog attack but he survived the surgery which was a risk, for a 3# young kitten. He is full of kisses, purring, and so full of appreciation today. ♡ Here he is a little while ago with his awesome surgeon Dr. Matt Capitanio! We are looking for someone to foster Sonic, but he will require every 4 hour feeding through the tube, eye meds, and antibiotics. If you can help please private message us. I would like to find someone by Monday if possible and if you would like to donate towards his medical care please go to our website thank you!!!! ♡
10/4/14 UPDATE:  A very kind friend of 4p1h has been meeting with Gina to learn the basics of the feeding tube so that she can foster our baby, Sonic.DR.CAPITANIOANDSONIC9:30:14SONIC9:30:14



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